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Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe
  2. Newgle1


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. jlaska - check-in on Sent out request for information to anaconda-devel-list

F-14-Final Test status

Consult schedule for remaining QA tasks

Owner - AdamW, Hurry
Oct 01 - F14Blocker review meeting (see recap)
Oct 07 - Fedora 14 acceptance test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4140 and results)
Oct 08 - F14Blocker review meeting (see recap)
Oct 12 - Completed F14 pre-RC acceptance test (posting results and recap)
Oct 12 - Started F-14-TC1 testing (see results)
Oct 15 - F14Blocker review meeting (see recap)
Next steps...
VERIFY ON_QA or MODIFIED F14Blocker bugs
Actively discuss bugs and testing on
Record issues/ideas on Fedora_14_QA_Retrospective
Upcoming milestones ...
Oct 19 - Send F-14-TC1 test summary
Oct 21 - F14Blocker RC1 test run planned (see rel-eng ticket#4166 )
Oct 22 - F14Blocker review meeting planned
Oct 26 - F-14 Go/No Go meeting (see Go_No_Go_Meeting)

F14 Test Days

Oct 14 - OpenLDAP and nss

Owner - jzeleny, jvcelak, rmeggins, omoris
Wiki page available - Test_Day:2010-10-14_OpenLDAP/NSS
Announcement posted to test-announce
Recap posted to test-announce
Next steps...
Task completed

AutoQA Package Acceptance update

Owner - User:kparal, User:wwoods
jskladan drafted a proof-of-concept generic testplan frontend
kparal 2010-10-11 update
Email test results now include detailed traceback
Filing tickets for autoqa documentation in need of update
Wwoods depcheck blog posts (see 1 and 2)
Starting to explore depcheck posting bodhi karma (see autoqa ticket#203 )
Next steps...
wwoods complete depcheck blog series
kparal to create depcheck wiki test case using instructions provided by wwoods' depcheck blog series
Monitor and discuss upgradepath topic during next FESCO meeting (see fesco ticket#474 )
Review resultsdb patchset for master
Wwoods integrating mash into depcheck test

F-14 Nice-to-have Proposal

Owner - AdamW
Adam sent a nice-to-have proposal to the list for feedback (see
It seems to be working out fine so far, we reviewed and accepted several NTH bugs at the blocker review meeting
Next steps...
AdamW expecting to integrate NTH wiki pages shortly

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Action items

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