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For a list of planned Fedora 14 test days, see below. To propose a test day topic, see QA/Test_Days/Create.

Date Event Trac Ticket
See F14 Schedule and Features
2010-05-25 Fedora 13 Release
Planning & Development Begins
2010-07-13 Feature Submission Deadline
2010-07-27 Feature Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
2010-07-27 Branch Fedora 14 from Rawhide
2010-07-29 open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2010-08-03 Software String Freeze
2010-08-03 Alpha Change Deadline
2010-08-05 open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2010-08-12 open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2010-08-19 Sugar-0.90 fedora-qa ticket#108
2010-08-24 Alpha Release
2010-08-26 OpenSCAP fedora-qa ticket#118
2010-09-02 preupgrade fedora-qa ticket#120
2010-09-07 Software Translation Deadline
2010-09-07 systemd fedora-qa ticket#104
2010-09-14 Beta Change Deadline
Features 100% Complete
2010-09-16 Translation/keyboard in anaconda fedora-qa ticket#112
2010-09-28 Beta Release
2010-09-23 Virtualization fedora-qa ticket#114
2010-09-28 X Test Week: nouveau fedora-qa ticket#105
2010-09-29 X Test Week: radeon fedora-qa ticket#105
2010-09-30 X Test Week: intel fedora-qa ticket#105
2010-10-07 open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2010-10-14 Openldap with NSS fedora-qa ticket#126
2010-10-18 Final Change Deadline
2010-10-19 Compose Release Candidate
2010-10-21 open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2010-10-26 Fedora 14 Final Release