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jlaska| fedora qa represent<a href="#t10:03:39" class="time">10:03</a>
* | poelcat here<a href="#t10:03:58" class="time">10:03</a>
* | bo09 yo yo yo<a href="#t10:04:13" class="time">10:04</a>
* | f13 <a href="#t10:04:19" class="time">10:04</a>
jlaska| well ... might as well kick it off and wwoods drive shortly<a href="#t10:06:46" class="time">10:06</a>
jlaska| wwoods: sent out an agenda to the list ... <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:06:55" class="time">10:06</a>
jlaska| before we get started with this weeks lovin' ... lets roll back to last weeks TODO's<a href="#t10:07:47" class="time">10:07</a>
jlaska| <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:07:55" class="time">10:07</a>
jlaska| [DONE] jlaska - drop loop back install source cases<a href="#t10:08:53" class="time">10:08</a>
jlaska| [DONE] jlaska - drop ia64 and s390x<a href="#t10:09:00" class="time">10:09</a>
jlaska| [DONE] clumens - update <a href=""></a> for F9<a href="#t10:09:05" class="time">10:09</a>
jlaska| [____] jlaska - flesh out tier#1 cases (<a href=""></a>)<a href="#t10:09:18" class="time">10:09</a>
wwoods| jlaska: heroic, thank you<a href="#t10:09:25" class="time">10:09</a>
jlaska|   ^^^ I'm stuck a bit on how best to organize the test tiers in a way that's not repetitive <a href="#t10:09:52" class="time">10:09</a>
wwoods| It's becoming clearer that we need something a bit more dynamic than a wiki<a href="#t10:10:29" class="time">10:10</a>
jlaska| but I think I just have to roll up the sleeves and flesh it out ... I was hoping for an easy wiki way to write the list of tests once ... and then use macro's  to slice and dice it differently (e.g. group by category, priority etc...)<a href="#t10:10:42" class="time">10:10</a>
wwoods| right<a href="#t10:10:51" class="time">10:10</a>
wwoods| eventually we can make some fancier tool and use the wiki pages as an initial data source<a href="#t10:11:07" class="time">10:11</a>
jlaska| wwoods: indeed ... for now I want to focus on the document aspect without sacrificing too much in terms of future tooling<a href="#t10:11:40" class="time">10:11</a>
wwoods| <a href=""></a> is the install test plan, for reference<a href="#t10:11:40" class="time">10:11</a>
wwoods| agreed<a href="#t10:11:46" class="time">10:11</a>
jlaska| thx for link<a href="#t10:11:54" class="time">10:11</a>
wwoods| For alpha we're still using the old TreeTesting matrix<a href="#t10:12:38" class="time">10:12</a>
wwoods| but I'm planning on doing a post-mortem where test cases are created from the items therein<a href="#t10:13:03" class="time">10:13</a>
wwoods| (at least, the ones we care about)<a href="#t10:13:06" class="time">10:13</a>
poelcat| jlaska: could you create a matrix for each test name and then indicate it's tier and when it will be run?<a href="#t10:13:33" class="time">10:13</a>
jlaska| wwoods: I'd love to modify the TreeTesting template to be more specific to the f9 install test plan ... would you be open to that?<a href="#t10:13:40" class="time">10:13</a>
jlaska| poelcat: yeah ... that's the brute force way ... I was hoping for something more elegant ... but I just got to do that<a href="#t10:14:04" class="time">10:14</a>
wwoods| jlaska: sure, if you like<a href="#t10:14:33" class="time">10:14</a>
jlaska| wwoods: meaning, making the test summary (tree testing template) line up better with the test plan<a href="#t10:14:34" class="time">10:14</a>
jlaska| wwoods: excellent ... /me marks a TODO for jlaska<a href="#t10:14:53" class="time">10:14</a>
wwoods| the template could be a nice matrix of links to actual test cases as specified in the plan. yeah.<a href="#t10:14:54" class="time">10:14</a>
jlaska| exactly<a href="#t10:15:05" class="time">10:15</a>
wwoods| note that the alpha tree is already synced to IS<a href="#t10:15:41" class="time">10:15</a>
jlaska| okay ... so I'll pull together the tiers in the existing wiki test plan ... and play with reworking the test summary template<a href="#t10:15:45" class="time">10:15</a>
wwoods| so barring any major emergencies<a href="#t10:15:47" class="time">10:15</a>
wwoods| it's going out as-is<a href="#t10:15:50" class="time">10:15</a>
wwoods| at this point we're just writing the release notes<a href="#t10:15:57" class="time">10:15</a>
poelcat| maybe we need a link here: <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:15:59" class="time">10:15</a>
jlaska| poelcat: we can certainly link to specific anaconda test plans there (e.g. Fedora9Install, Fedora10Install etc...)<a href="#t10:16:29" class="time">10:16</a>
jlaska| poelcat: did you want to tackle that?<a href="#t10:17:28" class="time">10:17</a>
poelcat| lol<a href="#t10:17:43" class="time">10:17</a>
jlaska| :)<a href="#t10:17:46" class="time">10:17</a>
poelcat| that'll teach me :)<a href="#t10:17:48" class="time">10:17</a>
wwoods| so, jlaska, how are we planning to track the status as people execute the test plan?<a href="#t10:17:49" class="time">10:17</a>
jlaska| wwoods: poorly<a href="#t10:18:01" class="time">10:18</a>
wwoods| 'cuz I (we) should be going through the Install Plan with F9Alpha and making notes of how it is going<a href="#t10:18:16" class="time">10:18</a>
jlaska| wwoods: my thought first pass is to use something very similar to your treetesting template<a href="#t10:18:18" class="time">10:18</a>
wwoods| ba-dump-pish<a href="#t10:18:22" class="time">10:18</a>
wwoods| yeah, we can make a nice matrix with empty boxes for each arch/case pair<a href="#t10:18:45" class="time">10:18</a>
jlaska| definitely ... that's sort of how I wanted to make the current TreeTestingTemplate line up more with the test plan ... does that work?<a href="#t10:19:21" class="time">10:19</a>
jds2001| one thing that i've noticed in the past is sometimes not being able to install on vmware<a href="#t10:19:22" class="time">10:19</a>
jlaska| it's not a pretty db app or anything<a href="#t10:19:28" class="time">10:19</a>
jlaska| jds2001: that's a good data point!<a href="#t10:19:35" class="time">10:19</a>
* | jds2001 can tackle some of those test cases<a href="#t10:19:40" class="time">10:19</a>
jlaska| jds2001: perhaps under a virtualization sub test plan ... xen, HVM, qemu, vmware ?<a href="#t10:20:03" class="time">10:20</a>
wwoods| totally works<a href="#t10:20:05" class="time">10:20</a>
jlaska| jds2001: or maybe we just start small: vmware :)<a href="#t10:20:14" class="time">10:20</a>
jds2001| hehe :)<a href="#t10:20:20" class="time">10:20</a>
--> | tibbs [n=tibbs@fedora/tibbs] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:20:44" class="time">10:20</a>
f13| kvm is starting small<a href="#t10:20:45" class="time">10:20</a>
wwoods| eventually we'll bribe lmacken with beers and talk him into making a nice TG app for this stuff<a href="#t10:20:46" class="time">10:20</a>
poelcat| jds2001: yeah X on alpha is broken<a href="#t10:20:51" class="time">10:20</a>
f13| since kvm actually usually works well in rawhide<a href="#t10:20:51" class="time">10:20</a>
wwoods| which will be 5 lines of code<a href="#t10:20:53" class="time">10:20</a>
f13| xen, not so much.<a href="#t10:20:54" class="time">10:20</a>
jlaska| jds2001: if you've got some time this week ... fire off some thoughts to fedora-test-list ... I'll be happy to work with you on that!!!<a href="#t10:21:00" class="time">10:21</a>
jds2001| this week not good...maybe this weekend/next week<a href="#t10:21:24" class="time">10:21</a>
* | jds2001 is not at home this week til friday<a href="#t10:21:36" class="time">10:21</a>
poelcat| f13: kvm requires newer hardware :(<a href="#t10:21:39" class="time">10:21</a>
jlaska| jds2001: if you're cool ... we can keep it on the agenda so it comes up each time<a href="#t10:21:47" class="time">10:21</a>
wwoods| poelcat: you should get a mac mini or somethin'<a href="#t10:21:52" class="time">10:21</a>
poelcat| wwoods: show me the money!<a href="#t10:22:06" class="time">10:22</a>
jlaska| poelcat: wwoods: f13: if anaconda supports both ... they've got to be tested :)<a href="#t10:22:09" class="time">10:22</a>
jlaska| [____] wwoods - begin stubbing out interoperability (dual-boot) test cases in F9 Install Test Plan<a href="#t10:22:47" class="time">10:22</a>
jlaska|  ^^^ any luck on drilling out some of those test scenario's/cases?<a href="#t10:23:03" class="time">10:23</a>
--> | J5 [n=quintice@nat/redhat/x-175f9d6400de1513] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:23:05" class="time">10:23</a>
f13| jlaska: it's not about anaconda so much, because often it's xen itself that's broken in the kernel, not anacodna.<a href="#t10:23:05" class="time">10:23</a>
f13| jlaska: if you're talking about paravirt that is<a href="#t10:23:13" class="time">10:23</a>
jlaska| f13: very true<a href="#t10:23:14" class="time">10:23</a>
wwoods| haven't gotten to that, but I did some investigation work - the OS X case involves using Boot Camp, since we can't resize HFS+<a href="#t10:23:24" class="time">10:23</a>
wwoods| haven't found anyone with a copy of Vista to test with yet<a href="#t10:23:34" class="time">10:23</a>
poelcat| didn't we get an MSDN sub?<a href="#t10:23:49" class="time">10:23</a>
f13| not yet<a href="#t10:23:54" class="time">10:23</a>
f13| and they're tied to specific people.<a href="#t10:23:58" class="time">10:23</a>
poelcat| jds2001: do you guys have Vista?<a href="#t10:24:06" class="time">10:24</a>
f13| poelcat: wwoods: jmoyer has an MSDN sub, he could probably do that testing for us<a href="#t10:24:14" class="time">10:24</a>
<-- | mxcarron has quit (Remote closed the connection)<a href="#t10:24:16" class="time">10:24</a>
jds2001| poelcat: i dont think so :(<a href="#t10:24:27" class="time">10:24</a>
f13| s/jmoyer/jeff needle/<a href="#t10:24:35" class="time">10:24</a>
jds2001| poelcat: i've got XP, though, if that could help<a href="#t10:24:38" class="time">10:24</a>
jmn| MSDN subscription, yes.  Time, no.  But I'll try.<a href="#t10:24:58" class="time">10:24</a>
jlaska| if we outline what needs to happen ... filling in the hardware blanks will be far simpler on my end<a href="#t10:24:58" class="time">10:24</a>
poelcat| jmn: ping<a href="#t10:25:06" class="time">10:25</a>
jmn| poelcat: Yes?<a href="#t10:25:16" class="time">10:25</a>
poelcat| we need your MSDN sub :)<a href="#t10:25:23" class="time">10:25</a>
jmn| See above.<a href="#t10:25:30" class="time">10:25</a>
poelcat| oops<a href="#t10:25:45" class="time">10:25</a>
jlaska| wwoods: would you be interested in getting together to at least spec out the high-level scenarios this week?<a href="#t10:26:02" class="time">10:26</a>
jlaska| wwoods: nothing fancy ... just wiki at this point<a href="#t10:26:09" class="time">10:26</a>
wwoods| jlaska: sure<a href="#t10:26:12" class="time">10:26</a>
jlaska| prepare to be zimbra's :D<a href="#t10:26:18" class="time">10:26</a>
jlaska| s/s/d/<a href="#t10:26:24" class="time">10:26</a>
jlaska| the last item on last week's list was dogtail ... I know atodorov was looking at that ... but he's out today<a href="#t10:26:55" class="time">10:26</a>
jlaska| wwoods: word ... that's it for last weeks stuff<a href="#t10:27:55" class="time">10:27</a>
wwoods| So this week we have the F9Alpha<a href="#t10:29:09" class="time">10:29</a>
wwoods| <a href=""></a> is, I believe, the canonical URL<a href="#t10:29:50" class="time">10:29</a>
wwoods| (f13? is that right?)<a href="#t10:29:54" class="time">10:29</a>
jwb| yes, it is<a href="#t10:29:59" class="time">10:29</a>
* | jlaska updates his snake<a href="#t10:30:00" class="time">10:30</a>
wwoods| It's mirrored internally at reducto and metroid in boston and RDU<a href="#t10:30:17" class="time">10:30</a>
wwoods| jlaska: check the snake server on metroid for URLs<a href="#t10:30:29" class="time">10:30</a>
jlaska| ah gotcha<a href="#t10:30:29" class="time">10:30</a>
poelcat| so could I do a snake install pointing at koji?<a href="#t10:30:51" class="time">10:30</a>
wwoods| poelcat: in theory, sure<a href="#t10:31:04" class="time">10:31</a>
jlaska| poelcat: no<a href="#t10:31:22" class="time">10:31</a>
wwoods| as an aside: we should try to get some disks and/or access to the Fedora volume in the RDU storage stuff so we can sync stuff there<a href="#t10:31:27" class="time">10:31</a>
jlaska| no boot images<a href="#t10:31:28" class="time">10:31</a>
wwoods| hrm. maybe I have that URL wrong<a href="#t10:31:53" class="time">10:31</a>
poelcat| just saw that<a href="#t10:31:55" class="time">10:31</a>
jlaska| wwoods: according to your snake-server ...<a href="#t10:32:32" class="time">10:32</a>
jlaska| URI's        : <a href=",">,</a> <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:32:36" class="time">10:32</a>
jlaska| so that's internal RDU and boston<a href="#t10:32:48" class="time">10:32</a>
wwoods| yep<a href="#t10:32:52" class="time">10:32</a>
* | jlaska loves 'snake-tree info'<a href="#t10:33:06" class="time">10:33</a>
wwoods| I thought there was an external URL but I've not got it in the snake server<a href="#t10:33:08" class="time">10:33</a>
<-- | rahul_b has quit ("Leaving(पुन्हा भेटू)")<a href="#t10:33:26" class="time">10:33</a>
wwoods| jwb, f13: is there an external URL for the final f9 alpha tree?<a href="#t10:33:29" class="time">10:33</a>
jwb| wwoods, you mean the one with the pungi spins?<a href="#t10:33:48" class="time">10:33</a>
wwoods| jwb: yes<a href="#t10:33:52" class="time">10:33</a>
wwoods| something with boot images and .treeinfo<a href="#t10:34:06" class="time">10:34</a>
--> | omar [n=mohammed@] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:34:06" class="time">10:34</a>
jwb| not to my knowledge.  IS never picked up f13's ticket yesterday, so i think f13 will be working on getting the new spins he did yesterday put up somewhere<a href="#t10:34:19" class="time">10:34</a>
f13| wwoods: no.<a href="#t10:34:23" class="time">10:34</a>
f13| jwb: IS picked up my new spin last night and are rsyncing it<a href="#t10:34:35" class="time">10:34</a>
jwb| f13, um... crap.  will they be able to pick up the ppc spin you're doing?<a href="#t10:34:55" class="time">10:34</a>
wwoods| f13: cool - can you let me know where/when it lands so I can point external people at it?<a href="#t10:35:11" class="time">10:35</a>
poelcat| f13: did you pull in anything related to encrypted LVM... .9 still has anaconda traceback<a href="#t10:35:17" class="time">10:35</a>
wwoods| assuming any of them want to test.<a href="#t10:35:22" class="time">10:35</a>
wwoods| poelcat: what anaconda traceback?<a href="#t10:35:29" class="time">10:35</a>
wwoods| there's plenty of cases that do work<a href="#t10:35:55" class="time">10:35</a>
jwb| f13, ppc32 is at 42% installed, so it's working at least (old machine)<a href="#t10:36:04" class="time">10:36</a>
poelcat| wwoods: on the .9 version i entered password, clicked 'next' and kaboom<a href="#t10:36:04" class="time">10:36</a>
wwoods| you're going to have to be more specific<a href="#t10:36:16" class="time">10:36</a>
wwoods| because that WORKSFORME<a href="#t10:36:21" class="time">10:36</a>
wwoods| did like a dozen of the dang things yesterday<a href="#t10:36:31" class="time">10:36</a>
poelcat| wwoods: well I guess the rest of us don't need to test then :)<a href="#t10:37:25" class="time">10:37</a>
--> | redwolfe [] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t10:37:39" class="time">10:37</a>
* | poelcat has a screen capture somewhere<a href="#t10:37:55" class="time">10:37</a>
wwoods| ha ha ha ha whee. no, I really want other people to test too<a href="#t10:38:33" class="time">10:38</a>
wwoods| I'm testin' as hard as I can and I'm still not a fraction of the way done with the test plan<a href="#t10:38:54" class="time">10:38</a>
jwb| wwoods, you said you had problems with upgrades?<a href="#t10:39:27" class="time">10:39</a>
wwoods| so your assistance is much appreciated. but encrypted LVM support worked fine for me, using the "encrypt system" checkbox on the autopartition screen<a href="#t10:39:36" class="time">10:39</a>
f13| jwb: it can be tossed in after the fact :/<a href="#t10:39:40" class="time">10:39</a>
wwoods| or the "encrypt device" box on the custom partitioning screen<a href="#t10:39:46" class="time">10:39</a>
jwb| f13, ok<a href="#t10:39:48" class="time">10:39</a>
f13| poelcat: what bug?<a href="#t10:39:50" class="time">10:39</a>
poelcat| saw late last night was going to try on .10 before reporting<a href="#t10:40:16" class="time">10:40</a>
wwoods| jwb: yeah, a few - see bug 430811<a href="#t10:40:22" class="time">10:40</a>
f13| ok<a href="#t10:40:22" class="time">10:40</a>
buggbot| Bug <a href=""></a> low, low, ---, Anaconda Maintenance Team, NEW , Upgrade from F8 - traceback trying to write new bootloader config<a href="#t10:40:23" class="time">10:40</a>
wwoods| also bug 430115<a href="#t10:40:30" class="time">10:40</a>
buggbot| Bug <a href=""></a> low, low, ---, Martin Sivák, NEW , Anaconda traceback on upgrade if /etc/rpm/platform is missing<a href="#t10:40:31" class="time">10:40</a>
jwb| hm..<a href="#t10:40:36" class="time">10:40</a>
jwb| i wonder if that's going to effect ppc<a href="#t10:40:42" class="time">10:40</a>
wwoods| as for the latter.. LiveCD installs don't have /etc/rpm/platform<a href="#t10:41:17" class="time">10:41</a>
wwoods| so those will fail on upgrade attempts<a href="#t10:43:51" class="time">10:43</a>
wwoods| luckily the workaround is simple and the failure is non-destructive<a href="#t10:44:01" class="time">10:44</a>
wwoods| the former leaves you without a boot entry for your new system<a href="#t10:44:15" class="time">10:44</a>
wwoods| the workaround is.. skip updating the bootloader config, boot the old kernel, fix up the /boot stuff yourself<a href="#t10:44:46" class="time">10:44</a>
wwoods| clumens and I are looking at it now<a href="#t10:44:53" class="time">10:44</a>
wwoods| both are upgrade-only and have workarounds, so.. not psychobilly freakout time<a href="#t10:45:22" class="time">10:45</a>
wwoods| there's also bug 428891<a href="#t10:46:12" class="time">10:46</a>
buggbot| Bug <a href=""></a> low, low, ---, Chris Lumens, MODIFIED , kickstart 'user' command causes anaconda traceback<a href="#t10:46:13" class="time">10:46</a>
wwoods| which I've been working around by.. not using the 'user' command in my kickstarts :/<a href="#t10:46:25" class="time">10:46</a>
poelcat| wwoods: here is what happened; still need to try on .10 <a href=""></a><a href="#t10:46:41" class="time">10:46</a>
jlaska| poelcat: oh I hate those<a href="#t10:47:05" class="time">10:47</a>
jwb| poelcat, what is .10??<a href="#t10:47:20" class="time">10:47</a>
redwolfe| anaconda?<a href="#t10:48:07" class="time">10:48</a>
wwoods| no<a href="#t10:48:19" class="time">10:48</a>
wwoods| the 10th spin of the f9alpha tree<a href="#t10:48:29" class="time">10:48</a>
wwoods| AFAIK there's no anaconda changes between .9 and .10<a href="#t10:48:52" class="time">10:48</a>
wwoods| except on ppc<a href="#t10:48:53" class="time">10:48</a>
f13| wwoods: actually I did pull in the same anaconda we put on ppc for .10<a href="#t10:49:30" class="time">10:49</a>
f13| it's just extremely minor anaconda changes<a href="#t10:49:37" class="time">10:49</a>
wwoods| which only affect ppc?<a href="#t10:50:05" class="time">10:50</a>
f13| more like non-x86<a href="#t10:50:43" class="time">10:50</a>
jwb| wwoods, it fixed a broken dep for ppc which prevented composes from even happening<a href="#t10:50:43" class="time">10:50</a>
jwb| yeah, everything except ix86,x86_64, and ia64 was busted<a href="#t10:51:09" class="time">10:51</a>
wwoods| so it's really unlikely that those changes will make a difference in poelcat's case<a href="#t10:51:48" class="time">10:51</a>
jwb| right<a href="#t10:52:06" class="time">10:52</a>
jwb| all i did was change the specfile<a href="#t10:52:19" class="time">10:52</a>
poelcat| how could I have gotten as far as I did in the process if the device "doesn't exist" ?<a href="#t10:53:14" class="time">10:53</a>
wwoods| poelcat: beats me<a href="#t10:53:22" class="time">10:53</a>
wwoods| but it doesn't say it doesn't exist, just that it wasn't found or was ignored<a href="#t10:53:58" class="time">10:53</a>
jwb| that's a polite way of saying it doesn't exist<a href="#t10:54:20" class="time">10:54</a>
wwoods| possibly the cryptsetup stuff failed to start up right.. dunno. I'm not strong at debugging the LVM activation code<a href="#t10:54:40" class="time">10:54</a>
wwoods| can you reproduce it?<a href="#t10:54:43" class="time">10:54</a>
wwoods| the big question will probably be: what's on the disks right now?<a href="#t10:54:58" class="time">10:54</a>
wwoods| anyway, that's something to follow up on after the meeting<a href="#t10:56:01" class="time">10:56</a>
wwoods| oh hey, indeed<a href="#t10:56:16" class="time">10:56</a>
wwoods| is in the f9alpha.10 tree<a href="#t10:56:27" class="time">10:56</a>
jlaska| poelcat: you still have that system in debug mode?<a href="#t10:56:48" class="time">10:56</a>
wwoods| anyway. <a href=""></a> is the coordination page<a href="#t10:56:50" class="time">10:56</a>
<-- | ldimaggi_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))<a href="#t10:56:50" class="time">10:56</a>
wwoods| #fedora-qa is the channel<a href="#t10:56:55" class="time">10:56</a>
wwoods| unfortunately there's no external trees but rawhide should suffice until then<a href="#t10:57:14" class="time">10:57</a>
wwoods| for redhatters there's mirrors in raleigh and boston<a href="#t10:57:33" class="time">10:57</a>
wwoods| if someone's got some CD-Rs and wants to test those install cases, let me know<a href="#t10:57:45" class="time">10:57</a>
wwoods| 'cuz I'm out<a href="#t10:57:48" class="time">10:57</a>
wwoods| heh<a href="#t10:57:49" class="time">10:57</a>
wwoods| lmacken: ping. do we have Live images coming?<a href="#t10:59:32" class="time">10:59</a>
poelcat| jlaska: so i killed it... i'll let you know if I get it back to the same place<a href="#t10:59:55" class="time">10:59</a>
lmacken| wwoods: I spun them last night, I dunno what jesse is going to do with them from here<a href="#t11:00:00" class="time">11:00</a>
poelcat| s/so/no<a href="#t11:00:01" class="time">11:00</a>
wwoods| y'know what, I'll add URLs to the TreeTesting page when I get 'em<a href="#t11:00:12" class="time">11:00</a>
jwb| wwoods, wait... why would rawhide suffice?<a href="#t11:00:19" class="time">11:00</a>
wwoods| don't want to prolong the meeting<a href="#t11:00:22" class="time">11:00</a>
lmacken| wwoods: I sent another livecd diff to the list last night comparing f8->f9 and f9alpha-lastweek-f9alpha-now<a href="#t11:00:27" class="time">11:00</a>
wwoods| jwb: 'cuz it's got the same anaconda?<a href="#t11:01:29" class="time">11:01</a>
jwb| but a different kernel...<a href="#t11:01:42" class="time">11:01</a>
wwoods| even though it appears we have no images on i386 or ppc yet<a href="#t11:01:45" class="time">11:01</a>
--> | ldimaggi_ [n=ldimaggi@nat/redhat/x-984dde3fa818a91a] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t11:02:14" class="time">11:02</a>
f13| bah<a href="#t11:02:23" class="time">11:02</a>
f13| i386/ppc failed to create the chroot to run pungi in<a href="#t11:02:30" class="time">11:02</a>
wwoods| oh bummer<a href="#t11:02:48" class="time">11:02</a>
wwoods| are we planning to have a public f9alpha tree before official release?<a href="#t11:03:57" class="time">11:03</a>
wwoods| seems dicey but that's usually how it works, isn't it?<a href="#t11:04:06" class="time">11:04</a>
jwb| no?<a href="#t11:05:10" class="time">11:05</a>
f13| we haven't usually<a href="#t11:05:23" class="time">11:05</a>
jwb| it's released to the mirrors before release obviously<a href="#t11:05:26" class="time">11:05</a>
f13| we'd like that to change by composing in PHX, but...<a href="#t11:05:35" class="time">11:05</a>
--> | snecklifter [] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t11:05:43" class="time">11:05</a>
f13| I can start an rsync to throw it at koji.fp.o, but the problem is that's not mirrored, and well...<a href="#t11:05:51" class="time">11:05</a>
wwoods| yeah, y'know<a href="#t11:05:59" class="time">11:05</a>
wwoods| let's maybe not<a href="#t11:06:05" class="time">11:06</a>
wwoods| it's a bunch of work and people don't exactly seem to be clamoring for it.<a href="#t11:06:19" class="time">11:06</a>
wwoods| I realize that's a self-fulfilling prophecy<a href="#t11:06:25" class="time">11:06</a>
f13| nod<a href="#t11:06:38" class="time">11:06</a>
jwb| i have ppc spins local here i plan on telling people to test<a href="#t11:06:40" class="time">11:06</a>
jwb| but they aren't external by any means.  still need f13 to mash buttons and stuff for that<a href="#t11:07:04" class="time">11:07</a>
wwoods| but I'm sure you've got enough to do as-is and we've got enough internal people with access to the trees<a href="#t11:07:14" class="time">11:07</a>
jwb| yes<a href="#t11:07:32" class="time">11:07</a>
wwoods| what's the projected release date now?<a href="#t11:07:33" class="time">11:07</a>
<wwoods> | 'kay
wwoods| so yes, our goal is to find the things that will be reported over and over<a href="#t11:09:43" class="time">11:09</a>
wwoods| before then<a href="#t11:09:46" class="time">11:09</a>
wwoods| to make triage easier.<a href="#t11:09:50" class="time">11:09</a>
wwoods| speaking of triage: triage meeting in 50 mins. so let's end this one, so I can get some lunch and get back to testing<a href="#t11:10:16" class="time">11:10</a>
wwoods| anything else people want to discuss?<a href="#t11:10:22" class="time">11:10</a>
jlaska| nothing else here ... I've got my action items :)<a href="#t11:11:03" class="time">11:11</a>
wwoods| indeed<a href="#t11:11:07" class="time">11:11</a>
f13| I'm going to be somewhat disconnected today/tomorrow.  I'm working on some talk proposals for various shows, and at a college fair this evening.<a href="#t11:11:12" class="time">11:11</a>
wwoods| f13: talk proposals? rad.<a href="#t11:11:51" class="time">11:11</a>
wwoods| thanks for the heads-up<a href="#t11:11:53" class="time">11:11</a>
--> | orangejello [n=orangeje@nat/redhat/x-fdb2a5cc6314ae7f] has joined #fedora-meeting<a href="#t11:12:11" class="time">11:12</a>
<-- | loupgaroublond has quit (Connection timed out)<a href="#t11:13:02" class="time">11:13</a>
omar| wwoods, hi . Alpha is going to be delayed ?<a href="#t11:13:15" class="time">11:13</a>
jwb| omar, !<a href="#t11:13:21" class="time">11:13</a>
jwb| omar, i have things for you to test :)<a href="#t11:13:32" class="time">11:13</a>
omar| jwb, sure<a href="#t11:13:42" class="time">11:13</a>
jwb| omar, can you get on the internal IRC network?<a href="#t11:13:56" class="time">11:13</a>
wwoods| omar: yes, looks like it'll be released Feb. 4 instead of the original date (Jan. 31, i.e. tomorrow)<a href="#t11:14:27" class="time">11:14</a>
wwoods| we might need to edit <a href=""></a><a href="#t11:14:36" class="time">11:14</a>
omar| jwb, which IRC ?<a href="#t11:15:08" class="time">11:15</a>
f13| wwoods: oops, I forgot to do that<a href="#t11:15:43" class="time">11:15</a>
<-- | kital has quit (Remote closed the connection)<a href="#t11:16:17" class="time">11:16</a>
wwoods| f13, poelcat: can you two make sure the schedule(s) get updated? not sure who's schedulekeeper for what stuff<a href="#t11:17:59" class="time">11:17</a>
f13| I just updated the wiki side of it<a href="#t11:18:33" class="time">11:18</a>
wwoods| awesome, thank you<a href="#t11:18:42" class="time">11:18</a>
f13| np<a href="#t11:18:47" class="time">11:18</a>
wwoods| anything else we need to discuss now?<a href="#t11:19:07" class="time">11:19</a>
wwoods| alright, let's call it done<a href="#t11:19:53" class="time">11:19</a>
wwoods| thanks, everyone<a href="#t11:19:56" class="time">11:19</a>
f13| cheers<a href="#t11:20:52" class="time">11:20</a>
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--- | trashy_ is now known as trashy<a href="#t11:25:12" class="time">11:25</a>
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<-- | shyam has quit ("Ex-Chat")<a href="#t11:27:03" class="time">11:27</a>
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omar| wwoods, thanks bye<a href="#t11:27:44" class="time">11:27</a>

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