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PyCon CZ 2016 is the second PyCon in the Czech Republic, after PyCon CZ 2015. With Fedora being very Python friendly and with our Fedora Loves Python initiative, we will present Fedora at this conference (via a booth).

When and Where

  • October 28-30 2016
  • Brno, Czech Republic

Booth Personnel


Not needed.


200 EUR for Jona travel expenses -


Fedora will only pay tickets for 200 €, rest it covered from other sources.

The funding ticket for tickets is:

Talks and Workshops

Feel free to add yours!

Name Type (talk/workshop) Owner
If it Moves, Test it Anyway Talk Miro Hrončok
How to build up a Python community and empower women Talk Jona Azizaj
How Fedora uses Python data analytics to understand and help the community Talk Bee
Don't use mock. Use flexmock! Talk (cancelled - illness) Slávek Kabrda
Turn On the Lights with MicroPython Workshop Petr Viktorin


  • tablecloth
  • swag (DVDs, stickers, pins)
  • Fedora Loves Python stickers
  • display
  • a laptop
  • 3D printed: staffs