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People present (lines said):

  1. jlaska (120)
  2. adamw (25)
  3. dgilmore (17)
  4. kparal (14)
  5. bk (12)
  6. nb (9)
  7. jclinton (8)
  8. maxamillion (7)
  9. vhumpa (6)
  10. tflink (4)
  11. satellit__ (2)
  12. satellit_ (2)
  13. jskladan (1)
  14. Viking-Ice (1)
  15. rbergeron (1)
  16. jsmith (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe (hopefully sleeping)
  2. Hongqing (hopefully sleeping)
  3. Twu (hopefully sleeping)


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. adamw will add a 'gnome fallback mode' to the F-15-Beta Desktop test matrix
    • Matrix and template updated
  2. jlaska to discuss next anaconda build with clumens for RC1
    • Discussed, clumens built anaconda-15.27-1 for our testing pleasure
  3. adamw+jlaska review installer beta blockers, discuss on need for TC2 test images
    • Discussed, and determined there were no significant installation blockers that demanded a TC2. Custom boot.iso images were used to provide karma for anaconda
  4. jlaska will check-in with jforbes on the upcoming Virtualization test day

F-15-Beta RC2 status

Upcoming QA events

Wednesday, April 13 - F-15-Beta Go/NoGo meeting

  • Request: task#41

Thursday, April 14 - Virtualization Test Day

Thursday, April 21 - GNOME3 Test Day #3

  • Request: fedora-qa#155
  • vhumpa and rlat working on wiki page and adjusting test cases

Nitrate project

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Bruno updated QA Spin

  • Over the weekend I updated the QA Test Day spin to make the Desktop entries favorites instead (see changelogs at
  • I also set these up so that they persist over an install (assuming that would make more sense for testing).
  • Firefox is also set to go to the current test day page even when not run as a fovorite and it will not display the welcome page on first use.
  • If you guys would like some additional changes made let me know. Now that I have figured out some of the tricky parts of doing this, related changes should be fairly easy to do.

Action items

  1. adamw check the progress of tests cases in Virt Test Day


jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Apr 11 15:00:21 2011 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Roll Call 15:00
* jsmith his here (but on conference calls) 15:00
jlaska helloooo 15:00
* jskladan is here 15:00
* tflink is present 15:01
* vhumpa says hey everybody 15:01
* maxamillion is here-ish 15:01
adamw yo 15:01
jlaska who are we missing ... kparal is lurking, robatino, Viking-Ice, anyone else? 15:02
* kparal here 15:02
jlaska btw ... I may be distracted for a portion of the meeting today 15:02
jlaska Our good friend kparal agreed to #chair if needed 15:03
jlaska #chair kparal 15:03
zodbot Current chairs: jlaska kparal 15:03
* kparal sits 15:03
jlaska :) 15:03
jlaska Let's get started ... 15:03
* maxamillion feels kparal got set up on that one :P 15:03
jlaska #topic Previous Meeting Follow-up 15:03
jlaska haha 15:03
jlaska #link QA/Meetings/20110411 15:03
jlaska #info adamw will add a 'gnome fallback mode' to the F-15-Beta Desktop test matrix 15:03
jlaska added and the template was updated as well 15:04
jlaska we can talk more about what's in the matrix later on 15:04
* rbergeron lurks too 15:04
jlaska hi rbergeron 15:04
jlaska #info jlaska to discuss next anaconda build with clumens for RC1 15:04
jlaska discussed and we now have anaconda-15.27-1 ... which seems to be holding up pretty good so far 15:05
jlaska #info adamw + jlaska review blockers and discuss need for TC2 images 15:05
jlaska reviewed, discussed and denied! 15:05
jlaska :) 15:05
jlaska Same as what we discussed in the meeting last week, there weren't any major installation blockers that warranted another set of install images 15:06
jlaska #info jlaska will check-in with jforbes on the upcoming Virtualization test day 15:06
maxamillion which ever anaconda version is in Beta RC2 worked like a champ 15:06
jlaska I spoke (typed) w/ jforbes already, and need to check-in again to see how we can help with the virt event. The wiki page is up and we can talk more about virt test day later ... 15:06
jlaska maxamillion: cool! 15:06
jlaska speaking of ... 15:07
satellit__ bug 694712? cannot install to VirtualBox atm 15:07
jlaska #topic F-15-Beta RC2 status 15:07
* Viking-Ice half here half fixing his native iptables service files 15:07
jlaska vhumpa: heh, okay :) 15:07
jlaska ergh ... Viking-Ice ^^^ 15:07
jlaska #info We have until Wednesday (2011-04-13) to complete testing of the installation and desktop matrices 15:07
adamw satellit_: 694712 is fixed in rc2. 15:07
jlaska #info Test results at 15:07
satellit__ : ) 15:08
jlaska #info Monitor proposed and accepted blocker bugs - Current_Release_Blockers 15:08
jlaska okay, now for the details ... how are these matrices holding up so far 15:08
adamw rhe reckons install is looking good so far. 15:09
jlaska awesome-ness 15:09
adamw desktop also looks good, we have most results in for gnome and kde. 15:09
jlaska holy cow, we've got almost all installation results in already 15:09
adamw i think you were worried about issues with upgrades, right? 15:09
jlaska I hit some odd stuff doing a F-14 (default) -> F-15 using preupgrade 15:10
adamw right, though we have checkmarks for preupgrade pulled in from rc1 15:10
jlaska I'll get started on tracking those issues down and filing if needed 15:10
adamw i was planning to see if i can reproduce your issues 15:10
jlaska yeah, preupgrade itself works great 15:10
jlaska adamw: oh thanks ... it could certainly be something specific in how I was testing. So I need to re-run also 15:10
adamw well, our criteria do now specify that we expect upgraded systems to work 15:11
jlaska right 15:11
adamw so serious bugs post-upgrade can be an issue 15:11
jlaska and they did ... but some slight modifications were needed. But ... will retest and see if Cranes was seeing things 15:11
adamw cool 15:12
adamw aside from that we're looking nice on rc2 15:12
jlaska outside of the wiki matrices, any other feedback to share? 15:12
maxamillion oh, speaking of pre-upgrade .... I have a friend who's trying to pre-upgrade and it keeps throwing errors about trying to download things that don't exist ... is there something that changed repo side that needs tweaking on the preupgrade side to work? 15:12
jlaska maxamillion: make sure you are using the latest preupgrade 15:12
jlaska which reminds me ... we need to give it karma 15:13
maxamillion jlaska: I'll ping him later ... that might be his problem :X 15:13
jlaska before release 15:13
jlaska preupgrade-1.1.9-1.fc14 15:13
jlaska nm ... bodhi lists it as 'stable' already 15:13
maxamillion :) 15:13
jlaska adamw: 0 proposed blockers ... yay 15:13
jlaska 1 accepted blocker still in MODIFIED ( 15:14
adamw we can close it, the update went stable. 15:14
adamw it didn't happen automatically as the bug id wasn't in bodhi. 15:14
jlaska perfect 15:14
jlaska alright, if nothing else on the Beta ... let's move to everyones favorite time .. Upcoming QA events! 15:15
jlaska #topic Upcoming QA Events 15:15
jlaska #info Wednesday, April 13 - F-15-Beta Go/NoGo meeting @ 21:00 UTC 15:16
jlaska unless we want to adjust the time ... I believe it's still 5pm EDT 15:16
jlaska ergh ... delivery. Kparal, do you mind taking over? 15:16
kparal jlaska: ok 15:17
* jlaska walking through agenda at QA/Meetings/20110411 15:17
kparal #info Thursday, April 14 - Virtualization Test Day 15:18
kparal there doesn't seem to be many test cases there 15:18
kparal is someone working on that? 15:18
adamw should be jforbes 15:19
adamw i will check in with him and make sure he's on schedule 15:19
kparal any volunteer to check with jforbes and rwmjones the status? 15:19
kparal #action adamw check the progress of tests cases in Virt Test Day 15:19
kparal adamw: thanks 15:19
* kparal coming up to speed 15:19
kparal #info Thursday, April 21 - GNOME3 Test Day #3 15:20
kparal our highly awaited test day 15:20
adamw yaay 15:20
kparal vhumpa: any more work to be done? 15:20
vhumpa Looks like it is mostly a questions of polishing the test set 15:20
vhumpa I was talking with Radek today, not really many ideas for new testcases due to new functionality 15:21
* jlaska back 15:21
* kparal was not very effective, giving back the leadership 15:22
jlaska hah, whatever 15:22
jlaska anything else on the GNOME3 test day? 15:22
jlaska well, we'll stay tuned to vhumpa and rlat for any future updates 15:23
vhumpa We will likely ad just about one test case and are thinking about removing some to reduce a number of them just a little bit so that testers dont get scared this time :) 15:23
jlaska oh, I spoke too soon 15:23
jlaska cool 15:23
vhumpa That is just about it :) 15:23
jlaska thanks vhumpa 15:23
vhumpa Will keep you posted 15:24
jlaska that's all I had for upcoming QA events 15:24
jlaska this of course assumed an on-time Beta hand-off :) 15:24
jlaska but, we'll let the criteria do the talking for that 15:24
jlaska #topic Nitrate project update 15:24
jlaska Samuel asked about nitrate project status last week .. so I just wanted to add some links to the meeting in case anyone else was following 15:25
jlaska and of course, Hurry can add more details if needed 15:25
jlaska #info Track package review - 15:25
jlaska #info RFR (infrastructure) to setup a demo instance - 15:25
jlaska #link Tcms_feature_requirements 15:26
jlaska I think rhe made contact with nb with regards to the RFR. I'm not sure where that stands presently 15:26
jlaska but I do believe thats the next big hurdle 15:26
jlaska The package review is getting some good feedback, which is great 15:26
jlaska So that's all I have here ... I know Hurry has been juggling this along with testing this release. I know she has a lot more details for anyone that is interested 15:27
jlaska #topic Bruno Updated QA Spin kickstart 15:27
jlaska You may have seen Bruno's post to test@ today, but he made some changes to the QA spin kickstart 15:28
jlaska #info The full changes can be observed in the git shortlog - 15:28
jlaska #info Over the weekend I updated the QA Test Day spin to make the Desktop entries favorites instead 15:28
jlaska #info I also set these up so that they persist over an install (assuming that would make more sense for testing) 15:29
jlaska #info Firefox is also set to go to the current test day page even when not run as a fovorite and it will not display the welcome page on first use. 15:29
jlaska If there are any other changes we'd want for the QA spin ... just let bruno know 15:29
jlaska I'd like to inspect his changes in a little more detail, kind of curious how we enable application favorites in the shell now 15:29
jlaska Okay, that's all I had on my list ... time for open-discussion 15:30
jlaska #topic Open discussion - <Your topic here> 15:30
nb jlaska, /me has a little 15:30
nb on the nitrate topic 15:30
jlaska Anything not already discussed, that folks would like to discuss? 15:30
jlaska nb: nice, what's up? 15:30
nb 1. what OS are you wanting, RHEL5 or 6? 15:30
nb or Fedora? 15:31
jlaska nb: I don't know off-hand, but I can ask rhe and the nitrate-devel folks. The wiki doc says it is python-2.4 compliant, so RHEL5 should work 15:32
jlaska but I'll pass along that question to rhe and company 15:32
nb It'll probably consist of first, you getting it set up on a publictest server, then setting everything up in puppet, and then we'll figure out where it's going to go on the production servers 15:32
nb thats about all i have at the moment 15:33
nb once i figure out what OS to use, i'll find you a publictest server to use 15:33
jlaska nb: okay, so we just need to determine what OS/release is needed 15:33
nb and get the appropriate people in the appropriate groups 15:33
jlaska great, thanks 15:33
nb oh kevin commented on your ticket also 15:33
bk one thing i would like to know is about what timeframe are updates pushed to the repo 15:34
jlaska oh boy, he did ... and I completely missed that :( 15:34
jlaska bk: are you speaking about nitrate, or are you referring to the F-15 'base' and 'updates-testing' repositories? 15:35
jlaska nb: I'll reply to kevin in the trac ticket 15:35
bk jlaska: f15 base and updates-testing, sorry i didnt specify 15:35
jlaska bk: updates are pushed once a day (unless there are failures generating the repos) 15:36
bk do we know what time or just any time? 15:36
jlaska #info nb provided some feedback for nitrate publictest instance. Need to say what OS/release is required 15:36
jlaska bk: I don't know ... rel-eng would be best to ask for that 15:36
jlaska dgilmore: Are the repo's updated about the same time everyday, or does it change? 15:37
bk jlaska: ok thanks, what are the main objectives for this channel? also is -qa the best place to discuss bugs or? 15:37
jlaska bk: this change is a shared IRC meeting channel 15:37
dgilmore jlaska: which repos 15:38
jlaska bk: Yes, #fedora-qa (and is a good place to discuss quality issues, bugs and diagnosing failures 15:38
dgilmore jlaska: different repos are done differently 15:38
jlaska bk: which repos, were you speaking of F-15? 15:38
bk jlaska: ok awesome, thanks 15:38
bk jlaska: yes, f15 15:38
jlaska dgilmore: ^^ 15:38
bk im running the first alpha right now (used live cd but was told updating via yum will be the same as what others have) and was just wondering really when the base repo was updated for core features etc 15:39
dgilmore jlaska: which one 15:39
dgilmore stable or updates-testing 15:39
jlaska yes :) 15:39
bk but also for gnome, but i can ask in gnome for that on gimpnet 15:39
tflink bk: are you talking about updating the livecd or an install based on the livecd? 15:40
dgilmore stable is done via a nightly cron job 15:40
satellit_ when will the nightlys get anaconda that installs yesterdays desktop live failed to install to Virtualbox RC2 here live is working downloaded just now 15:40
dgilmore so it should always land around the same time 15:40
bk tflink: not sure i understand the question 15:40
dgilmore but the updates-testing is manuulay run so we can sign the rpms 15:40
dgilmore and that does vary 15:40
tflink bk: are you looking to update a livecd that you are currently running? 15:40
jlaska dgilmore: I see, thanks for the info 15:40
dgilmore jlaska: np 15:41
bk tflink: basically yes, but was told i cannot update from alpha>beta since i used the live cd, so i was told if i just did a yum update i would be getting the same things as others are getting, so basically no need to switch to the beta 15:41
tflink bk: on second thought, this probably isn't the best place to have this conversation - propose moving it to #fedora-qa so that the meeting can end 15:41
bk tflink: the reason i used the livecd is because i had to use usb and only had a 2gb 15:41
bk ok 15:42
jlaska satellit_: should be any minute now ... anaconda-15.27-1 is marked for stable and has been pushed 15:42
jlaska Any other business to discuss in this meeting? 15:42
satellit_ thanks 15:42
jclinton Is Ethernet enabled by default in the test criterial anywhere? 15:42
jclinton Installed RC2 last night on a desktop and it wasn't 15:42
jlaska jclinton: it largely depends on how you install 15:43
jclinton From the ISO 15:43
jlaska if you do a non-network installation, and don't manually enable networking during installation, you won't have networking automatically connected after installation 15:43
maxamillion RC2 on my machine was enabled by default this morning ... but Xorg causes a kernel panic about 90-ish seconds into every gnome session so I've given up 15:43
adamw jlaska: that fail isn't on anaconda, it's the dracut issue. it gets fixed when dracut goes to stable. 15:43
adamw jlaska: which dgilmore just pushed, i think. 15:44
jclinton jlaska: but firstboot offers NTP config. which *does* activate networking but fails to tell NM about it 15:44
jlaska adamw: great, thanks ( satellit_ see adamw's comment) 15:44
jlaska jclinton: please file a bug 15:44
jclinton i'm asking if this should be criteria or not 15:44
jclinton hence my first question 15:44
jclinton which was ignored 15:44
adamw it's not, no 15:45
jclinton fine 15:45
jlaska I don't think that impacts the criteria, and I wouldn't add criteria requiring networking to be automatically enabled in all cases 15:45
adamw we consider it an implied criterion that networking should *work*, but not that it should be enabled by default 15:45
dgilmore adamw: i did just push it 15:45
adamw dgilmore: cool. could you do a compose some time before the official beta release too? so that network installs will get the correct package set 15:46
dgilmore adamw: what do you mean? 15:46
dgilmore adamw: the compose has all the packages we pushed 15:46
adamw dgilmore: er, i mean, of dist-f15 15:46
jlaska #info jclinton asked about network-related release criteria, and whether the network should be enabled in all cases 15:46
adamw dgilmore: whatever has to be done to make sure all the packages we pulled into rc2 are in the 'f15' repo on mirrors 15:46
* adamw always sucks at terminology 15:47
dgilmore adamw: oh that happens 15:47
adamw ok cool. 15:47
dgilmore adamw: the tree that we composed from is what gets pushed 15:47
dgilmore adamw: its just sitting there waiting for the green light 15:47
dgilmore adamw: we only make the isos available for testing 15:47
dgilmore and not teh repos 15:47
jlaska okay, last call for topics 15:48
* jlaska sets fuse for 2 mins 15:48
jlaska 1 minute ... 15:49
jlaska okay, thanks everyone 15:50
jlaska I'll send minutes to the list later today 15:50
jlaska #endmeeting 15:50

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