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This test case tests GNOME Shell Extensions feature.


  1. Have a Fedora Workstation installation.

How to test

  1. Install some extensions from Fedora repositories. Follow QA:Testcase gnome-shell extensions install.
  2. Install some extensions from GNOME extensions website. Folow QA:Testcase gnome-shell extensions gnome org.
  3. Verify that those extensions are listed in the Extensions app and you can toggle them on and off. Install and enable those extensions, for which you can easily tell whether they are working (they have some visible effect).
    • Please note that many extensions are not compatible with development versions of GNOME, and some extensions might crash GNOME or cause various issues. The purpose of this test case is to verify that the general extensions system works, and not that all individual extensions work.
  4. Remove all extensions you've installed during this test case. Follow QA:Testcase gnome-shell extensions remove.
  5. Log out and log back in.
  6. Verify that those removed extensions are no longer listed in the Extensions app.

Expected Results

  1. Extensions can be installed and they work.
  2. You can manage extensions in the Extensions app.
  3. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.