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  • j_dulaney (66)
  • adamw (52)
  • kparal (13)
  • jskladan (7)
  • mkrizek (7)
  • nirik (4)
  • zodbot (3)
  • elad661 (2)
  • Southern_Gentlem (1)
  • robatino (1)
  • athmane (1)
  • jsmith (1)
  • pschindl (1)


Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw filed a ticket requesting Beta TC1
  • adamw will check in with tflink on whether he completed the survey of Alpha bugs to see if they should be marked Beta blockers

Beta preparation

  • there are many Beta blockers but most are MODIFIED and those that aren't are not showstoppers, so Beta TC should be in testable shape

l10n / i18n test week

AutoQA update

  • 0.7 is progressing slowly
  • the two most important changes are the resultsdb one that jskladan is working on and I have seen some progress in tflink's weekly report about the url shortening service
  • I belive that mkrizek has the shortening service (yourls) in bodhi

Next meeting

  • 2011-09-05 - 15:00 UTC chaired by ???

Action Items

  1. adamw - ping rbergeron about updating the the schedule to include the new TCs
  2. adamw - check in with tflink about alpha/beta/final validation results and ensuring bugs are correctly marked as blockers
  3. mkrizek - review tflink's Python bindings for yourls


j_dulaney #startmeeting Fedora QA 29-08-11 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Aug 29 15:00:02 2011 UTC. The chair is j_dulaney. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
j_dulaney #topic Roll Call 15:00
j_dulaney How are y'all doing today? 15:00
* athmane is around 15:00
adamw yo 15:01
* kparal here 15:01
* mkrizek present 15:01
* jskladan lurks 15:01
j_dulaney atmane, adamw (thanks for sending out the reminder), kparal, mkrizek, jskladan 15:01
* pschindl is here 15:02
j_dulaney pschindl, how are ye this day? 15:02
* j_dulaney gives another minute 15:03
j_dulaney Ok 15:04
j_dulaney #topic Previous Meeting Followup 15:04
j_dulaney adamw: You and I both seem to have got up with Rel-Eng about bumping up TC's 15:05
adamw this is "j_dulaney - check in with anaconda and releng teams on the feasibility of making the rats point (08-31) ", right? 15:05
adamw yup, since both were around during the blocker review meeting i figured i'd seize the day 15:05
adamw er, 'making the rats point into TC1, that should read, i think 15:05
j_dulaney adamw: Indeed 15:06
adamw they both seemed fine with it when i asked 15:07
j_dulaney I got up with dgilmore, and he said that he had no problem doing it 15:07
adamw any different data for you? 15:07
j_dulaney Nope 15:07
adamw cool 15:07
adamw so, i filed a ticket requesting tc images: 15:08
adamw 15:08
robatino the schedule needs to be updated - still says 2011-09-06 15:08
j_dulaney Ping rbergeron 15:09
adamw oh, yeah, we could ask robyn to update that 15:09
j_dulaney Anyone want to do that? 15:09
adamw i got it 15:10
j_dulaney #action adamw to ping rbergeron about updating the the schedule to include the new TCs 15:10
j_dulaney Anything else? 15:11
adamw there's one action item for tflink 15:11
adamw but i don't see him... 15:11
adamw oh, right, he's off today 15:11
j_dulaney Ah 15:12
adamw so we can check in with him later 15:12
j_dulaney Indeed 15:12
j_dulaney Want to poke him about that? 15:12
adamw sure 15:12
j_dulaney Need an action for that? 15:13
adamw sure 15:13
j_dulaney #action adamw to check in with tflink about alpha/beta/final validation results and ensuring bugs are correctly marked as blockers 15:14
j_dulaney Moving on... 15:14
j_dulaney #topic Beta Preperation 15:14
j_dulaney TC1 should now be coming out next Wednesday 15:15
adamw this wednesday 15:15
adamw aka two days time 15:16
j_dulaney Looks like we've got sixteen proposed blockers already 15:16
adamw a lot of them modified, though 15:16
j_dulaney True 15:17
* Southern_Gentlem waiting for beta release candidates to see if my dual boot issues are solved 15:17
j_dulaney All but four 15:17
adamw there's only three that aren't, and they aren't showstoppers, so TC1 should at least be in shape for testing as far as we know 15:17
adamw me no count good? 15:17
j_dulaney There's one a third the way down marked ASSIGNED 15:18
adamw oh yeah. me no count good. 15:19
adamw well, that one's okay too. so yeah, tc1 should be testable at least. 15:19
adamw anyone tried a nightly lately? 15:19
j_dulaney But, one of them should now be fixed, and hasn't had the status changed 15:19
j_dulaney .bug 728193 15:20
zodbot j_dulaney: Bug 728193 preupgrade cannot retrieve repomd.xml - 15:20
j_dulaney I noticed this one on 686 (didn't check to see if a bug was filed), and spoke directly with nirik. It was fixed that day 15:20
j_dulaney This was a week ago 15:20
j_dulaney It works now 15:20
j_dulaney At least for 686 15:21
adamw cool 15:21
nirik it should work. Let me know if it doesn't. 15:21
adamw maybe add a comment on the bug 15:21
* j_dulaney does so 15:21
j_dulaney Want to run through any other proposed bugs right quick? 15:22
adamw nah 15:23
adamw we only need to do that when we're getting down to the wire 15:23
adamw weekly blocker review is fine right now 15:23
j_dulaney Indeed 15:23
j_dulaney Anything else, then, for Beta preperation? 15:24
adamw nope, i think we're looking good right now 15:24
j_dulaney Alright 15:24
j_dulaney #topic l10n / i18n test week 15:24
j_dulaney Other than being pushed back a week, does anyone have input on this? 15:25
j_dulaney The i18 compose should land simultaniously with TC1, I believe 15:26
adamw i was hoping some of the organizers would be around to update us 15:27
j_dulaney Indeed 15:27
adamw doesn't look like they are, but it looks like they have the pages nicely in place 15:28
nirik it was setup last night I think... 15:28
adamw so there will be test days tomorrow, wednesday and thursday 15:28
nirik the compose... just using a nightly. 15:28
adamw everybody come and help if you can, blog about them, etc 15:28
j_dulaney Indeed 15:28
nirik 15:28
adamw 15:29
adamw 15:29
adamw 15:29
* j_dulaney thinks that he'll be testing his French more than the image... 15:29
adamw hehe 15:30
adamw you can usually get at least some useful testing in without knowing another language at all 15:30
adamw at least of the 'does it run / look vaguely correct' school 15:30
j_dulaney Indeed 15:31
j_dulaney Anything else? 15:32
j_dulaney #topic AutoQA Update 15:32
j_dulaney kparal, jskladan, have anything? 15:32
* kparal points finger at jskladan 15:33
jskladan not much on the "visible front" 15:33
j_dulaney How are we on getting along to 0.7? 15:33
jskladan I'm currently working on RestulsDB / AutoQA co-operation 15:33
jskladan (hence the #373) 15:34
kparal I was last week on vacation, but I believe 0.7 is progressing slowly 15:34
jskladan ^^ 15:34
adamw anything else interesting happening in the last week? 15:34
kparal the two most important changes are the resultsdb one that jskladan is working on 15:34
kparal and I have seen some progress in tflink's weekly report about the url shortening service 15:35
kparal but he's off today 15:35
jskladan adamw: I belive that mkrizek has the shortening service in bodhi 15:35
kparal yourls package 15:35
jskladan even thought the update for PHP makes it fail depcheck in F14/15 15:36
mkrizek yes, yourls is in bodhi 15:36
mkrizek finally got sponsored 15:36
adamw awesome! 15:36
j_dulaney Noice 15:36
adamw great job mkrizek 15:36
kparal and tflink asked for package review for his python bindings for yourls 15:36
kparal on test list 15:36
adamw okay 15:36
j_dulaney Indeed 15:36
adamw anyone want to help out with a review? 15:36
mkrizek I think I can 15:37
mkrizek I am not really sure if I can do a proper review or just informal 15:37
j_dulaney #action mkrizek to review tflink's Python bindings for yourls 15:37
j_dulaney mkrizek: Are you a packager? 15:38
mkrizek j_dulaney: I am in this group "Fedora Packager GIT Commit Group (user)" 15:38
adamw any sponsored packager can review any other sponsored packager's packages, i believe 15:39
kparal mkrizek just started with packaging. he can definitely do an informal one, I don't know whether it's appropriate for him to do a formal one 15:39
j_dulaney True 15:39
* j_dulaney is not a packager 15:39
adamw right, i believe he can but it might be best for someone else to check it over too 15:40
j_dulaney Anyone want to ask on Devel? 15:41
elad661 he can 15:41
j_dulaney elad661: You mean tflink? 15:42
adamw no, i believe elad meant 'mkrizek can do the review' 15:42
kparal yes, no need to do it for him :) 15:42
kparal aha 15:42
elad661 adamw: yep 15:42
adamw maybe mkrizek can do an initial review, he and tflink can work through the issues, then maybe request a final check on test or devel list? 15:43
mkrizek sounds good 15:43
j_dulaney Indeed 15:43
adamw ok 15:43
j_dulaney #agreed mkrizek to do initial review of yourls python bindings, with tflink checking up on Devel or Test 15:44
j_dulaney Anything else 15:44
kparal that's all 15:44
j_dulaney #topic Open Discussion (Your Topic Here) 15:45
j_dulaney Anyone have anything? 15:45
j_dulaney Two minutes to #endmeeting 15:46
adamw nothin from me 15:46
* jsmith has nothing further 15:46
j_dulaney Thanks for coming out, y'all! 15:48
j_dulaney #endmeeting 15:48

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