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  1. Rhe
  2. Newgle1


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. adamw and jlaska to propose artwork final release criteria
Reviewed and criteria added
  1. jlaska to publish F-14-Alpha QA retrospective page
the wiki page is available for anyone to record thoughts about the Alpha ... (see
  1. adamw contact lmacken about proventester metrics
  2. jlaska build and deploy new autoqa release
Deployed and undergoing testing at

F14 Beta Testing

F14 Test Days

Sep 09 - systemd

Owner - adamwill
Sep 09 - Systemd
Adamw has the test day mostly set up, he would appreciate review of the monster test cases (which are heavily based on notting's systemd 'acceptance criteria')
Current systemd package in F-14 stable should resolve most of issues identified on mailing list (,initscripts-9.17-2.fc14)
Next steps...
Adamw add a few other test cases, he'll check in with lennart on what he thinks so far
Viking-Ice intends to complete the systemd debugging page

Sep 16 - trans/keymap installer

Owner - hurry
Sep 16 - Translation/keyboard in anaconda
According to fedora-qa ticket#112 , rhe and igor have prepared the event
Next steps...
Announce to applicable community lists
Announce to fedora planet

Sep 23 - Virtualization

Owner - jforbes
On schedule, but no wiki instructions created yet
Next steps...
Reach out to jforbes to offer guidance

AutoQA update

Owner - User:wwoods
jskladan finished the "how to write autoqa tests" wiki draft (see
wwoods updated the autoqa depcheck tickets to give a bit more information - including the "make it use mash" ticket (see
vaschenb updated upgradepath, the new test... now it has improved output and is automaticaly started with post-bodhi-update hook
Next steps...
jskladan will replace current wiki page Writing_autoqa_tests with
wwoods + jskladan investigating how best to handle mash with depcheck test
wwoods also investigating setting up depcheck to handle karma
autoqa team agrees now is a good time to make a new autoqa release and deploy it (coming soon ... autoqa-0.4.0-1)

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