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  • adamw (147)
  • kparal (37)
  • maxamillion (29)
  • tflink (17)
  • brunowolff (12)
  • elad661 (6)
  • zodbot (6)
  • rdieter (3)
  • jskladan (2)
  • kalev (2)
  • bodhi_zazen (2)
  • pschindl (2)
  • pjones (1)
  • jreznik (1)


  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 17 Beta status
  • Test Day report
  • Upcoming QA events
  • AutoQA update
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • adamw to co-ordinate with pjones on grub2 update: done
  • j_dulaney to ensure announcements are sent for 2012-03-13 and 2012-03-14 test days: 2012-03-13 done, looks like 2012-03-14 was not done

Fedora 17 Beta status

Turned into a blocker review meeting: see summary for details

Test Day report

Upcoming QA events

  • Freeze is tomorrow, RC is scheduled for Thursday, we have lots of blocker resolvin' to do
  • Sugar test day set for Thursday, preparation does not look complete
  • maxamillion will look at possibilities for kde/xfce test days

AutoQA update

Open floor


Action items

  • adamw to bug j_dulaney to bug Sugar test day folks


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:03
zodbot Meeting started Mon Mar 19 15:03:15 2012 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 15:03
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:03
adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:03
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:03
adamw #topic roll call 15:03
* elad661 is here 15:03
* brunowolff is here 15:03
adamw sorry i'm a bit late 15:03
adamw who's around for happy qa fun times? 15:03
* pschindl is here 15:03
tflink adamw: not acceptable! 15:03
* tflink is present 15:03
* kparal here 15:04
* jskladan is in 15:04
adamw .fire adamw 15:05
zodbot adamw fires adamw 15:05
adamw back to bed for me! 15:05
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 15:05
* maxamillion is here 15:05
adamw #info "adamw to co-ordinate with pjones on grub2 update" - we got that done, f16 has the core.img size regression fixed, f17 has a shiny new grub2 2.0-beta2 which is currently still pretending to be 1.99. 15:06
pjones as does rawhide. 15:06
adamw yup. 15:07
adamw #info "j_dulaney to ensure announcements are sent for 2012-03-13 and 2012-03-14 test days" - that happened too. 15:07
adamw yay efficiency! 15:07
adamw so on to... 15:08
adamw #topic fedora 17 Beta status 15:08
adamw not looking so shiny here 15:08
* maxamillion fears for the state of this topic 15:08
adamw the accepted blockers are mostly not terrible, but the new anaconda has, 'ow you say, broken ze world. 15:09
adamw we've got five proposed blockers, so let's just review them quickly 15:09
adamw #topic fedora 17 Beta status - 15:09
adamw "Fedora-17-Beta-TC2-i686-Live-KDE.iso is oversized" 15:10
adamw sounds like a clear blocker, criterion "The network installation image, DVD image, and live images for release-blocking desktops must meet current size requirements" 15:10
tflink pretty clear blocker 15:10
adamw anyone -1 on this? 15:10
adamw #agreed 804454 is a clear blocker, criterion "The network installation image, DVD image, and live images for release-blocking desktops must meet current size requirements" 15:11
brunowolff +1 blocker 15:11
adamw (trying to get through this fast, so shortcutting the protocol a bit) 15:12
adamw #topic fedora 17 Beta status - 15:12
maxamillion I thought the bugzappers meeting was for the +1/-1 of blockers 15:12
maxamillion ?* 15:12
adamw maxamillion: we do a regular blocker review on friday 15:12
adamw but we often do this in qa meetings close to releases too 15:12
adamw in the interests of...not waiting till friday 15:13
adamw there are no bugzappers meetings at present. 15:13
maxamillion ah, ok ... I've been irregular in my meeting attendance for too long and just don't know better :X 15:13
brunowolff We only have a week right? 15:13
adamw brunowolff: yup. 15:13
adamw "cannot fresh install from DVD" 15:13
maxamillion ouch 15:13
adamw so this is the one for TC2 apparently not picking up packages from the install media 15:13
tflink also sounds like a pretty clear blocker 15:13
maxamillion tflink: +1 15:13
kparal +1 blocker. btw do we have criteria? 15:14
adamw alpha criterion "When booting from a DVD ISO image, the installer must be able to use the DVD local package source options" 15:14
elad661 +1 blocker. 15:14
kparal great 15:14
adamw kparal: apparently we thought of that! 15:14
adamw #agreed 804446 is a clear blocker under Alpha criterion "When booting from a DVD ISO image, the installer must be able to use the DVD local package source options" 15:14
kparal there are some oracles in our midst 15:14
adamw #topic fedora 17 Beta status - 15:15
adamw also sounds like a nice clear blocker, criterion "The installer must be able to complete an installation using the text, graphical and VNC installation interfaces" 15:15
adamw on the bright side, at least none of these bugs is borderline... 15:15
kparal what does that mean_ 15:16
maxamillion adamw: that's true 15:16
adamw none of them are those bugs where we spend half an hour arguing about whether they're blockers :) 15:16
brunowolff We don't need to waste time arguing about status. 15:16
kparal yep 15:16
maxamillion its all pretty cut and dry 15:16
kparal +1 blocker 15:16
tflink +1 blocker 15:16
maxamillion +1 blocker 15:16
* jskladan is with the crowd 15:16
adamw #agreed 804483 is a clear blocker per Alpha criterion "The installer must be able to complete an installation using the text, graphical and VNC installation interfaces" 15:16
adamw #topic fedora 17 Beta status - 15:17
adamw well hey, here's a borderline one! sigh. 15:18
adamw kay's rationale for blocker status is in the first comment 15:18
adamw is argyllcms in a default install package set, does anyone know? 15:18
* kparal checks 15:19
adamw it's not directly in comps as default 15:19
adamw just looking at dependencies 15:19
kparal not installed 15:19
adamw okay, if it's not in a default install, i'm -1 15:20
elad661 -1 as well 15:20
brunowolff I am not sure we want to block for hypothetical problems, on the other hand I'd like to see this fixed early so we don't find out about real problems too late. 15:20
adamw brunowolff: if it was installed by default i'd be on the same track as you, but if it's not i'm rather less worried 15:20
tflink -1 blocker 15:20
maxamillion -1 blocker 15:20
brunowolff -1 blocker (yeah I didn't see the not in default until after I finished typing) 15:21
pschindl -1 blocker 15:21
adamw whee 15:21
adamw #agreed 785729 is not a blocker as it's not present in the default install from DVD, network install or any release-blocking live spin 15:22
adamw (i just checked the lives.) 15:22
adamw and finally... 15:22
adamw #topic fedora 17 Beta status - 15:22
adamw "zenity depends on webkitgtk3" 15:23
adamw sounds odd, but this is the cause of kde live being oversize 15:23
adamw and it's not directly blocking f17beta, it's just via the dep on the 'tracking bug' kevin created 15:23
adamw by policy we review 'indirect blokcers' too, i'm happy to say +1 to this 15:23
brunowolff I can't see this as a blocker, even though it would fix the oversize issue. 15:23
adamw brunowolff: well, if we vote it not a blocker, that means it has to not block the tracker bug any more 15:24
brunowolff There may be other avenues to getting the KDE spin size down. 15:24
elad661 There is a fix there, I think it should be a blocker. 15:24
elad661 "zenity-3.2.0-4.fc17 has been submitted as an update for Fedora 17." 15:24
elad661 we just need to push this to stable quickly. 15:24
tflink we're sure that nothing uses the webkitgtk3 stuff? 15:25
adamw i only just found out about this five minutes ago, so not personally, no. but i trust kk to know what he's talking about when it comes to the kde spin. 15:25
brunowolff Some optional stuff was turned on that hadn't been before. So turning it off should be OK. 15:25
rdieter I can confirm that webkitgtk3 was added as a new dep to zenity only very recently, and it is the main contribution to the kde spin growing by 10mb since alpha 15:26
kparal so what's the result? --html and --url options have been removed? 15:26
adamw i think the update doesn't turn the optional stuff off, it just removes the dep on the thing that makes the optional stuff work. 15:26
brunowolff Given they are fixing this, I am not worried about blocker status. Lets just call it one and move on. 15:26
adamw but it'd probably be good to check with mclasen that he's okay with the fix. 15:26
adamw rdieter: do you know if you or kk has contacted the desktop team? 15:26
rdieter mclasen is the one submitted the new build 15:26
rdieter so I assume he's ok with it. :) 15:27
adamw ah :) 15:27
adamw i guessed it was kk fixing it manually 15:27
adamw okay, so this seems all alright 15:27
tflink yep, I was assuming that it was fixed manually as well 15:28
adamw propose #agreed 804451 is accepted as a blocker as the avenue being taken to reduce KDE spin size 15:28
tflink I'm OK with blocker on this 15:28
adamw tflink: er, i menat something else. =) 15:28
adamw unilaterally! that's it. 15:28
adamw i knew it had a lly in it. 15:28
tflink eh, as long as we both knew what we meant :) 15:29
adamw anyone still have concerns? 15:29
kparal if we accept this as a blocker, don't we say this is the road they must take to take down the size? 15:30
kparal maybe they could have done it otherwise 15:30
kparal other way 15:30
adamw we can always change things. 15:31
adamw bugs can be un-accepted. 15:31
tflink NTH would also accomplish the purpose but would make things a bit messy in bz 15:31
kparal ok then 15:31
kparal in this case it doesn't probably matter so much, the fix is already on its way 15:32
tflink also true but you're probably right about blocker/nth 15:32
adamw #agreed 804451 is accepted as a (dependent) blocker as it's the root cause of the KDE live being oversize 15:32
adamw okay, that's all the proposed blockers; at least now we know what we're dealing with 15:33
adamw RC is due tomorrow but i doubt we'll make that, with the blocker list we have; it's conceivable, though 15:33
adamw anyone have any specific concerns to raise about the beta? 15:33
maxamillion would make today one hell of a bug smashing sprint 15:33
adamw even though tc2 is obviously bad we should still be able to confirm several of the accepted blockers are fixed with it, and set those to VERIFIED 15:34
adamw so please do take a look through that list, everyone 15:34
adamw i'll fire out a 'blocker bug status' email today 15:34
adamw hi andre 15:36
adamw okay, well, guess we'll move on then... 15:37
adamw #topic Test Day report 15:37
adamw we had another packed test day schedule last week, three events 15:37
adamw j_dulaney's not around, anyone else have news from any of the test days? 15:37
adamw from what I can see, the USB 3.0 one didn't really get off the ground, the GNOME 3.0 one looks to have gone off well, as does desktop i18n 15:38
adamw lots of bugs filed from desktop i18n 15:39
* adamw looks around nervously, wonders if the rapture happened while he wasn't looking 15:40
maxamillion sorry, distracted by other bits of the internet :X 15:40
tflink adamw: its moving from east to west and hasn't gotten to you yet :) 15:41
adamw NOT ACCEPTABLE 15:41
adamw .fire maxamillion 15:41
zodbot adamw fires maxamillion 15:41
* maxamillion puts on his dunce cap and sits in the corner in shame 15:41
adamw #info looks like the USB 3.0 test day misfired, but desktop i18n and GNOME Shell went off well with good participation and bug filing 15:42
adamw #topic Upcoming QA Events 15:42
adamw this week, in 'stuff adamw got wrong'... 15:42
adamw looks like RC is scheduled for Thursday, not Tuesday. you'd think I'd know this stuff, right? 15:42
* adamw vows to switch to diet crack 15:42
tflink Tuesday, Thursday ... same thing 15:43
adamw so many of the letters are the same! 15:43
adamw #info freeze is tomorrow, RC is scheduled for Thursday, we have lots of blocker resolvin' to do 15:43
adamw we also have the Sugar desktop test day coming up Thursday 15:43
adamw that looks like it still needs work, the test day page is still mostly template 15:44
adamw #action adamw to bug j_dulaney to bug Sugar test day folks 15:44
maxamillion adamw: diet crack!?!? blasphemy, you need more a more wholesome high but with less calories ... get Lite ... >.> 15:44
adamw #info Sugar test day set for Thursday as well 15:44
adamw maxamillion: crack lite just doesn't smoke smoothly, you know? you can't ever forget you're smoking second-rate crack 15:45
maxamillion adamw: fair criticism 15:45
adamw that's everything on my list, anyone have exciting plans for the week? 15:45
maxamillion oh, are there XFCE and KDE test days scheduled yet? 15:46
maxamillion I don't see any on the list .... in all reality the XFCE spin should be pretty solid since not a whole lot in XFCE land has changed but testing is still good, I know KDE went to 4.8.x so that likely needs some run throughs .... or are those just included as part of the Desktop validation testing and don't need dedicated test days anymore? 15:47
adamw maxamillion: neither. 15:47
maxamillion rgr 15:47
adamw maxamillion: nothing 'needs' a test day 15:47
adamw we don't have a set schedule; they're entirely optional 15:47
adamw it just comes down to whether anyone wants to run one or not 15:47
adamw no-one proposed an xfce test day or a kde test day, so...we don't have them. 15:48
adamw i don't think we've ever done a kde test day, actually 15:48
maxamillion yeah, come to think of it maybe we haven't 15:48
kalev on a different note, I noticed that the GNOME live cd failed the last best test compose and tracked it down 15:48
maxamillion alright, well .... I'll look and see if I can attend two of the open time slots to run both a KDE and XFCE test day and if so I'll propose slots on the schedule 15:49
kalev should be fixed by , maybe it could get some karma? 15:49
adamw kalev: oh right, should have put that in beta status 15:49
adamw we should really have a blocker bug for that 15:49
adamw #info OUT-OF-TOPIC-BAND: kalev tracked down cause of TC2 desktop spin failing to compose, it is fixed by 15:50
adamw maxamillion: the open slots are very late, but there are non-thursdays available of course 15:50
maxamillion adamw: yeah, true .... I'll see what I can do, if not I'll just test and file bugs the best I can 15:51
maxamillion TEST ALL THE THINGS! 15:51
maxamillion >.> 15:51
adamw desktops actually make a reasonable amount of sense as late test days 15:51
adamw since there's a high chance bugs found will be nth or even blocker 15:51
adamw so...if we were going to run anything on those days, kde/xfce make sense, i guess. 15:51
adamw #info maxamillion will look at possibilities for kde/xfce test days 15:52
maxamillion well my schedule is about to get really crazy so I'm not even sure I could run the test days but I wanted to bring the topic up for discussion either way 15:52
adamw sure 15:52
adamw j_dulaney is the official test day co-ordinator for this cycle, so i'm a bit more hands-off than usual 15:52
kparal maxamillion: contact jreznik, he was interested in KDE test day as well 15:53
adamw #topic AutoQA update 15:53
maxamillion kparal: very cool, will do! thanks 15:53
adamw so we have ze big news here, right kparal? 15:53
kparal #info AutoQA 0.8 released and deployed 15:53
kparal #link 15:54
kparal soooo, it's running! 15:54
adamw IT'S ALIIIIIIIVE 15:54
adamw #chair kparal tflink brunowolff 15:54
zodbot Current chairs: adamw brunowolff kparal tflink 15:54
jreznik kparal: it was more "I try to propose it tmrw for our kde sig meeting", but yeah, I think it would be nice to have a test day 15:54
* adamw throws chairs around 15:54
kparal we have the resultsdb running as well. just look at 15:54
adamw #info AutoQA 0.8 is released and deployed, resultsdb is in production 15:54
brunowolff Hey I don't want to be thrown around. 15:55
adamw kparal: awesome news! congratulations. 15:55
kparal our automated installation test is also running on production now: 15:55
kparal the last two days it caught some broken dependencies problem 15:55
adamw #info rats_install is also in production 15:56
kparal I already asked relevant people to push fixed packages 15:56
kparal which brings me to this question 15:56
kparal do you think we should do automated installation from stable updates only, or updates-testing as well? 15:56
kparal the latter means it will be broken more often 15:56
adamw yeah, good question 15:57
kparal the former means it's more serious when it breaks 15:57
adamw the best answer, obviously, would be 'both' :) 15:57
tflink and the actual images tend to be a combination of the two during development 15:57
kparal I think the netinst has updates-testing enabled, right? 15:57
kparal OTOH DVD is composed mainly of stable repo 15:57
kparal so, if you have any preference, let's hear it 15:58
adamw can we do both? 15:58
adamw does the test take a lot of time/resources? 15:59
kparal it does, but we can do both 15:59
kparal but it will require some tweaking 15:59
adamw i think that would be the best, because there's obvious value to catching failures down both paths 15:59
kparal ok, I'll try it 16:00
adamw if we just have to pick one, i guess i'd vote for updates-testing as it's the default netinst case and meets the original '' intent 16:00
kparal great, that's the current behavior 16:01
brunowolff Note that rawhide currently doesn't inherit from updates-testing. 16:01
adamw anyone else have a take on this? 16:01
adamw brunowolff: sure, that's not the rawhide i meant :) 16:01
tflink brunowolff: AFAIK, rats uses images from releng so it isn't actually using rawhide anyways 16:02
kparal that name is somewhat obsolete, yes. maybe rawhide -> branched, rats -> bats? :) 16:02
adamw heh 16:03
maxamillion lol 16:03
adamw anyhoo, we're getting over time, so.. 16:03
adamw anything else from autoqa side, kparal? 16:03
kparal all from me 16:03
adamw tflink? 16:03
maxamillion bats are informally know as "just wing'd rats" so there could be some fun pun about flying rats coming out of branches .... >.> 16:03
tflink nothing from me 16:03
maxamillion I see awesome t-shirts in our future 16:04
kparal :) 16:04
adamw halloween party! 16:05
adamw #topic open floor 16:05
adamw anything else from anyone else at all? 16:05
bodhi_zazen adamw: thanks for all your hard work on this =) 16:07
adamw on running around telling everyone what to do? you're welcome! 16:07
adamw sometimes they even listen. 16:07
bodhi_zazen your posts to the mailing list as well 16:08
adamw okay 16:09
adamw guess that's it, folks 16:09
adamw so if everyone can help out with blocker re-testing with tc2 that'd help a lot... 16:09
adamw thanks everyone! 16:10
adamw #endmeeting 16:11

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