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People present (lines said):

  1. jlaska (117)
  2. j_dulaney (48)
  3. kparal (24)
  4. tflink (16)
  5. maxamillion (10)
  6. pbrobinson (8)
  7. vhumpa (8)
  8. elad661 (6)
  9. Southern_Gentlem (1)

Unable to attend:

  1. Rhe (hopefully sleeping)
  2. Hongqing (hopefully sleeping)
  3. wutao85 (hopefully sleeping)
  4. AdamWill
  5. jskladan


Previous meeting follow-up

F-15 preparations

AutoQA update

  • Worked on thoe AutoQA plaintext pretty logs (see example links)
  • Plan to re-evaluate release next week - keeping with our 2 week evaluation schedule
  • First-pass at spam-reduction code almost complete, tflink hoping to push and open for comments later today
  • jskladan today posted ResultsDB_Overview
  • ETA for autoqa hardware changes (staging and production server relocation and new network) ~ early June 2011

Upcoming QA events

  1. Tuesday, May 24 - Final (GA) release

Open Discussion - <your topic here>

Fedora 15 - Sugar and NM-0.9

  • j_dulaney + tflink asked if there were any updates on the Sugar status for F15
  • j_dulaney has a tested patch and will post to bz for review later today
  • pbrobinson plans review and apply patch and build a live image for additional testing

Action items


jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon May 23 15:00:01 2011 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Roll Call... 15:00
jlaska brunowolff: noted he has a conflict with the timeslot today, and will review the minutes later on 15:00
* tflink is present 15:00
jlaska adamw is on holiday today - We wish him a Happy Victoria Day 15:00
* kparal is not on holiday 15:00
jlaska heh ... a QA meeting is like a holiday, right? :) 15:01
kparal :) 15:01
* vhumpa has just arrived 15:01
jlaska tflink: kparal: hello gents 15:01
* j_dulaney is here 15:01
* jlaska tips hat to vhumpa 15:01
* elad661 is here 15:01
jlaska howdy j_dulaney and elad661 15:01
j_dulaney jlaska 15:01
* jlaska waits another minute or so ... 15:02
* j_dulaney puts on some Jefferson Airplane 15:02
jlaska hmm who else am I missing ... 15:02
jlaska Viking-Ice? 15:02
kparal I think jskladan is just doing some school exam 15:03
jlaska yes, Joza! 15:03
jlaska kparal: thanks, ugh, exams ... poor guy 15:03
jlaska okay, let's get moving ... 15:03
jlaska #topic Previous Meeting Follow-up 15:03
jlaska This is pretty easy ... since I have no action items from last week 15:03
jlaska anything I failed to capture that folks wanted to update the team on? 15:04
j_dulaney Armadillos? 15:04
* j_dulaney should be ignored 15:04
jlaska alright then ... let's dive in 15:04
jlaska the agenda is intentionally light today ... 15:05
jlaska so feel free to raise anything during open-discussion 15:05
jlaska #topic F-15 release preparations 15:05
jlaska #info As you no doubt have heard, F-15-RC3 was declared the winner - 15:06
jlaska and will be released tomorrow as Fedora 15 15:06
jlaska <insert applause and cheering here> 15:06
* kparal cheers 15:06
* j_dulaney cheers 15:06
* j_dulaney is being stared at by the folks around him 15:06
jlaska these releases just keep coming :) 15:06
tflink I think of that as a good thing. If they stopped, I'd be worried 15:07
Southern_Gentlem on to the next which is right around the corner 15:07
jlaska but seriously, kudos to all involved in testing, bug filing or active discussion on the 15:07
jlaska Southern_Gentlem: heh ... yeah, our most important release yet! :D 15:07
jlaska before we move on ... please gaze at the hotdog -- Current_Release_Blockers 15:07
j_dulaney With mustard! 15:08
* j_dulaney is reminded of something he needs to bring up for open discussion 15:08
vhumpa just NTHs left as it should be 15:08
jlaska so with Fedora 15 going live tomorrow ... the only outstanding items needed from us are staying on top of common issues 15:08
jlaska vhumpa: you got it! 15:08
jlaska #link Common_F15_bugs 15:08
jlaska as usual, adamw already started documenting some of the issues tagged for CommonBugs 15:09
jlaska I'll do a quick sweep after the meeting to document some installer and upgrade issues 15:09
jlaska Anyone can get involved if they want to help, or to document a known issue close to them ... the procedure is documented on the common bug page 15:09
j_dulaney maxamillion 15:10
jlaska #info Document remaining 'known issues' - Common_F15_bugs 15:10
maxamillion j_dulaney: hi hi :) 15:10
jlaska lastly ... as Southern_Gentlem hinted ... 15:10
* maxamillion is late but here-ish 15:10
jlaska maxamillion: fashionably late! 15:10
jlaska :) 15:10
jlaska Please start thinking about what you'd like to do for Fedora 16 15:11
maxamillion jlaska: other than take over the world? 15:11
jlaska #info Make notes/ideas/requests on the F15 retrospective page - Fedora_15_QA_Retrospective 15:11
jlaska maxamillion: that's always the goal :) 15:11
maxamillion lol 15:11
j_dulaney Target: The World 15:11
jlaska we have a good list of items to address for F16 already, but it's always nice to have more input 15:11
jlaska As usual, the F15 retrospective will become F16 fedora-qa TRAC tickets to work on 15:12
maxamillion semi-random question, but does anyone have the sha256 checksum of the F15 desktop live release x86_64 image? 15:12
jlaska Anyone is welcome to work on topics already raised on the wiki, or contribute new ideas 15:12
kparal maxamillion: e4007d98d9338419d79fab5d5deb9fcd477117a604d37f89f622141f3d0fa60e 15:13
jlaska thanks kparal 15:13
maxamillion kparal: awesome! you 15:13
maxamillion kparal: awesome! you're a saint and a scholar* 15:13
jlaska Any other thoughts on F15 before we move on? 15:14
jlaska haha 15:14
j_dulaney I think it went better than F14 15:14
maxamillion jlaska: it kicks hind parts on my laptop at the house :) .... some troubles with my older gear but over all I call it a net good 15:14
j_dulaney It always seems the odd number releases go smoother 15:14
jlaska congrats to tflink and vhumpa for surviving their first releases 15:14
j_dulaney LOL 15:14
jlaska maxamillion: yeah, I know you've been finding issues recently :( 15:14
vhumpa There is still a day and you never now crossing streets ... :) 15:15
jlaska vhumpa: true ... pre-congrats :) 15:15
tflink vhumpa: don't say that, now I'm going to be paranoid for the rest of the day 15:15
* tflink hides under his desk 15:15
elad661 I had some trouble with F15 lately when I installed it on a server, one of those was due to a bug in comps which I already fixed :) 15:15
jlaska well ... I can guarruntee bugs will come that we didn't find 15:15
* j_dulaney goes looking for bugs with flyswatter in hand 15:16
jlaska let's do our best to understand the failures ... and document what we think could be done differently on the retrospective 15:16
jlaska elad661: a dep/conflict issue? 15:16
elad661 jlaska: missing firmware 15:16
jlaska elad661: oh oh, gotcha 15:16
elad661 other than that f15 was the smoothest release yet 15:17
jlaska elad661: if you have wood nearby, please knock it 15:17
jlaska :) 15:17
* j_dulaney still has nouveau issues, but better than F14 15:17
maxamillion jlaska: I don't necessarily know that I found any "failures" in terms of QA ... I just think I ran into issues with hardware that's older and likely wasn't used in other testings .... and I joined the testing efforts a little late because the semester just ended a couple weeks ago 15:17
maxamillion yeah, I think all in all it will be a solid release 15:17
jlaska maxamillion: yeah, that makes sense 15:18
* j_dulaney also joined in late due to family issues and tornados 15:18
jlaska alright ... so let's move on and give the AutoQA rock stars some time ... 15:18
jlaska #topic AutoQA Update 15:18
jlaska who wants to start it off ... kparal? 15:18
kparal yep 15:18
kparal I don't really have much, it will be quicker than ever 15:18
kparal for the full week we worked on those plaintext pretty logs that we promised 15:19
kparal currently it looks like this: 15:19
kparal #link 15:19
kparal #link 15:19
* jlaska clicks 15:19
elad661 wow! awesome! 15:19
jlaska cool, an update example with multiple builds 15:19
kparal the code is in origin/pretty branch and I hope it will be ready and merged into master this week 15:19
vhumpa kparal: Nice to see there it merged well 15:20
* j_dulaney likes 15:20
elad661 it makes AutoQA much more readable 15:20
kparal especially more user-friendly 15:20
kparal and that's basically all updates I had 15:21
j_dulaney Are more test result going to go into the pretty log? 15:21
kparal j_dulaney: all tests should have pretty logs. currently that means depcheck and upgradepath 15:21
j_dulaney I'm wondering if any fails should show up there, but otherwise maybe don't include all the passes? 15:21
j_dulaney kparal: Ah 15:21
vhumpa j_dulaney: for future it has also been designed so that any test could use it 15:21
j_dulaney Indeed 15:22
tflink j_dulaney: we're planning to keep all the passes in the logs - email reduction is a separate task 15:22
kparal j_dulaney: yes, failures will be there as well, see the second link 15:22
j_dulaney Right 15:22
tflink j_dulaney: I assume that's what you were talking about 15:22
j_dulaney tflink: Indeed 15:22
jlaska #info Worked on thoe AutoQA plaintext pretty logs (see example links) 15:23
jlaska I'm sure one of you is already thinking about this ... but I gather we should follow-up to devel@ with the release announcment 15:24
jlaska s/one/all/ 15:24
kparal now you mean... AutoQA release or Fedora release? 15:24
jlaska AutoQA 15:25
kparal when the release is ready I'll definitely write up some announcement and post it everywhere :) 15:26
jlaska heh, yeah I figured ... that seems to have become part of the unofficial release process 15:26
tflink we'll re-evaluate release next week - keeping with our 2 week evaluation schedule 15:26
jlaska anything else to highlight for AutoQA? 15:26
kparal not from me 15:27
jlaska #info Plan to re-evaluate release next week - keeping with our 2 week evaluation schedule 15:27
vhumpa looks like that is when 0.5.0 could be hitting the shelves 15:27
jlaska looks like jskladan has been doing some documentation for resultsdb ... I suspect he'll have some updates on that next week (or later) 15:27
tflink I have the first pass at the spam-reduction code almost done. I'm hoping to push and get comments later today now that my internet connection has stopped disconnecting every 45-60 minutes 15:28
* j_dulaney would like to look at that. 15:28
j_dulaney The code, not the internet issues 15:28
kparal j_dulaney: jskladan today posted ResultsDB_Overview 15:28
kparal I didn't have time to look at that yet 15:28
* tflink was hoping you were offering to look at the wiring :( 15:28
j_dulaney kparal: Right 15:28
jlaska #info First-pass at spam-reduction code almost complete, tflink hoping to push and open for comments later today 15:28
jlaska #info jskladan today posted ResultsDB_Overview 15:29
j_dulaney tflink: I might could if I was there (I have my electrician's license in NC) 15:29
* vhumpa appologizes that he will be little busy with state exam studies following 4 weeks - but will definitely stay in the loop and work on autoqa as much as he can afford 15:30
jlaska So it sounds like this will be another busy AutoQA week ... heads down, cranking out content for the upcoming release 15:30
kparal something like that 15:31
jlaska I have an update on the staging server hardware ... the RHT networking request has been completed. Smooge gave an early estimate for ~ early June to have the hardware re-racked and online in the new network 15:31
jlaska Of course ... I'll provide an update if I hear anything else 15:31
kparal nice 15:32
jlaska #info ETA for autoqa hardware changes (staging and production server relocation) - ~ early June 2011 15:32
* tflink is looking forward to having a real staging environment 15:32
jlaska I'm looking forward to more disk space in our production instance! :D 15:32
tflink yeah, that would be better than staging 15:33
jlaska so ... stay tuned 15:33
jlaska okay, I guess we can move on 15:33
* j_dulaney wonders if HD donations are accepted 15:33
jlaska thanks kparal, tflink and vhumpa for the updates 15:33
kparal you're welcome 15:33
j_dulaney I have a box full of blank 500 GB SATA drives 15:33
jlaska j_dulaney: hmm, I don't know how that would work with the existing space in the lab ... I (or you) can talk to smooge about that 15:34
j_dulaney Righteo 15:34
jlaska #topic Upcoming QA events 15:34
vhumpa j_dulaney: nice one :) 15:34
jlaska kind of a moot point ... but this will be the last time for this topic in F15 15:34
j_dulaney From a former employer when he passes away 15:34
jlaska #info Tuesday, May 24 - Final (GA) release 15:34
jlaska #topic Open Discussion - <your topic here> 15:35
j_dulaney i/passes/passed 15:35
jlaska okay ... what haven't we discussed that folks would like bring up for discussion in this meeting 15:35
j_dulaney Sugar 15:35
tflink yeah, have there been any updates on the NM situation? 15:35
j_dulaney Specifically, Sugar NM 0.9 15:35
jlaska the NM Sugar situation? 15:35
j_dulaney I've sent a patch to pbrobinson 15:35
jlaska #topic Fedora 15 - Sugar and NM-0.9 15:35
jlaska #info j_dulaney + tflink asked if there were any updates on the Sugar status for F15 15:36
jlaska I don't know ... I haven't been closely following the issue 15:36
j_dulaney It took a while because I knew nothing about sugar 15:36
j_dulaney But, I got a working kluge going. 15:36
jlaska I know adamw was in touch with probinson, but I don't have the latest 15:36
jlaska anyone have the bz handy on this? 15:36
* j_dulaney does 15:37
j_dulaney It works on my machine; hopefully pbrobinson will push my patch shortly 15:37
j_dulaney Testing would be welcome 15:37
tflink j_dulaney: I'd be interested in testing that out 15:37
tflink .bug 697649 15:38
zodbot tflink: Bug 697649 Sugar Wireless Networking broken by NetworkManager 0.9 API - 15:38
pbrobinson j_dulaney: YAY! I look forward to it, will be heading home in an hour or so and will test it there 15:38
jlaska tflink: thanks 15:38
j_dulaney tflink: email me and I'll email you the code directly 15:38
jlaska might want to post the patch for review into the bug also 15:38
j_dulaney Right 15:38
j_dulaney I'll do that post-meeting 15:38
jlaska and get in touch with peter directly (irc or email) 15:39
tflink j_dulaney: is your FAS account the same as your IRC nick? 15:39
jlaska to see what he needs to move forward with a build 15:39
pbrobinson j_dulaney: I'll do a scratch build of the rpm so people can tetst 15:39
j_dulaney jdulaney 15:39
pbrobinson test even 15:39
jlaska #info j_dulaney has a tested patch and will post to bz for review 15:39
jlaska pbrobinson: hey there 15:39
j_dulaney tflink: minus underscore 15:39
jlaska pbrobinson: anything else you want to note on this issue ... anything you are waiting for to proceed? 15:40
jlaska pbrobinson: will you be the one kicking off any builds once we have a tested working patch? 15:40
jlaska or will Simon Schampijer be handling that 15:40
pbrobinson jlaksa: I will be 15:40
jlaska pbrobinson: okay 15:41
jlaska getting a little ahead of myself here ... but assuming we have builds that work, what's the next step ... request updated .iso from rel-eng? 15:41
jlaska #link 15:41
pbrobinson jlaska: Once I've tested the patch I'll also generate a live image using it for testing to make sure I have everything else working, from there we should be good to go 15:42
jlaska pbrobinson: eggsellent :) 15:42
* jlaska twiddles fingers in a Burnsian manner 15:42
pbrobinson :-P 15:42
jlaska j_dulaney: tflink: pbrobinson: anything else you wanted to highlight on this topic? 15:43
* pbrobinson can't think of anything of the top of his somewhat frazzled head 15:43
j_dulaney Nothing from me, other than that the patch should be attached to the bug by this evening 15:43
tflink pbrobinson: let me know if there is anything you want help with 15:43
jlaska #topic Open Discussion - <your topic here> 15:44
jlaska alright ... anything else to cover today? 15:44
jlaska okay ... last call for topics 15:44
* jlaska sets the fuse for 1 minute until #endmeeting 15:44
pbrobinson tflink: will do 15:45
* j_dulaney runs off to the head. Been holding it too long. 15:45
jlaska tmi :) 15:45
jlaska okay, 15 seconds ... 15:45
jlaska I'll follow-up to the list with minutes 15:45
jlaska as always, thanks everyone for your time 15:46
jlaska #endmeeting 15:46

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