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People present (lines said)

  1. jlaska (116)
  2. adamw (28)
  3. vhumpa (15)
  4. Viking-Ice (13)
  5. brunowolff (7)
  6. robatino (6)
  7. kparal (4)
  8. tflink (1)
  9. jskladan_afk (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe (hopefully sleeping)
  2. Hongqing (hopefully sleeping)
  3. Twu (hopefully sleeping)


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. Viking-Ice - solicit feedback on to see whether we need to require only use during test days
    • Filed bugzilla RFE RHBZ #679898. Viking-Ice also noted he might discuss this RFE upstream
  2. jlaska - review blocker bug meeting SOP and add include bug summary by way of #info for each bug
  3. robatino+jlaska - infrastructure hosting of delta ISO images

Upcoming QA events

Tuesday, March 08 - l10n Desktop Test Day

Thursday, March 10 - Gnome3 Pre-Beta Test Day

Friday, March 11 - F15Beta bug review #1

Thursday, March 17 - Preupgrade Test Day

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

  1. jlaska and adamw discussed documenting the outstanding bugs requesting CommonBugs documentation. The process is detailed at
  2. vhumpa asked about download speeds for live images. brunowolff noted the speeds should be okay and jlaska reminded to raise any issues with #fedora-admin for guidance

Action items

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 16:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Mar 7 16:00:03 2011 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 16:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 16:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 16:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 16:00
jlaska #topic Roll Call 16:00
vhumpa Hia! 16:00
jlaska Hi folks ... anyone lurking for the QA meeting today? 16:00
* brunowolff is here. 16:00
* kparal again alive 16:00
* vhumpa is here 16:00
* jskladan_afk tips his hat 16:00
jlaska kparal lives! 16:00
* tflink is here 16:00
jlaska howdy brunowolff vhumpa jskladan tflink :) 16:00
* Viking-Ice here 16:01
jlaska hey hey Viking-Ice 16:01
* jlaska waits another minute before getting started 16:01
adamw yo 16:02
jlaska a minute on the nose! 16:02
jlaska adamw: greetings 16:02
* adamw should really set his alarm for 7:54 16:03
jlaska alright, we have a light agenda today ... so let's dive in 16:03
jlaska #info Proposed Agenda - 16:03
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 16:03
jlaska #info Viking-Ice - solicit feedback on to see whether we need to require only use during test days 16:03
jlaska Viking-Ice: any updates you want to highlight? 16:04
jlaska okay ... I'll note if any updates come up 16:05
jlaska otherwise, I propose moving this off the follow-up list ... I can certainly add it back when needed 16:05
Viking-Ice still waiting for feed back on the bugzilla RFE I filed 16:06
jlaska got a link? 16:06
Viking-Ice maybe I should move that to upstream mozilla 16:06
jlaska yes! 16:06
jlaska I believe it's a sizable feature request 16:06
Viking-Ice bug 679898 16:07
Viking-Ice if that gets implemented it would solve that problem along with others as well ( from maintainers perspective ) 16:07
jlaska #link 16:07
Viking-Ice and we could always use our bugzilla instance to report against 16:08
jlaska sure ... we'll monitor that request 16:08
Viking-Ice I have been expecting anykind of feed back from the red hat bugzilla team on that RFE 16:08
jlaska I'm not surprised our current bz maintainer has not responded yet 16:09
jlaska he's new and coming up to speed with maint ... and this is definitely a big RFE :) 16:09
jlaska Your instinct about moving upstream is appropriate 16:10
jlaska okay ... we'll stay tuned for any updates 16:10
jlaska #info jlaska - review blocker bug meeting SOP and add include bug summary by way of #info for each bug 16:10
Viking-Ice Ok will do 16:10
jlaska nothing earth shattering here, just a minor wiki update 16:10
jlaska #link 16:10
jlaska I'll try to follow this and use #info tags during this Fridays blocker meeting 16:11
jlaska I'm lazy, and wish that meetbot/zodbot/*bot could automatically do this ... but haven't had time to look at the bot code 16:11
jlaska so ... exercise for anyone who likes bots 16:11
jlaska #info robatino+jlaska - infrastructure hosting of delta ISO images 16:11
jlaska robatino and nb get the credit for this ... it seems the issue has been resolved 16:12
* kparal starts fireworks 16:12
jlaska iirc, robatino now has the space needed to publish the TC and RC delta ISOs for testers 16:12
robatino hosted now at - comments for organization welcome 16:12
robatino right now the top-level directory is newiso, the next level is oldiso 16:12
adamw yayness 16:13
jlaska #link 16:13
adamw we should spread the word 16:13
jlaska robatino: do you need any updates to ? 16:13
Viking-Ice what's the difference in Delto iso vs Regular iso ? 16:13
jlaska Viking-Ice: analogous to delta-rpm and regular rpm 16:13
kparal robatino: have you considered also posting torrents into that directory? is it possible to use fedora torrent tracker for that? 16:13
Viking-Ice so we have a smaller iso size? 16:14
Viking-Ice can fit more stuff ? 16:14
robatino jlaska: i'll have to think about it if the server content isn't self-explanatory 16:14
jlaska Viking-Ice: yeah ... so testers with limited bandwidth can participate in TC and RC testing 16:14
jlaska robatino: okay 16:14
Viking-Ice Ok 16:14
jlaska Viking-Ice: no ... not so we can fit more stuff ... this is so you don't need to download the entire DVD after you already downloaded TC1 DVD.iso 16:14
jlaska Viking-Ice: hopefully Delta_ISOs provides more detail 16:15
robatino kparal: i really hated using torrents for this since it's partly for people with limited bandwidth 16:15
jlaska adamw: "get the word out" ... what'd you have in mind? 16:15
adamw blogs 16:15
adamw nothing special 16:15
adamw just mention it :) 16:15
jlaska right on 16:15
robatino i also have deltas for 12->13 and 13->14 which are about half full size 16:15
Viking-Ice and announcement to the test list :) 16:15
adamw and of course we'll need to update the pre-release announcements, but since robatino usually winds up doing those it shouldn't be a problem =) 16:16
adamw Viking-Ice: i think it already was 16:16
jlaska test-announce@ certainly a good idea 16:16
adamw i remember reading a mail about it, anyway 16:16
jlaska info is linked from the validation wiki pages iirc 16:16
adamw oh no 16:16
kparal robatino: well I noticed some people who got very low speed for fedora servers. but wouldn't mind using torrents 16:16
robatino adamw: i only post deltaiso links on the test matrix pages anyway, and the announcements link to those 16:16
adamw it was a private email 16:16
jlaska certainly worth some visibility on fedora planet ... so feel free to mention it if you aggregate your blog there 16:17
jlaska (myself included in that request) 16:17
jlaska anything else from last week? 16:17
jlaska if not ... moving on ... 16:18
jlaska #topic Upcoming QA events 16:18
jlaska #info Tuesday, March 08 - l10n Desktop Test Day 16:18
jlaska #link 16:18
jlaska the announcement just hit test-announce -- 16:18
adamw this is looking good except for the test case link 16:19
jlaska unlike the previous two events that focused on the installer and the desktop environment ... this is intended to target desktop apps 16:19
jlaska adamw: suggestions? 16:19
jlaska heh, that is weird :) 16:19
jlaska adamw: perhaps should link to a wiki page that uses the standard


A brief description of the functionality being tested.

How to test

  1. Start here ...
  2. Next do this ...
  3. Finally click that

Expected Results

  1. Step #1 completes without error
  2. The system boots into runlevel 5
  3. Program completes with exit code 0

adamw i'm not sure what it's meant to be doing :) 16:20
jlaska Well ... let's start that discussion at 16:21
adamw okay 16:21
jlaska #info adamw noted that the test case link doesn't point to a valid test case template (e.g. QA:TestCase_foo_bar_baz) 16:22
jlaska rhe: has been helping coordinate, so she may be able to run with any ideas/suggestions you have 16:22
jlaska okay ... next up ... 16:23
jlaska #info Thursday, March 10 - Gnome3 Pre-Beta Test Day 16:23
jlaska #link 16:23
jlaska vhumpa and rlat have been investing some prep time in the second GNOME shell test day 16:23
jlaska vhumpa: any updates, how are things looking for you? 16:24
adamw nice job guys 16:24
vhumpa adamw: I finished implementing your notes from Friday just a little while ago 16:24
* jlaska sees two shiny test matrices! 16:24
vhumpa Hope all is moreorless ready now 16:24
adamw vhumpa: cool 16:24
vhumpa If somebody have a BT phone, please try this 16:25
adamw we just need to look at live images, we can probably just link to nightlies this time 16:25
adamw we only needed custom images last time because of the alpha freeze 16:25
vhumpa adamw: I agree nighties should be fine 16:25
vhumpa adamw: I am running the last one right now :) 16:26
adamw anyone know when the alpha freeze ends, actually? 16:26
adamw or did it already and i missed it? 16:26
jlaska dgilmore would know 16:26
jlaska I don't see it on the rel-eng schedule, or am missing it 16:26
brunowolff For packages it is over. 16:26
adamw okay. 16:26
jlaska brunowolff: thx 16:27
jlaska adamw: so that means tested updates should be landing in the nightlies? 16:27
brunowolff Pretty much when Rc2 was certified at the go / no-go meeting. 16:27
adamw jlaska: yeah, and it looks like they are. 16:27
jlaska excellent 16:27
adamw so we should be good. 16:27
jlaska vhumpa: we have several folks who can host live images if for some reason we need them 16:28
vhumpa Is the alpha freeze a reason why I was getting no new updates for F15 last couple of days? 16:28
brunowolff There isn't really an updates repo. Just updates-testing and branched. 16:29
jlaska vhumpa: I believe so ... during the "freeze", the base f15 repo wasn't changed except for approved blockers 16:29
adamw yeah, though if you had updates-testing enabled, you'd get updates all the way through. 16:29
jlaska vhumpa: rlat: adamw: nice work on the GNOME3 prep ... shout if any assistance is needed 16:30
jlaska next up ... 16:30
vhumpa Okay, just that I wasn't getting anything from updates-testing as well, but I gues the problem is elswhere then 16:30
jlaska #info Friday, March 11 - F15Beta bug review #1 16:30
jlaska #link Per the schedule, we'll have our first beta blocker review this Froday - 16:30
jlaska and for those who like links ... 16:30
jlaska #link 16:31
jlaska describes the format of the meeting 16:31
jlaska I'll send out an announcement Wednesday 16:31
jlaska last update ... 16:31
jlaska #info Thursday, March 17 - Preupgrade Test Day 16:31
jlaska #link 16:31
jlaska Once again, Hurry is initiating this event 16:31
jlaska we have a bug outstanding against preupgrade where it needs to accomodate the installer install.img change in F15. A patch is available, and we'll just need to get an updated preupgrade from hughsie that we can point testers to 16:32
jlaska with that in hand, we should be able to make some good traction on preupgrade testing ... since it currently doesn't function against F15 16:32
jlaska alright ... if nothing else, I'll go to open-discussion 16:32
jlaska #info Need updated preupgrade that works without 'images/install.img' to test with F13 and F14 16:33
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <Your topic here> 16:33
jlaska okay folks ... those are all the topics I had 16:33
jlaska anything else not already discussed? 16:33
vhumpa jlaska: about the image hosting: do you think that will be needed for bandwidh reasons, if we decide to go with night build? 16:34
jlaska vhumpa: to my knowledge, the size of the test day (or nightly) live image is acceptable for participants 16:35
jlaska at least, I haven't seen a lot of complaints about downloading a single ISO for a test day (< 700 Mib) 16:35
vhumpa I mean I was just wondering whether the normal server can handle the downloads by the testers 16:36
jlaska vhumpa: oh oh, I see. I believe so, but if we encounter problems, let's raise that with the experts in #fedora-admin for assistance 16:36
vhumpa jlaska: okay, perhaps we can quickly establish a mirror if that will happen 16:37
vhumpa I'll try to be monitoring the sit 16:37
jlaska vhumpa: okay 16:37
vhumpa jlaska: Let's hope we need a mirror ;-) 16:38
adamw i think they're ultimately pretty much the same thing (alt vs. fedorapeople) 16:38
vhumpa Okay, this should be all from me 16:39
jlaska adamw: I started documenting the installer related CommonBugs ... I should have the remaining installer issues knocked out shortly. If you have time, I could use help with the X/kernel issues 16:39
brunowolff I did a download this morning from I2 and was getting around 10MB/s. So I think downloads should be reasonable 16:39
jlaska vhumpa: agreed, hopefully we won't hit any download issues :) 16:39
brunowolff with a dozen or so going on at once. 16:39
adamw jlaska: yeah, i'll get on it 16:40
jlaska adamw: your fingers are faster than mine, but I'm working my way down the list (starting with anaconda) so hopefully we can meet in the middle 16:40
adamw sure 16:40
jlaska brunowolff: that's not too bad at all 16:40
jlaska any other topics to cover today? 16:40
jlaska #info jlaska and adamw discussed documenting the outstanding bugs requesting CommonBugs documentation. The process is detailed at 16:41
jlaska #info vhumpa asked about download speeds for live images. brunowolff noted the speeds should be okay and jlaska reminded to raise any issues with #fedora-admin for guidance 16:42
jlaska alright ... setting the fuse at 1 minute until #endmeeting 16:42
jlaska btw ... we said it last week during the go/no_go ... but once again, THANK YOU to our testers for yet another Fedora milestone 16:43
jlaska wiki results, bug reports and discussion on the mailing list all contribute to identifying potential blocker bugs and understanding whether we meet the release criteria 16:43
jlaska so thank you to all who participated and help get it out the door 16:43
brunowolff This one was a tough one too, with the mass rebuild happening so close to freeze. 16:44
jlaska excactly 16:44
jlaska exactly (even) 16:44
jlaska so much change (rebuild, branch) 16:44
jlaska okay gang ... I'm calling end of meeting 16:44
jlaska thanks for your attendance and time 16:44
jlaska I'll send minutes to the list 16:44
jlaska As always, feel free to follow-up on the list with any topics you weren't able to raise during the meeting 16:45
jlaska #endmeeting 16:45

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