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People present (lines said)

  • jlaska (100)
  • adamw (42)
  • kparal (13)
  • Oxf13 (10)
  • nirik (9)
  • zodbot (5)
  • ajax (3)
  • jskladan (2)
  • tk009 (2)
  • stickster (1)
  • akurtakov (1)



Previous meeting follow-up

  1. jlaska request zodbot tracking for updated F-13 QA RSS feeds (blocker bugs, common_bugs? etc...
    • Have RSS available, will sync up with nirik after the meeting
  2. jlaska to organize a gobby meeting with wwoods+kparal to begin requirements/goal definition for a results db
    • wwoods and kparal were kind enough to take this on and a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow
  3. jlaska to discuss updating QA schedule with poelstra to reflect new 'release validation' focus
    • No updates yet, remain on target for next week
  4. jlaska and adamw to work on drafting a 'last known good' wiki page
    • jlaska discussed expectations with jkeating, need to clarify some terminology changes, but will activate this task shortly.

Rawhide Acceptance Testing

Last week, 2010-02-04 was the third pre-Alpha rawhide acceptance test milestone. Jkeating and dlehman coordinated to do a second compose (see rel-eng ticket#3337). Install images were built and posted on Since AutoQA doesn't yet monitor this location for new install images, tests were initiated manually.

Test Summary:

Next Steps:

  • Fix AutoQA post-tree-compose hook to monitor for RAT droppings (see ticket#115)
  • Discuss proposed rats_install changes with wwoods and draft a patch

Open issues:

AutoQA project update

Deps/conflicts prevention

Last week

This week

  • Build a testsuite to validate depchecks functionality (possibly using rpmfluff)

rpmguard and autoqa results collection

Last week

  • Address ticket#113 - skip checks against same package NVR
  • Address ticket#114 - locate latest previous package from stable and updates repos. Makes it easier to run the test manually at some future date.

This week

  • Initial brainstorming on results db ideas

install automation

Last week

consulting] kvm autotest and virt teams)

This week

  • Attempt to implement ISO install method recommended by virt team


Last week

  • Process akurtakov's feedback and remove all uncertain JAR files from the list (see User:Jlaska/gwt#Status_uncertain).
  • Initiated discussion with GWT upstream regarding multiple versioned JAR files (see thread).

This week

  • Package an existing JPackage for Fedora

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

ibus-chewing dependency problems

Jlaska asked if anyone knew if the ibus-chewing dependency problem in rawhide (affecting nightly live image builds) was recorded in bugzilla. Nirik noted that Adam Jackson rebuilt the affected packages and they should arrive in the next days rawhide repo.

Upcoming QA events

Action items

  1. jlaska will follow-up w/ nirik after the meeting to setup zodbot feed watchers
  2. jlaska to work w/ poelstra to give 'release validation' spin to quality milestones

IRC transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 16:02
zodbot Meeting started Mon Feb 8 16:02:05 2010 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 16:02
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:02
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 16:02
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:02
adamw morning 16:02
jlaska #topic Start your engines ... 16:02
jlaska adamw: mornin' to ya 16:02
* kparal appears 16:02
jlaska we'll be without wwoods today, who hopefully safely in transit from New Orleans 16:03
jskladan hi there 16:03
* tk009 remains in the shadows 16:03
jlaska and we'll be joined by a new member today ... jskladan 16:03
jlaska jskladan: welcome! 16:03
adamw hello 16:03
jlaska jskladan joins kparal in the Brno RHT office as an intern 16:05
jlaska please keep the hazing to a minimum :) 16:05
jlaska tk009: thanks for joining! 16:05
* stickster is lurky 16:05
* kparal is not alone anymore 16:05
adamw not even the shaving foam and the rubber frog? 16:05
jlaska stickster: welcome lurker :P 16:05
jlaska adamw: frog yes ... foam, hopefully not :D 16:06
adamw man, you're just no fun any more 16:06
jlaska haha 16:06
jskladan hopefully, i'm not familliar with the frog concept :-D 16:06
jlaska alright, we have a short agenda today ... so let's dive in 16:06
jlaska proposed agenda - 16:07
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 16:07
jlaska #info jlaska to request zodbot tracking for updated F-13 QA RSS feeds (blocker bugs, common_bugs? etc... 16:07
jlaska I don't know if others find this useful, I know adamw monitors the bug activity from the blocker cc list 16:08
* nirik didn't do anything on that, can work with jlaska to get it done. 16:08
adamw it can be useful at crunch time I guess 16:08
jlaska but I've got a few rss feeds ready now ... nirik, what would you like to proceed? tickets or just irc? 16:08
nirik irc would be fine... we can discuss over in #fedora-qa? 16:09
jlaska nirik: you got it, I'll ping you after the meeting if that's okay 16:09
nirik sounds good. 16:09
jlaska nirik: thanks :) 16:09
jlaska #action jlaska will follow-up w/ nirik after the meeting to setup zodbot feed watchers 16:10
jlaska okay, next up ... 16:10
jlaska #info jlaska to organize a gobby meeting with wwoods+kparal to begin requirements/goal definition for a results db 16:10
jlaska wwoods and kparal came to the rescue here ... we've got a meeting setup for tomorrow to begin the process 16:10
jlaska I'll be setting up a gobby document so our small group (and whoever else wants to join) can record requirements for the resultsdb 16:11
jlaska nothing else there ... this is just an informal discussion around how to approach the resultsdb autoqa topic 16:13
jlaska kparal: anything else to add there? 16:13
kparal jlaska: I don't think so 16:14
kparal anyone is welcome 16:14
jlaska #info gobby document will be used to help organize thoughts to formulate requirements 16:14
jlaska next up ... 16:14
jlaska #info jlaska to discuss updating QA schedule with poelstra to reflect new 'release validation' focus 16:14
jlaska I didn't tough this topic last week, I'll keep this on and bring it up with poelcat this week 16:15
jlaska #info no updates ... will review next week 16:15
jlaska and last ... 16:15
jlaska #info jlaska and adamw to work on drafting a 'last known good' wiki page 16:15
adamw I, um, didn't hear from you 16:15
jlaska nope, I spoke to Oxf13 on Friday about this task to better understand it 16:16
jlaska from what I can tell, there is some terminology that still needs fleshing out. But I wanted to make sure I understood the bigger picture before diving into the doc space 16:17
Oxf13 and I just realized that the symlink name we picked for last known good was.. misspelled 16:17
jlaska lng :) 16:17
Oxf13 "lng" doesn't really work for Last Known Good 16:17
jlaska hehe 16:17
adamw hey, keep could become something for people to post annual puzzled mailing list questions about 16:18
jlaska Oxf13: once we hit feature freeze, if I understand correctly, image creation for the F-13 branch will be enabled right? 16:18
Oxf13 yes 16:19
jlaska will that be using the same URL we've established for current RATS drops? 16:19
jlaska e.g. 16:19
Oxf13 no, once image creation happens nightly it'll be along side the packages themselves. 16:20
Oxf13 16:20
Oxf13 Not certain about the "Everything" part of that path 16:20
jlaska ah, in that Everything URL 16:20
jlaska I see, thanks 16:20
jlaska okay, so certainly keep this on the list 16:20
Oxf13 this also is a prelude to having as the new path for Rawhide. 16:21
kparal what about yum repos, what happens if I have rawhide repo enabled? 16:21
Oxf13 kparal: if you're on rawhide now, you stay on rawhide. 16:21
Oxf13 kparal: if you install from the branch, or Alpha, you stay on Fedora 13 16:21
kparal Oxf13: so I have to manually change tomorrow, right? 16:21
jlaska all good questions for us to document on this page 16:21
Oxf13 kparal: it might be a few days before we get everything settled 16:21
* jlaska will start recording this stuff in a TRAC ticket 16:21
jlaska I suspect this will be an ongoing topic for a few meetings, so I'll keep this on the list 16:22
jlaska okay ... anything else from last week before we move on? 16:23
jlaska #info keep on the list for next week, move discussion into trac ticket and start identifying changes needed to Releases/Rawhide wiki 16:23
jlaska alright, moving into the agenda 16:24
jlaska #topic Rawhide Acceptance Testing #3 16:24
jlaska #info Last week, 2010-02-04 was the third pre-Alpha rawhide acceptance test milestone 16:24
jlaska automated test results are available at Test_Results:Fedora_13_Rawhide_Acceptance_Test_3 16:24
jlaska right now the rawhide acceptance test run is marked *FAIL* 16:25
jlaska due to bug#559290 16:25
jlaska I can work around this with a minor change to the AutoQA library ... but I'm not comfortable increasing the default RAM for a guest from 512 to 768 yet 16:26
jlaska #info there are a few others AutoQA changes that I need to run by wwoods for his thoughts as well 16:26
jlaska aside from that, I'll be trying to help move that bug forward this week 16:27
jlaska that's it from me on RATS drop #3 16:28
jlaska let's do a quick run through on any AutoQA updates ... 16:28
jlaska #topic AutoQA project update - depcheck 16:28
jlaska wwoods isn't around, but posted the current status to fedora planet ... 16:28
jlaska 16:28
jlaska so stay tuned for some new built-in testsuite goodness :) 16:29
jlaska #topic AutoQA project update - rpmguard/resultsdb 16:29
jlaska kparal, any new and noteworthy updates on the rpmguard/resultsdb front? 16:29
kparal unfortunately none, I haven't made any updates on it last week 16:30
kparal but we may expect next week summary of discussion about results db 16:31
jlaska kparal: should we continue checking in on this topic? Would you rather change the focus to the package update test plan topic you briefed us on last week? 16:31
jlaska ah good point, I'll keep the resultsdb topic 16:31
kparal well I will try to post some package update test plan documents this week 16:31
kparal so I hope we can consult it next week here 16:31
jlaska that's exciting ... just give me a holler if that's something you want in a future meeting agenda 16:32
kparal so as you deem appropriate, it may not be a regular topic, but when I have some updates, I won't forget to let you all know 16:32
jlaska gotcha 16:33
jlaska I've got to run into another meeting folks, so I'm going to run through these next 2 topics 16:34
jlaska #topic AutoQA project update - install automation 16:34
jlaska The latest I have from Liam is he initiated discussion with the fedora virt team for guidance on how to proceed with booting an ISO, while providing custom cmdline arguments 16:35
jlaska #link 16:35
jlaska that thread offered some interesting approaches ... so hopefully more on that next week 16:35
jlaska #topic AutoQA project update - packaging 16:36
jlaska I got some feedback from upstream GWT on the bundled JAR files 16:36
jlaska 16:36
jlaska there is an interesting gotcha lurking, but I think the plan is to kill procrastination and proceed with packaging the JPackage deps 16:36
jlaska My goal is to have one package inprogress this week 16:37
adamw cool 16:38
jlaska alrighty ... adamw or kparal, can you bring the meeting home, I need to divert focus for a few moments 16:38
jlaska #chair adamw 16:38
zodbot Current chairs: adamw jlaska 16:38
jlaska #chair kparal 16:38
zodbot Current chairs: adamw jlaska kparal 16:38
adamw sure, where's the agenda? 16:38
jlaska QA/Meetings/20100208#Upcoming_QA_events 16:38
jlaska I just wanted to highlight where we are in the QA schedule, and what's coming this week 16:38
jlaska and then open it up for things not discussed yet 16:38
adamw okey dokey 16:38
adamw #topic upcoming events 16:39
adamw so we are through the RATS phase, and this week we hit our first manual install testing point 16:39
adamw with testing of the test compose and alpha candidate 16:39
adamw I will also aim to have desktop validation tests going alongside install validation 16:40
akurtakov jlaska: if you have a problem with some package or you need a review let me know 16:40
adamw we also have the second alpha blokcer review meeting 16:40
adamw thanks, akurtakov 16:40
jlaska akurtakov: thanks for the offer! 16:40
jlaska adamw: you wanna try that master results wiki page that includes the different validation efforts? 16:41
jlaska or is that overkill 16:41
adamw um if we get to it sure 16:41
adamw for now I still have to get the desktop validation pages up and running properly :) 16:41
jlaska #info 2010-02-11 - Test Alpha 'Test Compose' (boot media testing) 16:41
jlaska #info 2010-02-12 - Alpha Blocker Meeting (F13Alpha) #2 16:41
jlaska adamw: killer job with the first blocker bug meeting last week! 16:42
adamw thanks 16:42
kparal so, the desktop validation testing will be part of Test Alpha 'Test Compose'? 16:42
adamw kparal: probably the 'test alpha candidate', but really they're so close together 16:42
adamw i'll probably try to co-ordinate with liam and have them listed together in the emails he usually sends out 16:43
kparal great 16:43
adamw desktop validation testing is this stuff: 16:43
adamw User:Adamwill/Draft_desktop_test_matrix 16:43
adamw basically 16:43
jlaska adamw: rhe will be organizing the install community events for F-13 16:43
adamw jlaska: aha, ok. so I'll co-ordinate with rhe :) 16:43
jlaska sweet, thank you 16:44
adamw and just to remind, we'll go through all of those tests, even if only two will actually block the alpha if they fail. 16:44
adamw at least, that's the idea. :) 16:44
adamw so, any other questions/concerns around the validation testing or the blocker meeting? 16:45
adamw alrighty then 16:46
adamw #open floor 16:46
adamw grr 16:46
jlaska just excited to put the new plans to the test! 16:46
adamw #topic open floor 16:47
adamw any *other* questions/concerns anyone has? :) 16:47
jlaska I was trying find the ibus dependency bug before the meeting today, but turning up empty with my quick bz searches 16:47
jlaska seems like that's been around for some time, was curious if it's being addressed 16:48
adamw not familiar with that one? 16:48
jlaska I'll try to get a bz for this on the radar 16:48
nirik jlaska: ajax rebuilt them today. 16:49
ajax i'm a machine 16:49
nirik so should be fixed in tomorrow's rawhide. 16:49
jlaska nirik: oh nice, thanks for the time saver 16:50
* nirik thought about rebuilding them last night, but wasn't sure if there was any api changes there. 16:50
ajax if they are, they're the subtle "same function signature but different behaviour" type 16:50
adamw alright, anything else? 16:50
ajax which means ibus is even more incompetent than expected ;) 16:51
nirik ajax: you never know. ;) But thanks for rebuilding them... 16:51
* tk009 needs milk with this cupcake. 16:52
adamw it seems bad that ajax would have to rebuild long has whatever the problem is been a problem? 16:52
nirik around a week I think. 16:52
adamw tk009: duly noted for the minutes! 16:52
adamw shouldn't we have a super-keen i18n team who would do that? 16:52
nirik I asked juhp last night and he was going to talk to maintainers.... 16:53
adamw great 16:53
adamw okay, so, if there's nothing else, we'll close out the meeting soon. 16:54
adamw alright, thanks for coming everyone 16:55
adamw #endmeeting 16:55

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