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This test case tests GNOME Shell Extensions feature.


  1. Boot into a GNOME session with GNOME Shell

How to test

  1. Install some extensions from software repository. Search for "gnome-shell-extension" in "Add/Remove Software" or via dnf and install them.
  2. Open in Firefox or Gnome Web (Epiphany) and install some extensions from there. You can enable/disable and uninstall extensions on "Installed extensions" page.
  3. Run Gnome Tweak Tool and try to enable/disable various extensions.

Expected Results

  1. Check that installed extension is enabled after installation.
  2. You can install, enable/disable and uninstall various extensions. Installed extensions are automatically enabled after installation.
  3. You should see all installed extensions in GNOME Tweak Tool or GNOME Extensions app and you can enable/disable them.