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This test case is to set up the input method to get it working on the desktop. if something is going wrong, please try to restart the desktop session. that may helps.

How to test

  • For GNOME
  1. Click on the gear icon from the system status menu on the upper right corner or run gnome-control-center from Activity or the terminal.
  2. Click on Keyboard.
  3. Add your preferable input source and layout if not in Input Sources section.
  4. Try to click the 2-letter language icon (Input Source indicator) on the GNOME panel and select the input source
    1. or press the Super+space or a shortcut key which is configured in Typing section on Shortcuts tab at Keyboard configuration.
  • For Plasma (Wayland)
  1. Bring up systemsettings5
  2. Click on Input Devices and then Virtual Keyboard
  3. Select IBus Wayland and click on Apply
  • For other desktop environments
    • Prerequisites
      • Make sure if you have im-chooser and imsettings and imsettings-gsettings and/or imsettings-plasma for Plasma (X11), imsettings-mate for MATE, imsettings-xfce for Xfce, imsettings-lxde for LXDE, and imsettings-cinnamon for Cinnamon installed.
  1. Select Input Method Selector from the desktop menu or run im-chooser from the terminal
  2. Select Use IBus, then click Preferences... at the right side.
  3. Open Input Method tab
  4. Add your preferable input source and layout if not in Input Method section.
  5. Click on the ibus icon and select the engine
    1. or press Super+space
  • Reload ibus engine
  1. Install another ibus engine (IME): eg sudo dnf install ibus-table-mathwriter
  2. Check the current process ID of ibus-daemon with pidof ibus-daemon command with the current user account
  3. Run ibus restart command with the current user account
  4. Check the current process ID of ibus-daemon again
  5. Run gnome-control-center keyboard in GNOME or ibus-setup in non-GNOME desktop with the current user account and check the available input method engines
  6. Add the new IME

Expected Results

  • For GNOME
    • It may depends on the order of the input source, 2 letter language or a symbol for engine should appears at the panel.
  • For other desktops
    • "English (UK)" is available in Input Method -> English since Fedora 33
    • IBus icon should appears at the panel if ibus is running
    • Check the result of imsettings-list once selecting something on im-chooser.
  • Reload ibus engine
  1. ibus-daemon PID is updated with ibus restart command. See also man ibus or ibus restart --help.
  2. gnome-control-center or ibus-setup shows the newly installed ibus enigne likes ibus-table-mathwriter, after ibus restart.