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We are changing Lohit Odia font to latest upstream in F22. This test case is to check that Lohit Odia fonts rendering is correct.


Lohit Odia is default font for Odia language, so it will be available with default installation. Check $rpm -q lohit-odia-fonts. It should be "lohit-odia-fonts-2.91.0-1.fc21.noarch"

How to test

  1. Open Firefox and Unicode text rendering reference system UTRRS
  2. Verify Character Column is identical with Reference Column
  3. Repeat same for GSUB and GPOS tab available on top of the page.
  4. Open Odia Wikipedia page and observe rendering.
  5. This completes basic testing, good to complete Fonts testing by login in Desktop with or_IN language.

Expected Results

  1. UTRRS Reference image and Character column should be identical.
  2. No Odia character Overlap in Wikipedia page.