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This page handles the budget for OSCON_2010.


Line Item Expected Cost Notes
Sponsorship $0 Sponsorship is not budgeted for OSCON
Travel Subsidy $1,175 Estimating a $325 plane ticket for Robyn Bergeron; $400 for rental car/gas for transporting people and goods for Larry Cafiero; $450 for lodging for Larry Cafiero
Printing $20 Printing for handouts/fliers for speakers at the event
Swag $0 No further swag needs to be purchased; will be brought up from California to OSCON
Buffer $100 Buffer for unexpected overruns.
TOTAL $1,295

Hotel plans

Robyn Bergeron is staying at the hotel in the convention center hosting OSCON with Mel Chua. Larry Cafiero is a bit up in the air at the moment as his hotel arrangements have not been settled.

Sponsorship requests

Larry Cafiero

I am the co-owner of this event and I will be bringing three people -- Mirano Cafiero, Malakai Wade and Saskia Wade -- and additional swag to the event from California with me. To accommodate this, we will require a rental car. Further, my hotel arrangements are up in the air, so we are basing the cost of lodging on the $150/night special price of the hotel at the convention center hosting OSCON, though I am sure we can find a better rate.

Robyn Bergeron

Requesting sponsorship to cover cost of plane flight, currently estimated at $325 (as of 2010/07/06). Hotel costs are non-existent as I'm sharing a room with Mel Chua, covered by Red Hat. Primary purpose of sponsorship is to get me to OSCON for a Wednesday-night Birds of a Feather session on Open Marketing, which I will be moderating. As the cost to get me to PDX is the same regardless of my duration of stay, and my duration does not affect cost, I also plan on taking part in some other activities, including:

  • Attending Community Leadership Summit
  • Doing some Allegheny retrospective fun with Matt Jadud and Mel Chua on how we can improve the process for integrating students into Marketing
  • Attending the other BoFs being mediated by other Fedora pals
  • Generally recruiting marketing and cloud community members
  • Doing booth fun stuff, including setting up / tearing down, etc.

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