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XMMS is among the most famous and widely-used audio players for Linux systems. XMMS is included in Fedora and can be easily installed using dnf or yum the package manager of your choice.

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One of the easiest ways to install XMMS is using Dnf:

su -c 'dnf install xmms'

Or with yum:

su -c 'yum install xmms'


There are a number of plugins available for XMMS, and several of them have been packaged and included in Fedora Package Collection. These packages include:

  • xmms-acme
  • xmms-alarm
  • xmms-arts
  • xmms-cdread
  • xmms-crossfade
  • xmms-flac
  • xmms-lirc
  • xmms-modplug
  • xmms-scrobbler
  • xmms-sid
  • xmms-skins
  • xmms-speex
  • xmms-xosd


XMMS, and many of the technologies behind it, are growing older. Several projects have set out to produce successors, including Beep Media Player (BMP) and XMMS2. So far, no project has achieved the same level of success as XMMS, but they often introduce new features or advancements.

BMP is also included in Fedora.