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People present (lines said)

  1. jlaska (110)
  2. kparal (27)
  3. jskladan (24)
  4. adamw (15)
  5. maxamillion (15)
  6. wwoods (5)
  7. zodbot (4)
  8. fenris02 (2)
  9. mkrizek_home (1)
  10. jsmith (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe
  2. Newgle1
  3. AdamWill


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. jlaska will ask Hurry whether adding some amount of installer validation or installer bug verification is possible

F14 Test status

Consult schedule for remaining QA tasks

Owner - AdamW, Hurry
Oct 01 - Hosted first F14Blocker review meeting last week -
Oct 07 - Fedora 14 acceptance test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4140 and results)
Oct 08 - F14Blocker review meeting planned (see recap)
Next steps...
VERIFY ON_QA or MODIFIED F14Blocker bugs
Complete F14 pre-RC acceptance test (posting results and recap)
Actively discuss bugs and testing on
Upcoming milestones ...
Oct 14 - F14Blocker TC1 test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4162 )
Oct 21 - F14Blocker RC1 test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4166 )
Oct 26 - F-14 Go/No Go meeting (see Go_No_Go_Meeting)

F14 Test Days

Oct 14 - OpenLDAP and nss

Owner - jzeleny, jvcelak, rmeggins, omoris
Wiki page available - Test_Day:2010-10-14_OpenLDAP/NSS
Kparal notes the devel+qe folks are very active for this event
Posted to test-announce
Next steps...
Some wiki modifications needed, kparal noted wiki updates were expected shortly

AutoQA update

Owner - User:kparal, User:wwoods
jskladan drafted a proof-of-concept generic testplan frontend
kparal 2010-10-11 update
Email test results now include detailed traceback
Filing tickets for autoqa documentation in need of update
Wwoods depcheck blog posts (see 1 and 2)
Starting to explore depcheck posting bodhi karma (see autoqa ticket#203 )
Next steps...
wwoods complete depcheck blog series
kparal to create depcheck wiki test case using instructions provided by wwoods' depcheck blog series
Monitor and discuss upgradepath topic during next FESCO meeting (see fesco ticket#474 )
Review resultsdb patchset for master
Wwoods integrating mash into depcheck test

F-14 Nice-to-have Proposal

Owner - AdamW
Adam sent a nice-to-have proposal to the list for feedback (see
It seems to be working out fine so far, we reviewed and accepted several NTH bugs at the blocker review meeting
Next steps...
AdamW expecting to integrate wiki pages any minute

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Action items

  1. jlaska - check-in on

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Oct 11 15:00:03 2010 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Gathering ... 15:00
* maxamillion is here 15:00
jlaska iirc adamw is out today ... canadian holiday 15:00
jlaska hey maxa! 15:00
maxamillion ($boss cancelled my conflicting meeting, so I finally get to attend a QA Meeting!) 15:00
* kparal 15:01
* jskladan is here :) 15:01
* jsmith is travelling back from UTOSC, and will lose internet access shortly 15:01
jlaska kparal: jskladan: jsmith: greetings all 15:01
* jlaska whispers wwoods summoning spell 15:02
mkrizek_home I am here, I have to multitask though (math lecture:)) 15:02
jlaska mkrizek_home: oh goodness :) 15:02
* adamw is definitely not here 15:03
jlaska adamw: you should be giving thanks! 15:03
adamw given 'em 15:03
adamw they were small 15:03
* jlaska figures that's just adamwbot responding 15:03
adamw *beep* 15:03
jlaska alright, let's get started 15:03
jlaska #chair kparal 15:03
zodbot Current chairs: jlaska kparal 15:03
jlaska kparal: hopefully no objections, but I may need your help closing out the meeting again 15:04
kparal of course 15:04
jlaska #info agenda available on the list -- 15:04
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:04
jlaska #info jlaska will ask Hurry whether adding some amount of installer validation or installer bug verification is possible 15:05
jlaska Hurry and Newgle are back from holiday, and will be jumping into the F-14-Final testing as planned 15:05
jlaska I'll save the remaining part of the action item for discussion shortly 15:06
jlaska basically just a ping to the list ot help work down our ON_QA queue and more 15:06
jlaska that's all I had from last week 15:06
jlaska anything I missed? 15:06
jlaska #topic F-14-Final Testing 15:06
jlaska adamw: I was assuming you'd be out today, but your welcome to talk through this 15:07
jlaska #info Oct 08 - blocker review meeting held last Friday (see 15:08
adamw i was really just hovering in case anything important comes up 15:09
jlaska okay ... 15:09
adamw but yeah, we had the blocker review, we have another next week 15:09
adamw we just did a RATS run (right?), and we have TC1 due tomorrow 15:09
jlaska #info Oct 07 - Fedora 14 RC acceptance test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4140) 15:09
fenris02 the tc1 on alt.fp.o is pre-tc1? 15:09
jlaska yeah ... Newgle was out, so I'm collecting results now. I've asked for his help to summarize testing to the list 15:09
adamw it was meant to me the acceptance test image 15:09
adamw s/me/be/ 15:09
jlaska fenris02: it's incorrectly named TC1 15:10
fenris02 ok, fair enough. 15:10
jlaska you're welcome to test it, but there will be a *real* TC1 landing this week 15:10
jlaska #info I pulled together a query of the MODIFIED and ON_QA F14Blocker and F14-accepted bugs -- 15:10
jlaska For folks looking for a relatively quick way to get involved and help move things forward, validating ON_QA blocker bugs is a good way to get started 15:11
adamw also, writing kernel patches 15:11
jlaska and as adamw notes, we have the scheduled TC1 release validation test run starting this week 15:12
jlaska #info Oct 12 - F-14-Final TC1 validation starts 15:12
jlaska adamw: kernel patches, that doesn't strike me as a low barrier to entry :) 15:12
adamw pfah, it's easy. they especially love submissions in Microsoft Word format 15:13
jlaska adamw: be sure to add the text "Reviewed by: awilliam" 15:13
jlaska okay, anything else on F-14-Final testing? 15:13
adamw not that I can think of 15:14
jlaska Please keep communicating issues and potential bugs to the list 15:14
jlaska alrighty ... next up ... 15:14
jlaska #topic F-14 Test Days 15:14
* jlaska notes ... just got a message from wwoods ... he's having VPN connection issues 15:14
jlaska #info Oct 14 - OpenLDAP with NSS - 15:15
jlaska kparal: thanks for sending out a test day announcement ... quite early as well! 15:15
jlaska I still see a few FIXME's on the test day wiki page 15:16
kparal jlaska: the openldap guys wanted to send it even several days earlier :) 15:16
kparal the FIXMEs will be hopefully solved soon 15:17
jlaska anything they need help with? 15:17
jlaska sounds like they are 'aware' and wiki updates coming soon... 15:17
kparal I might help them to create LiveCDs 15:17
kparal apart from that they handle everything on their own 15:18
jlaska alright, thanks for keeping in touch with them 15:18
jlaska of course, give a holler if you need help creating/hosting images 15:18
kparal will do 15:18
* jlaska would like to have a positive contribution to hosting test day images this release :) 15:18
jlaska also to note ... this is our last scheduled test day 15:19
jlaska if anyone wants to schedule another event, please let us know (fedora-qa ticket or test@ mailing list) 15:19
jlaska which reminds me, there was a request for a dual-boot test day 15:19
jlaska I'll re-ping on that topic to see if that would make sense for F-15 ( 15:20
jlaska #action jlaska - check-in on 15:20
jlaska #topic AutoQA package acceptance update 15:20
jlaska kparal guide us through the autoqa wilderness please! 15:20
kparal ok, so, there were a few new patches in autoqa last week 15:21
kparal the email results should now contain a traceback in case the test case crashed 15:21
kparal we now catch errors even in setup() method 15:22
jlaska #info Email test results now include detailed traceback 15:22
kparal jlaska helped to update some documentation 15:22
jlaska kparal: there were 2 more outsanding docs tickets 15:22
jlaska I think I'd need some guidance on those 15:22
kparal and there will be more tickets soon, that's for sure :) 15:23
jlaska #link 15:23
jlaska kparal: heh, c'mon ... documentation is self-updating :P 15:23
kparal but now, we have a milestone for outdated documentation, an idea of jskladan 15:23
kparal wwoods: you're here now? 15:24
kparal wwoods: I don't want to post your updates, if you're really here :) 15:24
* jlaska suspects he's behind a steering wheel at the moment ... heading into the office at a high rate of speed 15:24
kparal ok, so wwoods posted a first blogpost of his highly desired 'depcheck series': 15:25
kparal more to come, he says 15:25
jlaska maxamillion this topic is meant as a check-in for how AutoQA is progressing towards automating the package update acceptance plan ( 15:25
jlaska #link 15:25
jlaska kparal: I just saw part#2 hit the planet a moment ago 15:25
kparal great! 15:25
jlaska #link 15:26
maxamillion jlaska: ah! thanks :D 15:26
kparal the current plan is to make depcheck post karma comments to bodhi 15:26
kparal expect this in the following weeks 15:26
maxamillion oooo 15:26
maxamillion that'd be cool 15:26
kparal and jskladan has some more updates, let's hear him: 15:26
* jlaska imagines kparal handing the microphone off to jskladan 15:27
jlaska #info the current plan is to make depcheck post karma comments to bodhi 15:27
jskladan ok, so i've done some research on the turbogears2 front, and created simple proof-of-concept 'generic frontend' which can show results of testplans, if given metadata in proper format 15:27
* jskladan searching for the mail 15:27
jlaska jskladan: oooh, goodie! 15:27
jskladan this thread: 15:28
jskladan so basically, you can specify a structure of the testplan like this: 15:28
jskladan and if resultsdb has the required data, it can show the results 15:28
jskladan (beware, this is ugly!) 15:29
jlaska jskladan: can you screenshot that? 15:29
maxamillion jskladan: that appears to be inside the firewall 15:29
jlaska jskladan: since not everyone can see on the network 15:29
jskladan gimme a moment :) 15:29
maxamillion jlaska: +1 15:29
jlaska while jskladan is screenshot'ing ... just to note something that didn't make sense to me initially, but jskladan cleared it up 15:31
jskladan 15:31
jlaska the wiki structure posted earlier ( allows anyone to define how autoqa test results will be grouped and organized for a particular test plan 15:31
jlaska jskladan: thanks! 15:31
maxamillion jskladan: ah, very cool 15:32
jskladan yes, so if you had an access to the internal site (shame on me), you could play around with that metadata 15:32
jlaska jskladan: that shows a lot of possibilities 15:32
* wwoods here, reading scrollback 15:32
jlaska wwoods: hey! 15:33
maxamillion jskladan: so ... question, where is the code that performs the test that produces that output? (or is that output generated off resultsdb?) 15:33
jskladan for example, if you'd remove the rpmlint from 'mandatory' group, it would disappear from the frontend... same for the 'group results' etc. 15:33
jskladan maxamillion: not really sure about your question 15:33
maxamillion jskladan: did I word it badly? (I'm really good at that) 15:34
jskladan maxamillion: do you want to know "what creates the webpage" or "what provides the results shown on that page"? 15:35
maxamillion jskladan: what provides the results shown on that page? 15:35
jskladan the results will be stored in the resultsdb automagically right from the autoqa 15:35
maxamillion ah, ok 15:35
maxamillion good stuff :) 15:35
jskladan (the changes are in the jskladan branch of autqa git, mmnt) 15:36
jskladan;a=commit;h=46b4019b7608a7947bbda27c0219b67698985841 15:36
jskladan basically this 15:36
jlaska how do you guys want to handle that code? Should we hold off until merging until after depcheck is completed? 15:37
jlaska or before? 15:37
wwoods maxamillion: so autoqa tests report to resultsdb, and then we have test plan metadata that says "show results for these tests: [...]" 15:37
jskladan wwoods: exactly 15:37
wwoods and an autoqa *frontend* will read that metadata, pull the appropriate results out of resultsdb, and show them to you 15:37
jskladan wwoods: maxamillion: and that ugly web page is supposed to be that frontend 15:38
maxamillion ah, ok 15:38
jskladan (will be nicer, though - i'm no web designer :-/) 15:38
maxamillion makes sense now 15:38
wwoods heh! yep - it'll be pretty later, but making it show the right data is the first goal 15:38
* jlaska pretty jazzed by the wiki metadata potential 15:38
jskladan wwoods: jlaska: thanks for helpimg me out with the description of this magic :) 15:38
jlaska jskladan: i'm still learning! 15:39
jlaska kparal: I'm behind on the thread, but there is also an active discussion around improving rpmlint? 15:39
kparal jlaska: there is so active discussion that right now there are 2 new messages even I haven't still read :) 15:40
jlaska kparal: the discussion is around a method to allow maintainers to whitelist/ignore specific rpmlint test results 15:40
kparal basically we're discussing possible ways how to store config file defining rpmlint output whitelist 15:40
jlaska ? 15:40
jlaska better phrased, thanks 15:40
kparal and I'm continuously learning from that discussion 15:41
kparal oh, 3 new messages 15:41
jlaska +1 :) 15:41
jlaska alright, what else on the autoqa front? 15:42
wwoods jskladan: heh no problem - the design is a little complicated (and pretty clever, I think) so we might want a blog post or two to explain it, someday soon 15:42
jlaska jskladan: feeling bloggy? :) 15:42
kparal jlaska: I think we have covered almost everything 15:42
jlaska kparal: okay ... 15:42
jskladan jlaska: not really :-D 15:43
jlaska oh, kparal, you mentioned you were planning to look into creating a depcheck wiki test case once wwoods posted all the depcheck blogs, anything else to add there? 15:43
jskladan jlaska: i can try to work something out, though 15:43
jlaska jskladan: it's tough to find the focus to crank those out 15:43
kparal jlaska: nothing right now 15:43
jskladan but i'll need some corrections an re-wordings from native speaker, heheh :) 15:43
jlaska wwoods: btw ... nice posts, very imformative 15:43
jlaska alright, thanks all ... moving on 15:44
jlaska I had a topic from last week on the list still ... 15:44
jlaska #topic F-14-NTH (Nice to have) proposal status 15:44
jlaska Not sure if there is anything new on this front 15:44
jlaska I suspect the wiki pages will move out of draft coming soon 15:45
jlaska not sure if adamw plans to complete this before or after release 15:45
jlaska stay tuned to the list for follow-up 15:45
jlaska alright, everyone's favorite topic ... 15:46
jlaska #topic Open discussion <your topic here> 15:46
adamw i was planning to do it friday 15:46
adamw ran out of time though 15:46
jlaska adamw: 4+ hour meetings will do that to your day 15:46
adamw heh 15:46
jlaska Meetbot is hungry and wants your <topics> 15:47
jlaska feed it 15:47
* jlaska makes sure he spelled meetbot, not meatbot 15:47
jlaska we'll close things out in 2 mins 15:48
jlaska tick tock tick tock ... 15:48
jlaska 10 seconds ... 15:49
jlaska 5 seconds ... 15:50
jlaska thanks all, have a great day 15:50
jlaska good luck with continued F-14-Final testing! 15:50
jlaska #endmeeting 15:50

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