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  • ARM as a primary arch
  • Fedora 20 Change review
  • Open floor

ARM as a primary arch

  • ARM has been proposed as a primary arch for F20: any QA concerns?
  • handsome_pirate has been trying to get ARM to mirror the QA process
  • Architectures/ARM/qa-machines lists remotely-accessible machines available for testing purposes
  • There are issues with running autotest on ARM hosts on Fedora 18: we agreed that automated testing on ARM should not blocker primary arch elevation as we are not enforcing the tests yet
  • QA does not see any definite roadblocks to ARM becoming a primary arch for F20, but expects that minor changes will be needed to the release criteria to define the ARM 'release blocking images' and assistance will be needed from ARM-focused testers to complete ARM validation testing

Fedora 20 Change review

  • Tabled until next week due to lack of time

Open floor


Action items



adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:00
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
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adamw #topic Roll call 15:00
adamw any rolls? calling all rolls 15:00
* Martix is lurking here 15:00
adamw ahoyhoy 15:01
adamw any other rolls? 15:01
* kparal also rolling 15:01
* mkrizek is here 15:01
Martix adamw: ahoj 15:02
* adamw wonders what happened to america 15:02
* brunowolff is here 15:02
adamw oh good, it didn't sink 15:03
kparal do we have tflink? 15:04
adamw doesn't look like it 15:04
adamw or viking-ice 15:04
* jsmith lurks 15:05
* adamw checks to see if anyone sent apologies 15:05
jsmith adamw: Does it count if I apologize for being here? 15:05
* handsome_pirate waves 15:05
adamw doesn't seem like it 15:05
adamw man the cannons! 15:05
croberts lol 15:05
Martix adamw: have you read my msgs to you about ARM desktop testing? 15:06
adamw handsome_pirate: have jsmith walk the plank 15:06
adamw Martix: no, have I been missing them? 15:06
handsome_pirate adamw: Arrr 15:06
Martix adamw: on Thursday 15:06
Martix adamw: on fedora-qa 15:06
tflink whoops, not paying attention :-/ 15:07
adamw Martix: oh, sorry 15:07
adamw alrighty, we'd better get going 15:07
adamw Martix: can you send me an email or something? 15:07
Martix ok 15:07
adamw oh hi, tflink 15:07
adamw #topic ARM as a primary arch 15:07
adamw so this has been the big bikeshed of the week 15:07
handsome_pirate Heh 15:08
adamw for anyone who hasn't read it, there's a megathread on devel@ at 15:08
adamw just wanted to throw a topic on the agenda so we can air out any concerns that aren't already covered 15:08
kparal I saw the thread and that's why I didn't read it 15:08
kparal just skimmed it a bit 15:08
Martix adamw: check you INBOX 15:08
Martix *your 15:08
* tflink also has been skimming more than anything 15:08
handsome_pirate adamw: Mind if I go with this just a wee bit, considering my involvement in ARM? 15:09
brunowolff There seems to be a lot of arguing over whether being a primary arch means you need to have comparable deliverables to i686/x86_64. 15:09
adamw i think the biggest issue raised so far is the question of what exactly qa takes responsibility for 15:10
adamw handsome_pirate: shoot! 15:10
handsome_pirate Okay 15:10
adamw brunowolff: right, though i'm not sure that concerns us a lot 15:10
handsome_pirate I've been trying to get ARM to mirror the QA process 15:10
adamw #chair handsome_pirate kparal tflink 15:10
zodbot Current chairs: adamw handsome_pirate kparal tflink 15:10
handsome_pirate #info handsome_pirate has been trying to get ARM to mirror the QA process 15:10
tflink is there really enough time before branch to get everything coordinated? 15:11
handsome_pirate They're getting better, but not quite there 15:11
kparal handsome_pirate: oh, you're jdulaney. how sneaky :) 15:11
handsome_pirate FOr instance, they don't seem to understand how blocker bugs are supposed to work 15:11
handsome_pirate kparal: Arrr 15:11
handsome_pirate (or, the process, I should say) 15:12
adamw well they seemed to stop proposing stuff as primary blockers after we talked to them about it during alpha 15:12
adamw or did you mean something else? 15:12
handsome_pirate At the end of the F19 cycle they finally started doing testing matrices 15:12
handsome_pirate adamw: The intention was to get them to file against the arm blockers 15:12
handsome_pirate Very few bugs that were blockers for them were actually filed against the trackers 15:13
adamw right 15:13
adamw ah, i see 15:13
handsome_pirate My evaluation from a QA perspective is that they're close, but not quite ready for F20 15:14
adamw so yeah, i do feel like we're going to need a lot of co-operation from 'arm people', however we describe it exactly (the stuff in the thread about what is technically the responsibility of which group feels a bit trivial) 15:14
tflink another question I have is whether we consider automated tests a requirement for primary arch 15:15
adamw practically speaking, if we're going to sign off on a bunch of ARM images as 'primary deliverables', we at least need to test them all 15:15
* tflink doesn't remember if pwhalen was able to get autoqa-on-arm working 15:15
adamw and 'QA' as currently stands doesn't have all that hardware 15:15
handsome_pirate tflink: The two tests we have now will work on ARM 15:15
tflink handsome_pirate: I thought it was more of an autotest/autoqa issue than the individual tests 15:15
adamw tflink: that's an interesting one that hasn't been raised yet 15:15
Martix adamw: I can test Gnome/KDE on ARM, see my mail 15:15
handsome_pirate adamw: I'll get some h/w for QA 15:16
adamw Martix: sure, so can I 15:16
handsome_pirate adamw: I assume you and tflink would need some 15:16
adamw but I still don't think we have *all* the hardware that ARM images are built for, and even if we do, there's the time question of testing them all 15:16
adamw no, not really. i have more than I can practically use, 15:16
handsome_pirate tflink: The last I tried, the autotest issue was the autotest on f18 issue 15:16
tflink handsome_pirate: which I may run into soon, I should have f18 and f19 clients by the end of the week 15:17
* nirik notes we have some SOC's setup for qa in phx2 already. 15:17
nirik 15:17
Martix handsome_pirate: do you have something with currently supported GPU in F19? 15:17
Martix handsome_pirate: I mean 3D accel 15:17
handsome_pirate nirik: Aye 15:17
* tflink has some arm hardware but doesn't use it much 15:18
handsome_pirate Martix: Everything I have is headless save for my chromebook 15:18
adamw tflink: so the detail here is that autotest does not run on ARM on f18+? 15:18
pwhalen tflink, autoqa worked well when using earlier versions 15:18
tflink adamw: yeah, need to dig into it 15:18
pwhalen I have access to all supported hardware for testing 15:18
tflink I have an idea of what the problem is, need to test it 15:18
kparal adamw: autoqa needs to be updated to worked with newer autotest versions. but we didn't bother, since we use RHEL6 and old autotest version 15:19
* tflink has been rebuilding and scripting virthosts 15:19
pwhalen I've tried to follow the release validation testing as best as possible for f19 15:19
adamw #info there are issues with running autotest on ARM hosts on Fedora 18 15:19
tflink pwhalen: do you still have stuff running against f17 on arm? 15:19
adamw pwhalen: sure, that's what handsome_pirate was talking about 15:19
Martix handsome_pirate: well, I have some hw with Mali (supported in F19) and Adreno (userspace support will be in F20) 15:19
pwhalen tflink, no 15:19
handsome_pirate Martix: Chromebook is Mali 15:20
kparal I don't understand one thing - I don't see any ARM devices around me, anywhere. except for RaspPi, which is not going to be supported anyway. so I might not understand what primary architecture means, but why would we have PA for something that is so thinly available? 15:20
handsome_pirate kparal: Only a few specific devices are supported, but they're fairly cheap and easily had 15:21
adamw kparal: it's kind of a split issue: the vague idea we might run on zillions of ARM tablets or something, and a very specific market for ARM servers. 15:21
misc kparal: because it is expected to be avaliable later, i think 15:21
handsome_pirate kparal: I'll bring up about getting you some h/w if you want 15:22
adamw plus a hedge against ARM Taking Over The World. 15:22
kparal easily had, but I don't see them around me or my colleagues, or my friends, or my friends' friends, ... 15:22
kparal anyway, probably a topic for the mailing list 15:22
* handsome_pirate notes that the biggest issue with arm is proprietary gfx 15:22
Martix kparal: HP Touchpad, Cubieboard... 15:23
adamw kparal: still - yeah, that's not a QA topic in particular 15:23
brunowolff OLPC machines also use arm, though they need a special kernel now. But I have done updates and installs of non-kernel arm packages from Fedora. 15:23
brunowolff A number of Fedora people got OLPC machines last summer. 15:24
adamw so in terms of specific concerns: handsome_pirate is worried about following procedure in terms of using blocker bugs, tflink is worried about autoqa 15:24
adamw do we have anything else? 15:24
brunowolff Documentation of the deliverables that we need to test. 15:24
* Viking-Ice joins in 15:24
tflink time for adjustment 15:24
pwhalen we've been using blocker bugs, though work could likely be done, absolutely open to all suggestions 15:25
kparal adamw: the biggest concern is whether we need to do the release validation for every single subarch (or how it is called) of ARM 15:25
tflink we have what, 3-4 weeks before F20 branch 15:25
kparal as you already stated 15:25
handsome_pirate tflink: Mayve a release cycle where QA treats arm as primary but it doesn't actually block? 15:25
* Viking-Ice playing arm catchup 15:25
brunowolff You could have us only block on some of the stuff that we would block on for i686/x86_64. 15:26
adamw kparal: that's my concern, yeah, which ties in with the 'following procedure' thing, as in practice we will need pwhalen and other ARMers to ensure we can do that 15:26
handsome_pirate kparal: Actually, the arm team is trying to make it so that there are only a limited number of images to test 15:26
handsome_pirate ie, make them work on as wide a variety of h/w as possible 15:26
adamw handsome_pirate: that didn't look to be in the works for f20, though 15:26
kparal handsome_pirate: how many? 15:26
handsome_pirate kparal: right now, there are three images 15:27
handsome_pirate kparal: One supported piece of h/w requires a vfat boot partition 15:27
kparal because it's not 'ARM as a primary arch', but 'ARM as an additional three primary archs', which sounds much scarier :) 15:27
brunowolff Is the arm team going to expect the Gnome 3 desktop to be a deliverable? 15:27
handsome_pirate kparal: Otherwise, lpae and a standard image 15:28
handsome_pirate ie, lpae kernel 15:28
Viking-Ice with a late chime in as I see it basically the main problem with us regarding arm is for someone to actually own arm devices and being able to test on them and apply relevant critera where applicable 15:28
adamw Viking-Ice: we do have several people with some ARM devices, but we're still trying to determine exactly how much coverage is expected 15:28
handsome_pirate adamw: Most of the testing is the same 15:29
Viking-Ice adamw, simple really if the plan is to release an Gnome arm image the relevant Gnome release criteria applies to that image, if the plan is to release only KDE image only the KDE criteria applies etc 15:29
handsome_pirate well, a lot of it is 15:29
pwhalen Viking-Ice, I do my best to do that now and will going forward. I tested all images for f19 15:29
handsome_pirate ANd, x86 tests will be sufficient 15:29
pwhalen we're trying to reduce this to a single image at some point, currently we have two image types due to partitioning for omap requiring vfat. 15:32
adamw pwhalen: so for f20, what exactly are the expected ARM deliverables assuming it's a primary arch? 15:32
handsome_pirate pwhalen: We have an lpae image as well, yes? 15:33
Viking-Ice yeah basically what we need to know ( QA ) is which "spins/de" arm architecture will be released on and we need to test that against the criteria and block based on matching criteria 15:33
pwhalen adamw, that to my knowledge is not yet decided. dgilmore? 15:33
kparal maybe some arm images might not be considered release blocking, if they are served to just a small audience? 15:33
pwhalen handsome_pirate, there's our official offerings 15:34
Viking-Ice kparal, define small audience ;) 15:34
kparal Viking-Ice: well, an example is GNOME vs XFCE 15:35
kparal I don't know how many arm devices are covered by that or that image 15:35
adamw okay, so there's basically two 'arches' for ARM for f19 15:35
kparal just throwing ideas 15:35
handsome_pirate pwhalen: My mistake 15:35
pwhalen handsome_pirate, lpae kernel is installed on the hfp image 15:35
handsome_pirate pwhalen: Ah 15:35
Viking-Ice kparal, there are two "release" blocking images there on the link that pwhalen posted KDE and Minimal 15:36
Viking-Ice Gnome is not listed there so 15:36
handsome_pirate kparal: Most Fedora Arm folks I know of tend to run xfce, or at least that used to be the case 15:36
adamw so if things were the same for f20 i'd expect the kde and 'minimal' images of both 'arches' to be release blocking: four images 15:36
kparal so, it's a single arch, and two install images, right? but the exactly same packages? 15:36
adamw Viking-Ice: they didn't do a GNOME image on the basis nothing would actually have hw accel support on it 15:36
handsome_pirate kparal: AYe 15:36
kparal handsome_pirate: ok, I get it finally 15:36
pwhalen kparal, right 15:37
nirik there's a single arch. 15:37
adamw nirik: i was using the term incorrectly on purpose, hence the scare quotes 15:37
mjg59 adamw: Not quite. No hw support and the sw fallback was broken. 15:37
nirik one tree/collection of packages. ;) 15:37
Viking-Ice adamw, we only match what the do against our criteria and based on that link only two ( in current release criteria setup ) are blocking the minimal and KDE 15:37
adamw i was hoping everyone could follow that =) 15:37
Viking-Ice s/the/they 15:37
Martix pwhalen: any idea why Gnome is missing on the list? 15:37
kparal another question, is anaconda expected to work for ARM in F20? 15:37
adamw Martix: see above. 15:37
pwhalen omap devices require vfat, wheras every other device works with ext 15:37
adamw pwhalen: is there a chance of the vfat-vs-non-vfat thing being reconciled for f20? 15:37
Martix adamw: I can run Gnome Shell on Adreno GPU 15:37
adamw or are we stuck with that? 15:38
handsome_pirate Martix: llvmpipe is borked because llvm is borked (/me is working on that) 15:38
Viking-Ice in a perfect pony world all images would be run through the critera and blocked upon but hey we have an default... 15:38
pwhalen adamw, I believe so, I think it was very close, dgilmore was working on it 15:39
Martix handsome_pirate: work on llvm-pipe is great, but there is some HW loke Chromebook which has open source 3D GPU driver 15:39
handsome_pirate Martix: Chromebook sort of has one 15:40
adamw okay. so given that picture of the deliverables, the work doesn't seem crazily difficult 15:40
kparal is anaconda expected to work for ARM in F20? that would affect the QA release validation time a lot 15:40
handsome_pirate Martix: Chromebook is complicated, and not likely to be officially supported due to the bloody firmware 15:40
handsome_pirate kparal: No 15:40
adamw pwhalen: do you confirm re anaconda? 15:40
kparal good :) 15:40
handsome_pirate No Anaconda 15:41
handsome_pirate adamw: I talke about that during job interview with clumens 15:41
Viking-Ice no anaconda means we need to adjust the release criteria to match whatever installation method they use 15:41
kparal without anaconda support, it might be actually so much work 15:41
adamw Viking-Ice: it doesn't, really 15:41
kparal (as I expected) 15:41
handsome_pirate Installation method: dd to sd card 15:42
adamw Viking-Ice: the criteria are couched in terms of 'the installer must blah' and 'the installer must foo' 15:42
handsome_pirate If device has internal storage, then dd image to that 15:42
Viking-Ice adamw, ah excellent 15:42
adamw they don't actually explicitly say 'all images must use the installer' or anything 15:42
mjg59 Anaconda was a required part of the promotion criteria 15:42
adamw i've covered that on the devel@ list thread; i'm not too worried about that angle 15:42
adamw mjg59: OFF TOPIC FOR QA MEETING 15:42
nirik anaconda works as far as I can see. 15:42
adamw god, this has already gone on for 40 minutes. 15:42
nirik at least the ones I have installed have used anaconda text mode just fine. 15:42
pwhalen we use anaconda for headless server installs, and preoduce images for dev boards 15:42
mjg59 adamw: I'm aware. I'm just pointing out that if there's no plans for Anaconda to work in F20, worrying about primary arch QA for F20 seems premature 15:43
kparal so it might be arm+anaconda or nothing, right? 15:43
adamw well, what pwhalen just said doesn't sound anything like 'anaconda doesn't work'. 15:43
kparal and nirik 15:44
handsome_pirate mjg59: My talking with the Anaconda team led me to believe they have no plans for anaconda on arm 15:44
nirik anaconda works. kickstart works. 15:44
Viking-Ice is there something that says PA have to be installable by Anaconda 15:44
* nirik thinks this is in the weeds. 15:44
handsome_pirate Anaconda does work, it's just not used very much 15:44
kparal let's assume anaconda support will be added, because we have it confirmed that it works at least partially 15:44
* nirik uses it all the time. well, kickstarts usually with text mode to watch 15:45
kparal which means more installation matrices! 15:45
tflink ooh, that sounds like fun :-/ 15:45
Viking-Ice limiting PA to anaconda dont make much sense since someday someone might want to write and use another installer for their "spin" 15:45
adamw Viking-Ice: there's nothing QAish that says that, but mjg59 is saying someone else said that. i assume FESCo. 15:45
mjg59 handsome_pirate: Oh, right. I don't know that anyone on the Anaconda team is working on it - it'd be the ARM SIG doing it 15:45
handsome_pirate adamw: mjg59 said that 15:45
handsome_pirate adamw: He wrote the criteria 15:45
mjg59 15:46
* Martix brought some snack to watch the flame :-) 15:46
mjg59 Drafted rather than wrote, but they were signed off on by fesco 15:46
handsome_pirate Anyway 15:46
adamw well, the question of whether fesco wants to hold to that requirement is not ours to answer 15:47
Viking-Ice I would see the reasoning for requiring the use of Anaconda 15:47
mjg59 Anyway, sorry for diverting it. nirik says he has personal experience of it working, so it's not relevant 15:47
adamw i don't think we can really block on ARM ever becoming a primary arch because it gives us another giant pile of matrix to work through, however much we want to :) 15:47
Viking-Ice s/would see/would like to see 15:47
adamw that's just going to wind up being one of those things we need extra people for 15:47
handsome_pirate adamw: Hence my trying to get the arm folks to follow the qa processs 15:48
handsome_pirate That way, they can do the work 15:48
adamw Viking-Ice: can you take that to fesco or something? it's a fesco requirement 15:48
pwhalen adamw, I will be on the hook for filling said matrices 15:48
adamw handsome_pirate: right. 15:48
Viking-Ice actually it might spark new willingness to test thus interest in participating in the QA community 15:48
Viking-Ice ( arm that is ) 15:48
adamw so let me try and boil this down 15:49
adamw we didn't really get anywhere on the autoqa thing; tflink, do you have a path forward there? 15:49
tflink adamw: a little bit, it'll depend on the results of my experiments 15:49
kparal mkrizek had some patches, they might be obsolete already 15:50
adamw okay 15:50
tflink kparal: IIRC, they didn't work 15:50
adamw are you actually *worried* about autoqa not working on arm, practically speaking? 15:50
adamw or are you just concerned someone else might consider it a box that needs checking? 15:50
mkrizek they did, but I dont think they do anymore 15:50
adamw i'm not sure anything autoqa currently achieves is vital enough that we need to make it an obstacle to primary arch status 15:50
pwhalen tflink, let me know if there is anything I can do, I got a fair amount of it working, however had some bugs with the latest version (would need to check which) 15:50
kparal we can have upgradepath working for arm updates. depcheck might be a problem. since depcheck is very broken, I don't see it as a major issue 15:51
tflink adamw: those are two different questions - I'm not sure it's going to work, no 15:51
adamw though obviously it'd be nice 15:51
handsome_pirate adamw: Autoqa (or its replacement) on arm is on my to do list 15:51
tflink kparal: I thought depcheck was still mostly working 15:51
Viking-Ice I dont consider autoqa not working for arm do be somekind of blocker for it from a QA perspective 15:51
Viking-Ice s/do be/to be/ 15:51
kparal tflink: yes, but it is arch-specific, so we might find some issues with it. upgradepath can be run on x86 box to check arm updates 15:52
tflink kparal: but that's different from it being completely broken, no? 15:52
tflink more of a not-quite-known? 15:52
kparal tflink: ok, sometimes broken :) 15:52
kparal bad wording from my side 15:52
adamw so overall it seems like we don't feel like we need to make a big fuss about the autoqa angle 15:53
tflink adamw: I don't think automation-on-arm is a blocker for F20 as we're not gating updates yet 15:53
adamw but we should probably bake it into taskbot 15:53
tflink if we start gating updates - even in rawhide, I think it'll be an issue 15:53
kparal adamw: I wouldn't consider autoqa to be a large concern, no 15:53
* handsome_pirate can confirm that as of the last time he tried, taskbot worked on arm 15:53
adamw #info we agreed that automated testing on ARM should not blocker primary arch elevation as we are not enforcing the tests yet 15:53
adamw okay. 15:53
* tflink wonders if we should be adding arm clients to taskbot from the get-go, but that's off topic for here 15:54
handsome_pirate Mind, that was about a month ago, I don't know how much tflink has worked on it since then 15:54
adamw the other major angle we covered is the intersection of 'what deliverables will there be for ARM as a primary arch' and 'what resources do we have for testing' 15:54
tflink handsome_pirate: not nearly as much as I would like :'( 15:54
adamw it seems like the deliverables load is not too bad, but we feel like we'll definitely need co-operation from pwhalen and ARM-focused volunteers to ensure we can cover all the testing 15:55
handsome_pirate tflink: If you get some work done, ping me and I'll fire it up on arm 15:55
adamw is that a fair summary? 15:55
handsome_pirate adamw: I'd say so 15:55
tflink adamw: yeah, I think so. that and making the processes work together 15:55
pwhalen adamw, I can look into our planned deliverables. and provide testing coverage 15:55
kparal adamw: let's add that it is unclear how many different devices we need to test? 15:56
Martix adamw: it's ok 15:56
adamw kparal: just like x86 =) 15:56
Viking-Ice speaking of upgrades I dont think the upgrade criteria takes effect until $NEXT_RELEASE for new PA as in we do not "support" upgrading from f18/19 on to f20 in the case of arm but only "support" upgrading from F20 to F21 and onwards ( the release architecture became PA and onwards ) 15:57
handsome_pirate kparal: Actually, arm has fewer devices than x86 15:57
handsome_pirate In that regaurd, arm is easier to test 15:57
adamw #info as described by handsome_pirate and pwhalen, the ARM deliverables set does not look unmanageable, but we feel like we'll definitely need co-operation from pwhalen and ARM-focused volunteers to ensure we can cover all the testing 15:57
adamw Viking-Ice: that seems reasonable 15:57
adamw so overall, let me punt a #agreed 15:57
handsome_pirate ack 15:58
Viking-Ice ack 15:58
Martix ack 15:58
pwhalen ack 15:58
adamw er, that wasn't it =) 15:58
tflink what exactly are we ack'ing 15:58
tflink ? 15:58
Viking-Ice awesomeness and bacon 15:59
kparal ack 15:59
kparal you should have said it earlier 15:59
adamw proposed #agreed QA does not see any definite roadblocks to ARM becoming a primary arch for F20, but expects that minor changes will be needed to the release criteria to define the ARM 'release blocking images' and assistance will be needed from ARM-focused testers to complete ARM validation testing 15:59
Viking-Ice ack 15:59
tflink ack 15:59
kparal ack 16:00
* handsome_pirate assumed that was what he was acking 16:00
adamw wow, you're clairvoyant too?! 16:00
handsome_pirate arrr 16:00
brunowolff ack 16:00
adamw coolbeans 16:00
pwhalen ack 16:00
adamw #agreed QA does not see any definite roadblocks to ARM becoming a primary arch for F20, but expects that minor changes will be needed to the release criteria to define the ARM 'release blocking images' and assistance will be needed from ARM-focused testers to complete ARM validation testing 16:00
adamw and we're right on time, with no time for the Change review topic :( 16:01
adamw before i close out, does anyone have any really major concerns with any of the F20 Changes that can't wait till next week? 16:01
handsome_pirate pwhalen: Wednesday, you want to take this? 16:01
handsome_pirate adamw: I have something for the end 16:02
tflink not really, I need to start reading those threads more closely 16:02
kparal adamw: the AppInstaller might be worth discussion, but it can wait I think 16:02
* tflink wonders if the get-rid-of-syslog is going to turn interesting 16:02
adamw okay, let's file those for next week 16:02
adamw a very quick: 16:02
adamw #topic open floor 16:02
adamw handsome_pirate: what did you have? 16:02
* handsome_pirate needs a room mate for FLOCK 16:02
handsome_pirate My room mate for the past several fudcons is not going 16:03
handsome_pirate EOF 16:03
adamw heh, okay 16:03
adamw #info handsome_pirate looking for a roommate for FLOCK, applications on postcards 16:03
adamw anything else? 16:03
adamw yikes, if i don't clear up mine/tflink's room type problem you might wind up rooming with one of us... 16:04
tflink adamw: I thought that was cleared up 16:04
Viking-Ice tflink, thanks to FESCO/FPC yes it's going to be a more pain in the ass for us then it would be. I tried work in advance for the inevitable for us in QA with this but notting said no... 16:04
handsome_pirate adamw: SInce I don't have a room booked, maybe you could not clear it up? :) 16:05
adamw tflink: i'll ping you 16:05
adamw alrighty, thanks for coming everyone! 16:06
adamw Change review next week 16:06
adamw #endmeeting 16:06

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