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Note.png 2010 got cancelled unfortunately. More details here



Add yourself if you are coming.

No. Name Comments Accommodation
1 Hiemanshu Sharma NA Required
2 Anirudh singh shekhawat (Acedip) NA Not-Required
3 Shakthi Kannan (shakthimaan) NA Required
4 Rahul Sundaram (mether) NA Required
5 Deependra Singh Shekhawat (jeevan_ullas deepsa) NA Not-Required


Travel and accommodation are sponsored by Red HatCommunity Architecture team to enable Fedora contributors in India to participate in a face to face event and get specific work done. If you don't have a specific agenda and contribution to make, you are free to attend to event but will not be sponsored. Our budgets are limited and we would like to use them efficiently. The following is a list of contributors we are sponsoring for this event

Name Amount Comments
Hiemanshu 7200 INR
Shakthi Kannan 6513 INR
Rahul Sundaram 12000 INR Rough Est. Ticket not booked yet.


The following sessions would be good to have. The intent is to have a room to ourselves and, run the participants through the bits and pieces that make them into a good developer. We will encourage the participants to come with their own laptops and, as a back-up we would provide copious notes and, links for further reading

No. Session Title Summary Presenter Notes
RPM Packaging and Fedora What they are, how to use them, and how to create them Rahul Sundaram Workshop (4 hours)
Creating a Fedora Remix Kickstarts, LiveCD tools, how to use them. Hiemanshu Workshop (2hours)
Playing with Templates : Genshi What it is, what it can do, how to use it Hiemanshu Workshop (2hours)
di-git-ally managing love letters Introduction to using git as a source control tool Shakthi Kannan Workshop (4 hours)
emacs-a-day-keeps-the-vizing-away Introduction to GNU Emacs as a development environment Shakthi Kannan Workshop (4 hours)

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