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People present (lines said)

  1. jlaska (101)
  2. kparal (42)
  3. adamw (24)
  4. jskladan (10)
  5. zodbot (4)
  6. jsmith (4)
  7. saccia (2)
  8. tk009 (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe
  2. Newgle1
  3. wwoods
  4. mkrizek


Previous meeting follow-up

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F14 Test status

Consult schedule for remaining QA tasks

Owner - AdamW, Hurry
Oct 01 - Hosted first F14Blocker review meeting last week -
Oct 07 - Fedora 14 acceptance test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4140 )
Oct 08 - F14Blocker review meeting planned (see Create rel-eng ticket )
Oct 14 - F14Blocker TC1 test run planned (see Create rel-eng ticket )
Oct 21 - F14Blocker RC1 test run planned (see Create rel-eng ticket )
Oct 26 - F-14 Go/No Go meeting (see Go_No_Go_Meeting)
Next steps...
Continue testing and identifying potential F14Blocker bugs
Newgle1 will be assisting with the acceptance run this week ... should we test more than just acceptance?
Jlaska will ask Hurry whether adding some amount of installer validation or installer bug verification is possible

F14 QA Activities

Sep 28-30 - Graphics test week

Owner - AdamW
Tuesday, Sep 28 - Nouveau
Wednesday, Sep 29 - Radeon
Thursday, Sep 30 - Intel
Next steps...
Summary - Test day well attended, but not as busy as previous events. AdamW will note any concerns/ideas on Fedora_14_QA_Retrospective
AdamW plans to send recap soon

Oct 07 - Open slot

Owner - nobody
No planned test day
Next steps...
Possible use this test day slot for F-14 installer validation, or ON_QA verification

Oct 14 - OpenLDAP and nss

Owner - jzeleny, jvcelak, rmeggins, omoris
Wiki page available - Test_Day:2010-10-14_OpenLDAP/NSS
Kparal notes the devel+qe folks are very active for this event
Next steps...
kparal will monitor whether custom test day live images are needed, and request help if needed
Announce event (test-announce@, planet, lwn etc...)

AutoQA update

Owner - User:kparal
wwoods will also add an rpm test transaction to depcheck to catch file conflicts -- moved to new ticket autoqa ticket#229
jskladan and wwoods investigating mash integration
kparal - we stopped checking updates-testing repos in the upgradepath test, because we're not sure how to do that properly - we need to consult FESCo (see fesco ticket#474 )
kparal started a thread about timing-sensitive tests - upgradepath and depcheck - how and when to correctly execute them
jskladan resultsdb patches for autoqa are waiting to be pushed to master
jskladan investigating a way for us to create generic testplan frontend
Next steps...
Monitor and discuss upgradepath topic during next FESCO meeting (see fesco ticket#474 )
Review resultsdb patchset for master
Wwoods integrating mash into depcheck test

F-14 Nice-to-have Proposal

Owner - AdamW
Adam sent a nice-to-have proposal to the list for feedback (see
It seems to be working out fine so far, we reviewed and accepted several NTH bugs at the blocker review meeting
Next steps...
Continue to monitor for feedback
Will activate the policy soon if no additional feedback

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Action items

  1. Jlaska will ask Hurry whether adding some amount of installer validation or installer bug verification is possible

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Oct 4 15:00:16 2010 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Waiting for attendees 15:00
* kparal me me me! 15:00
* saccia waves to jlaska 15:00
jlaska kparal for the win 15:00
jlaska saccia: hello there 15:00
adamw yo 15:01
jlaska adamw: hey hey 15:01
jlaska kparal: can I appoint you #chair for the tail end of the meeting today? 15:01
* jskladan here :) 15:01
jlaska jskladan: greetings 15:01
kparal jlaska: sure 15:01
jlaska kparal: thank you 15:01
jlaska #chair kparal 15:01
zodbot Current chairs: jlaska kparal 15:01
jlaska note ... wwoods will be out today 15:02
* jsmith lurks 15:02
tk009 so the rest of us have to stand? no its ok I see how it is 15:02
jlaska lurker! 15:02
jlaska tk009: hah 15:02
jsmith jlaska: I know... 'nother meeting in 30 minutes :-/ 15:02
jsmith jlaska: C'est la vie on Mondays for me 15:02
jlaska alright, we'll get started in 30 seconds 15:03
jlaska kparal: is Martin available today? 15:03
kparal jlaska: nope, he will come only tomorrow 15:03
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:04
jlaska Shame on me, I never sent wiki versions of the minutes from last week 15:05
jlaska However, I had no follow-up items listed 15:05
jlaska So unless there is anything specific folks would like to call out ... we'll continue 15:05
jlaska alrighty ... 15:06
jlaska #topic F-14 Testing 15:06
jlaska Okay all, prepare to increase the pantscon level 15:06
jlaska I've listed the upcoming F-14 testing milestones on the meeting wiki page (I'll list here as well) 15:06
jlaska #info Oct 07 - Fedora 14 acceptance test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4140) 15:07
jlaska this friday ... 15:07
jlaska #info Oct 08 - F14Blocker review meeting #2 planned 15:07
jlaska followed by next week ... 15:07
jlaska #info Oct 14 - F14Blocker TC1 test run planned (no rel-eng ticket available yet) 15:07
jlaska #info Oct 21 - F14Blocker RC1 test run planned (no rel-eng ticket available yet) 15:07
jlaska and lastly ... 15:08
jlaska #info Oct 26 - F-14 Go/No Go meeting (see 15:08
jlaska so this means we have less than 3 weeks to have all F14 blocker bugs closed 15:08
adamw yay fun 15:09
jsmith w00t! 15:09
jlaska We hosted the first of the F-14-Final blocker review meetings last Friday ( 15:09
jlaska I suspect adamw is still in pain from that one 15:09
jlaska it was a *long* meeting 15:09
jlaska meetings that require an intermission ... ouch! 15:09
jlaska one question I have regarding this weeks planned acceptance test run ... 15:10
jlaska previously, we use these checkpoints to run the rawhide acceptance test plan ( 15:10
jlaska this was mainly intended to identify any big gotchas with doing a basic install, boot and login to the desktop 15:11
jlaska do we want to continue with this plan ... or should we consider additional installer or desktop testing? 15:11
jlaska or perhaps, just bug verification? 15:11
jlaska any suggestions / ideas ? 15:11
adamw we can't easily change this, can we? 15:11
adamw since it requires Code 15:11
jlaska adamw: sorry, change what? 15:12
jlaska the automation used to run the acceptance plan? 15:12
adamw what the parameters for automated testing are 15:12
saccia I say we make sure we add something in that relates to dual hard drive setups... that's been nipping at us recently 15:12
jlaska adamw: yeah, I don't imagine we'll be able to adjust the automated testing very quickly for this week 15:13
jlaska saccia: let's continue to test the scenario you, Southern_Gentlem and I were discussing in #fedora-qa earlier. That's a tough challenging test scenario in that the 'expected results' aren't very explicit in most cases. 15:14
adamw i mean, i thought it was generally understood the long-term goal was simply to automate as many of the validation tests as we can, and what we have implemented so far is simply what we've managed 15:14
jlaska adamw: yes certainly 15:14
jlaska adamw: for the milestone this week, my question wasn't so much ... how do we want to change the automation we run this week 15:14
jlaska more ... do we want to include _other_ tests/activities during this event 15:15
jlaska to help identify issues earlier, or verify MODIFIED/ON_QA issues etc... 15:15
adamw oh. like, manual testing? 15:15
jlaska yeah, that could be one thing 15:15
kparal "manual", that sounds awful :P 15:16
jlaska it sure does! 15:16
jlaska awfully fun you meant, right? :P 15:16
adamw i dunno, i'm not sure it's sensible to load other stuff into the rawhide acceptance testing system 15:17
adamw reviewing blocker issues isn't really part of that is it? 15:17
jlaska adamw: I wouldn't suggest that either 15:17
adamw what did you have in mind? 15:17
jlaska I'm asking for ideas/suggestions in _addition_ to the planned acceptance run 15:17
jlaska sorry if that wasn't clear 15:17
jlaska I'm just worried that we only have about 5 days to find and fix bugs against TC1 15:18
jlaska in order for them to land in RC1 15:18
jlaska for Beta ... TC1 landed late 15:18
jlaska leaving less time 15:18
kparal we can do standard installation matrix even for that acceptance compose 15:18
jlaska adamw: do we have a lot of ON_QA or MODIFIED bugs on the blocker list? 15:19
jlaska kparal: I was wondering about that too, whether we had cycles to support additional installer tests 15:19
adamw 7 15:20
adamw kparal's idea isn't a bad one, though that effectively turns the acceptance compose into TC1 15:20
jlaska adamw: true, is that bad? 15:20
adamw not necessarily, just it would mean that we're not happy with the current process and we should probably change it formally rather than re-purposing things 15:21
jlaska actually, repurposing is just what I had in mind 15:21
jlaska I think that's what kparal's suggesting 15:21
jlaska okay, I'll take this offline ... I want to run kparal's idea by Hurry and Newgle too 15:22
jlaska either way, we're going to continue with the planned acceptance run this week 15:22
jlaska any ideas to help front-load any of the TC1 or RC1 firestorm ... please don't hesitate 15:22
jlaska #idea potentially add some of the validation matrix testing to the planned acceptance run? 15:24
jlaska #action jlaska to check-in with rhe for thoughts on doing a limited test run of validation matrix this week 15:24
jlaska #topic F14 Test Days 15:24
jlaska alright, so this is another FYI topic 15:24
jlaska Unless you were on another planet last week ... Adam and company hosted the always popular X test week 15:25
jlaska #info Sep 28-30 - Graphics test week 15:25
adamw i haven't done a summary yet, planning that for today 15:25
jlaska From what I can tell, the event rocked? 15:25
jlaska adamw: okay, sweet 15:25
jlaska adamw: any issues or highlights to note here? 15:26
kparal and the 'most unsatisfied tester prize' wins... kparal. 5 bugs! :o) 15:26
adamw all went ahead fine 15:26
kparal (meaning Intel test day) 15:27
jlaska haha, I like that prize :) 15:27
adamw it wasn't as busy as the last few, my fault for not promoting more ahead of time; it kind snuck up on me 15:27
adamw thanks a lot kparal 15:27
jlaska adamw: cool, feel free to log that or any other thoughts to 15:27
jlaska I've got a bullet there for the virt test day as well 15:28
jlaska #info Oct 07 - Open slot 15:28
jlaska so no test day planned this week 15:28
jlaska which is partly why I was thinking about taking our typicaly test day time, and devoting it in some way to working on F-14-Final tests/bugs/$something 15:28
jlaska #info Oct 14 - OpenLDAP and nss 15:28
jlaska The wiki appears to be well underway - 15:29
kparal I help with that 15:29
kparal those guys are pretty active 15:29
kparal I think all should be prepared well in time 15:29
jlaska kparal: awesome! Any next steps you want to note? 15:29
jlaska Are they planning to test-announce and the event? 15:29
kparal I just need to ensure LiveCD can be built and sent out announcements 15:29
jlaska or should one of us handle that 15:29
jlaska kparal: oh, it needs a custom live image? 15:30
kparal may be 15:30
* kparal needs to check out :) 15:30
jlaska I actually can build live images now, unlike previously when adamw asked for live image creation help 15:30
adamw heh 15:30
* adamw can build 32-bit ones now too, whatever the bug was with that, it's fixed 15:30
jlaska alright, I think that covers test days 15:30
jlaska anything else before moving on? (moving in 30 seconds) 15:31
jlaska alrighty ... 15:31
jlaska two more topics before open-discussion (autoqa and NTH update) 15:32
jlaska #topic AutoQA Package Acceptance Update 15:32
jlaska kparal: I have 2 follow-up items on the list from last week ... do you want to take it away? 15:32
kparal sure, what are they? 15:32
jlaska wwoods will also add an rpm test transaction to depcheck to catch file conflicts 15:33
jlaska jskladan and wwoods investigating mash integration 15:33
kparal wwoods is out right now, I don't think I have any news about that 15:33
kparal let's keep it to next time 15:34
jlaska sounds good 15:34
* jlaska will leave those on the wiki for next week 15:34
kparal apart from that, the last week was mainly involved around upgradepath 15:34
kparal so, we have received some new patches 15:34
kparal we stopped checking -testing repos, because we're not sure how to do that properly 15:35
kparal we need to consult with FESCo about it 15:35
kparal also there were some small fixes and cleanups in upgradepath code 15:35
kparal I have started a thread about timing-sensitive tests, that will be a main topic soon when we plan to actually use it in production 15:36
kparal upgradepath is one of them, the other is depcheck 15:36
kparal as for other new, jlaska posted a few fixes and we received a huge resultsdb patch from jskladan 15:37
jskladan eh, it was not a patch :-D more of recapitulation of the current state :) 15:37
kparal #info we stopped checking -testing repos in upgradepath test, because we're not sure how to do that properly - we need to consult FESCo 15:37
kparal #info we started a thread about timing-sensitive tests - upgradepath and depcheck - how and when to correctly execute them 15:38
jskladan but sure - currently resultsdb patches for autoqa are waiting to be pushed to master, so we can start storing some test results (together with sending emails to the -results list) 15:38
jskladan so once there is some reasonable dataset, we can hop into creating frontends 15:38
jskladan the aforementioned email <> 15:39
jskladan also describes a 'metadata' proposal 15:40
kparal #info resultsdb patches for autoqa are waiting to be pushed to master 15:40
jskladan which can be used to describe testplans in a unanimous way, so we can create a "generic testplan frontend" 15:40
jskladan which will visualize testplans using the structure defined in the provided metadata 15:41
jskladan (but that is kind of 'happy future' for now :) ) 15:41
kparal #info jskladan prepares a way for us to be able to create "generic testplan frontend" 15:41
* jskladan ends the boring monologue 15:41
kparal as a side note, in autoqa-devel there is also an ongoing discussion with atodorov how to handle whitelisting of particular lines in rpmlint test case. feel free to join in. 15:42
kparal that should be all of autoqa I think 15:42
kparal #topic F-14-NTH (Nice to have) proposal status 15:42
kparal adamw: you want to say a few words about this? 15:42
adamw sure 15:43
adamw not much to say beyond the proposal on the ml, which we've been acting on provisionally 15:43
adamw if i don't get any more feedback to the mail i'll just go ahead and push the policy, so be warned =) 15:43
kparal #link 15:43
adamw it seems to be working out fine so far, we reviewed and accepted several NTH bugs at the blocker review meetin 15:44
kparal #info adamw threatens to push the policy, hurry with comments :) 15:44
kparal ok, thanks adamw 15:45
kparal #topic Open discussion <your topic here> 15:45
kparal any proposals for discussion? 15:45
adamw nothing from me 15:47
* kparal declares this monday as the Sleepy Monday 15:47
kparal closing in 1 minute if no other topics 15:47
jlaska kparal: thanks for driving :) 15:48
kparal jlaska: you're welcome 15:48
kparal have a nice day everyone 15:48
kparal #endmeeting 15:49

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