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People present (lines said):

  1. jlaska (125)
  2. wwoods (19)
  3. kparal (12)
  4. Oxf13 (12)
  5. jforbes (9)
  6. dgilmore (8)
  7. saccia (7)
  8. hircus (6)
  9. bcl (5)
  10. lmacken (3)
  11. robatino (2)
  12. nirik (1)
  13. Viking-Ice (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe
  2. Newgle1
  3. Adamw


Previous meeting follow-up

  • No previous items

F14 Beta RC Testing

Owner - hurry
RC2 available for test
Several open F14Beta blocker bugs remain ...
  1. RHBZ #627789 - Error setting up repository - 16, Device busy
  2. RHBZ #635330 - Boot menu is missing in F14 Beta RC2 install discs
  3. RHBZ #635332 - On system with multiple disks, anaconda does not offer target device selection screen
  4. RHBZ #635395 - ConsoleKit session not properly opened (xfce)
  5. RHBZ #635396 - ConsoleKit session not properly opened (lxde)
Next steps...
Announce to applicable community lists
Continue testing (installer and desktop)
QA presents status on release criteria at 2010-09-22 - Fedora 14 Beta Go/No-Go Meeting

F14 Test Days

Sep 16 - trans/keymap installer

Owner - hurry
Sep 16 - Translation/keyboard in anaconda
According to fedora-qa ticket#112 , rhe and igor have prepared the event
Next steps...
Announce to applicable community lists
Announce to fedora planet

Sep 23 - Virtualization

Owner - jforbes
On schedule, but no wiki instructions created yet
Next steps...
Reach out to jforbes to offer guidance

Sep 28-30 - Graphics test week

Owner - adamwill
Tuesday, Sep 28 - Nouveau
Wednesday, Sep 29 - Radeon
Thursday, Sep 30 - Intel
Next steps...

AutoQA update

Owner - User:wwoods
jskladan updated Writing_AutoQA_Tests with new more updated content
kparal + wwoods reviewed and merged multihook and upgradepath patches
lmacken noted that updated bodhi with 'pending' tag support should be available later today
kparal presented AutoQA at FUDCon (see QA:Presentations)
autoqa-0.4.2-1 released
wwoods reviewed and updated Updates_Lessons#2010-05-27_-_nss-softokn_update_problems based on findings of how the nss-softokn issue was missed
Next steps...
wwoods will also add an rpm test transaction to depcheck to catch file conflicts
jskladan and wwoods investigating mash integration

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

  • Brian Lane raised RHBZ #627789 - Error setting up repository - 16, Device bus for consideration as a blocker bug. Jlaska and Bcl agreed to discuss further after the meeting.

Upcoming QA events

Action items

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Sep 20 15:00:04 2010 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Gathering carbon units 15:00
jlaska alright ... show of limbs, who do we have lurking? 15:00
* Viking-Ice ... 15:01
jlaska Hi Viking-Ice 15:01
* hircus ! 15:01
* kparal here 15:02
jlaska welcome hircus + kparal 15:02
* Oxf13 15:02
* wwoods 15:02
jlaska Oxf13: welcome from CEST 15:03
jlaska wwoods arrived in a shoe? 15:04
jlaska do we have adamw lurking in the shadows? 15:04
jlaska if not, we'll save the F-14-Beta update until the end 15:04
* dgilmore is around 15:05
jlaska dgilmore: hi 15:05
jlaska okay, let's get started ... 15:05
saccia morning people :-) 15:05
jlaska saccia: howdy 15:05
jlaska #topic Previous Meeting follow-up 15:05
jlaska This will be quick ... since I see no action items from last weeks meetbot minutes 15:06
jlaska shout if I missed something, otherwise I'll move on 15:06
jlaska alright ... skipping F-14-Beta status for now ... we'll come back to that when adamw has arrived 15:07
jlaska #topic Fedora 14 Test Days 15:07
jlaska The installer keymap/lang event last week seems to have been quite successful in terms of bugs 15:07
jlaska looks like good participation on the wiki, that's always positive 15:08
jlaska #info installer keymap/lang test day recap - 15:08
jlaska in case you aren't subscribed to test@ or test-announce@ see the link above for the recap from Igor 15:08
jlaska next up ... Virtualization this Thursday 15:09
jlaska #info Sep 23 - Virtualization Test Day - 15:09
jlaska jforbes: nice, the wiki is coming along 15:09
jlaska jforbes: anything we can do to help keep this event focused? 15:10
jforbes jlaska: nope, getting the last of it up today, and going to send out an email to fedora-vert 15:10
jforbes err virt even :) 15:10
jlaska heh ... okay, adamw or I (anyone else encouraged) can hit up Fedora planet with a post about the event as well 15:11
jforbes Yeah, I will do that too 15:11
jlaska jforbes: were there specific features you wanted covered for this event, or is this more of a general virt testing theme? 15:11
jforbes more general, but spice will be covered 15:12
* jlaska always worried that we try to fit too much into a single virt test day 15:12
jlaska hmm, wonder if it would make sense to theme it around spice? 15:12
hircus some of the packages listed in "Update your machine" are not the latest as of today. Perhaps the page can be updated? esp. for the kernel version 15:12
jforbes Not sure how much of an audience spice will have 15:12
jforbes hircus: The page will be updated on wednesday, as there will be updates between now and then 15:13
jlaska jforbes: is that hardware specific, or just new enough that we wouldn't have a lot of participation 15:13
jforbes jlaska: both limited audience due to desktop nature, and lack of libvirt/virt-manager integration will make it less user/tester friendly 15:14
jlaska jforbes: aah, I see (re: the integration portion) 15:14
jforbes But we also have people who will come to test that who would not otherwise participate, it does have a lot of interest 15:14
jlaska nice! 15:15
jlaska jforbes: well, shout if you need help/guidance on the wiki setup (shouting in #fedora-qa helps) 15:16
jforbes jlaska: will do, thanks 15:16
jlaska following virtualization, we have the always well attended ... <drumroll> 15:16
jlaska #info Sept 28-30 - Graphics test week 15:16
jlaska Adam has wiki pages in place already, so it looks like things are in good shape 15:16
jlaska I'm sure we'll know more later in the week 15:17
jlaska that's all I had on test days 15:17
jlaska next up ... autoqa 15:17
jlaska #topic AutoQA Package Update Acceptance 15:17
jlaska wwoods: do you want to kick things off? 15:18
* kparal noticed a flood of new patches lately 15:18
jlaska kparal: you can blame me for some of those 15:19
kparal how much can happen in just a few days 15:19
kparal until wwoods wake up, I'll just note that I presented AutoQA in FUDCon this weekend 15:20
kparal you can see the slides here: 15:20
kparal unfortunately there are no recordings of the talk 15:20
jlaska well, I pushed out autoqa-0.4.1-1, and then tried to fix several quick bugs I found so you had a mostly functional autoqa for your talk (autoqa-0.4.2-1) 15:20
* wwoods appears 15:20
jlaska kparal: nice blog posts on the subject as well 15:20
Oxf13 it was a nice talk 15:21
Oxf13 there was some genuine interest in the audience, and I apologize for hijacking the talk by answering some of the questions :) 15:21
kparal Oxf13: thank you for that 15:21
* kparal leaves mic to wwoods 15:22
wwoods so, work on depcheck continues, albeit slowly 15:22
jlaska #info kparal gave AutoQA presentation at FUDCon Zurich - 15:22
wwoods more interesting, we merged the 'multitests' branch into master, so now we should have proper support for multihook tests and things 15:23
wwoods but that's all kparal and jskladan's work, so hooray for them 15:23
jlaska which makes me wonder whether the test result mails should prefix the subject with the hookname? But that's a detail for autoqa-devel@ 15:23
wwoods jlaska: is that stuff in 0.4.2 or are we still shooting for an 0.4.5 (or similar) release for that? 15:24
wwoods jlaska: good point - and yes, let's discuss that on the list 15:24
lmacken wwoods: bodhi should start utilizing the new pending tags today... rolling the code out as we speak. 15:24
jlaska wwoods: 0.4.2 is the current release ... mainly due to my failure to read the list before tagging 0.4.1 15:24
wwoods lmacken: excellent! jskladan gave me some code demonstrating how we can use mash with or without a tag 15:25
wwoods so I'll be writing some unittests to prove the mashing / multilib stuff works as expected in depcheck 15:25
lmacken wwoods: oh, interesting. 15:25
wwoods and then soon we'll actually wire it up 15:25
lmacken sounds good 15:25
jlaska #info lmacken noted that bodhi should start utilizing new 'pending' tags today 15:26
jlaska wwoods: anything other updates? 15:28
wwoods oh - I updated the Updates Lessons page 15:28
wwoods with information about the nss-softokn problem 15:28
wwoods 15:28
jlaska wwoods: oh right, thank you ... that one was a bit complex 15:28
jlaska wwoods: what's the next milestone for the depcheck test? 15:29
jlaska I saw a ticket update from jskladan last week that he got something working with mash 15:29
jlaska kparal: anything we need to get on the radar based on the feedback from your talk? 15:30
wwoods jlaska: right - next milestones are getting depcheck using mash - to make sure its input matches what bodhi would push 15:31
wwoods and making depcheck do an RPM test transaction - like yum does - to make sure its test matches what yum would do on people's systems 15:31
jlaska this is for capturing file conflicts? 15:31
kparal jlaska: I received comments mainly on whitelisting rpmlint output and using beaker. the first thing is being solved on our ML, but I had still no time to read through it. the second thing can be discussed later, I think it's still not fully opensource yet 15:32
hircus jlaska: one suggestion I recall from the talk is having Koji integration for AutoQA 15:32
jlaska hircus: "integration"? 15:32
wwoods jlaska: yes 15:33
kparal I think hircus means what I had in my slides. showing autoqa results right next to the newly built packages in Koji page 15:33
wwoods ah, integration in the web frontend. yes, that would be cool 15:33
kparal hircus: yes, we have it in our plans :) 15:33
jlaska which we are hand-waving and referring to as "resultsdb" for now 15:33
hircus another aspect that some people were asking is to do the local builds inside mock / koji 15:34
jlaska resultsdb - the magic test results web service 15:34
kparal ah, yes. I wasn't able to answer those mock questions 15:34
wwoods that's... not really a QA problem 15:34
jlaska #info wwoods and jskladan continue to work on depcheck and integration with mash 15:34
jlaska hircus: yeah, what wwoods said. Was this specific to something about QA, or just general mock/koji? 15:35
jlaska alright ... anything else on the autoqa front? 15:36
jlaska if not ... we'll dive into F-14-Beta 15:36
jlaska (head first) 15:36
hircus it's QA related, in a way -- I could imagine autoqa tests would be more reproducible if you can control the local environment 15:36
jlaska hircus: autoqa tests are designed to be easy to run and not require a lot of setup/prep 15:37
hircus fair enough 15:37
jlaska if there are some specifics that are painful to work with ... do speak up though 15:38
jlaska but for now, let's take that to autoqa-devel@ for further discussion 15:38
jlaska #topic F-14 Beta Testing 15:38
jlaska adamw isn't around, so I'll go off of current status based on F14Beta and several email threads 15:38
jlaska RC#2 contains the following open F14Beta blocker bugs .. 15:39
jlaska 635396 - ConsoleKit session not properly opened (xfce) 15:39
jlaska 635395 - ConsoleKit session not properly opened (lxde) 15:39
jlaska 635332 - FC14 Beta RC2 i386 netinstall fails to boot 15:39
jlaska 635330 - Boot menu is missing in F14 Beta RC2 install discs 15:39
jlaska the last is clearly a blocker, given the recently added criteria around artwork 15:39
jlaska I'm still trying to gather more information around the RC2 netinstall failure, I've not had any problems with netinstalls so far 15:40
Oxf13 I'm really interested in a retrospective as to why 396 and 395 were found so late 15:40
jlaska And the first 2 issues (ConsoleKit) are fairly major for both spins 15:40
saccia jlaska: I experience this with more than netinstall.... I've updated the bug with what happened 15:40
jlaska Oxf13: likewise, /me adds 15:40
saccia the "Where to install bootloader" screen doesn't appear even though I have two drives 15:41
* nirik is having trouble duplicating 635396 15:41
saccia I also might consider adding as a beta blocker too if it seems fair 15:41
jlaska saccia: do you get the screen where you get to pick the 2 drives 15:42
jlaska for install/boot devices? 15:42
jlaska and it has the radio button to choose which drive to install the bootloader 15:42
saccia jlaska: no... I took "screen shots" that show it appears in alpha but not in RC1/RC2 15:42
jlaska saccia: I believe that screen depends on your drive and partition selections, but let's continue to diagnose that after the meeting in #fedora-qa 15:43
jlaska with regards to the mouse click, I'm still not able to reproduce 15:44
jlaska but it seems that two of you are seeing this problem on test@ 15:44
dgilmore jlaska: do we have all the info on the setups? video cards, type of mouse and how its connected? 15:44
jlaska dgilmore: not in the bug mentioned above 15:45
dgilmore jlaska: seems like we need to know more about the hardware people are having issues on 15:45
jlaska the bug mentions another issue, 632431, which I'd consider a feature request 15:45
jlaska dgilmore: of course, agreed 15:45
jlaska so, summary ... F14Beta is accurate for what we know right now 15:46
jlaska and there are 2 issues under discussion (those noted by saccia) to determine their impact to users 15:46
saccia dgilmore: if you can add something in the bug detailing how to get whatever logs/info you need I'll be happy to get that info 15:46
dgilmore jlaska: at the leastw e are going to need anaconda and likely a ConsoleKit update 15:46
jlaska dgilmore: yeah 15:46
jlaska on top of this ... we need to complete the planned testing 15:46
jlaska #link 15:46
jlaska #link 15:47
jlaska with the late start and respins ... we're obviously short on test time 15:47
dgilmore jlaska: go/nogo is wednesday? 15:48
jlaska I think sticking with the phrase 'at risk' also accurately describes QA testing for F-14-Beta 15:48
jlaska dgilmore: you got it ... Wed 2010-09-22 15:48
jlaska #info 2010-09-22 - Fedora 14 Beta Go/No-Go Meeting (17:00 EST) 15:48
dgilmore jlaska: ok so we really need to get rc3 done today 15:48
Oxf13 time == crunch 15:48
jlaska dgilmore: yeah, by end of day today at least 15:49
dgilmore jlaska: do you feell that testing rc2 livecds for desktop is ok? 15:49
jlaska dgilmore: sorry, can you rephrase? 15:49
dgilmore jlaska: should i try do some testing with the livecds today while waiting for fixes? or best to wait for rc3 15:50
jlaska dgilmore: oh I see ... I'd go ahead and test anyway 15:50
jlaska I'm doing my best to fill out results in the install matrix using RC2 15:50
jlaska any other questions/concerns around F-14-Beta? 15:51
robatino some tests can be marked as fail just because of the missing boot menu 15:51
robatino memtest for example 15:51
jlaska robatino: good point, I haven't marked those as fail yet 15:51
Oxf13 I wonder if we need a new indicator 15:51
* jlaska trying to knock out the hardware, partitioning, updates and traceback cases 15:51
Oxf13 blocked vs pass/fail 15:51
jlaska Oxf13: meh ... no real opinion there ... I'm happy to update if there is overwhelming desire for blocked 15:52
Oxf13 not sure if it's overwhelming, just wondering if a blocked test means anything different to us than a failed test 15:53
jlaska right now, I haven't found a big need to distinguish between the two 15:53
Oxf13 some sort of relational test matrix would help 15:53
jlaska you're right, it certainly has different meaning 15:53
jlaska The <ref name="..."> has helped for re-using existing bugs/failures for test results 15:54
jlaska so at least we have a mostly unique list of bugs in the References section 15:54
jlaska alright ... any other F-14-Beta thoughts? 15:54
Oxf13 k 15:55
jlaska if not ... 15:55
jlaska #topic Open Discussion - <your topic here> 15:55
jlaska thoughts/comments/concerns/hicu 15:55
jlaska if not ... let's close this out in 2 minutes and get back to F-14-Beta 15:56
Oxf13 haikus are easy; But sometimes they don't make sense; Refrigerator 15:56
bcl bz#627789 15:56
jlaska Oxf13: thank you for proper spelling! :) 15:57
Oxf13 Southern_Gentlem: care to join #fedora-devel and talk about your respin issue? 15:57
bcl It didn't make it into f14-beta-branch, and I'm hitting it when I use livecd tools to make a usb stick with the DVD iso. 15:57
bcl I probably shouldn't have closed it as fixed in rawhide. But I also don't see a large number of other reports on it. 15:58
jlaska bcl: only 1 dup so far 15:58
jlaska " 15:58
jlaska "Problem was a race between unmounting the iso and deactivating the loopback. 15:58
jlaska mount can now handle mounting iso's with loop without needing losetup." 15:58
jlaska bcl: is this a fix we need to consider for F14Beta? 15:59
bcl I think so, but that's because I keep hitting it with my usage :) 15:59
saccia haiku Fedora 14 / Is still very green and new / More tests must we do 15:59
jlaska #info 627789 - Error setting up repository - 16, Device busy 15:59
jlaska saccia: kudos :) 16:00
jlaska bcl: I'll ping you in #anaconda afterwards to understand more about this 16:00
bcl ok 16:00
jlaska alright gang ... thanks for your time. I'm calling end of meeting 16:01
jlaska happy testing :) 16:01
wwoods thanks jlaska! 16:01
jlaska #endmeeting 16:01

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