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The feature covers the “Cangjie” and “Quick” engines from ibus-table to provide fast Chinese input for Hong Kong and Taiwan people.


⚠️ Warning: There is also an ibus-cangjie input method which is different to ibus-table with ibus-cangjie-engine-* IMEs. They are easily confused with the ibus-table IMEs, so be careful to install the right ones below for this test:

  • The Cangjie engines for ibus-table are in the ibus-table-chinese-cangjie package.
  • The Quick engines for ibus-table are in the ibus-table-chinese-quick package.

You can have both packages installed at the same time, if you want, but then you have to be extra careful not to confuse them when selecting them for example in the Gnome Control Center. They look very similar there:

Different Cangjie and Quick engines in the Gnome Control Centre

So make sure that the ibus-table-chinese-cangjie and ibus-table-chinese-quick packages are installed, restart your session, then follow the steps in QA:Testcase i18n input method setup to configure the input method on the desktop in general. And take extra care to choose the right ones in the Gnome Control Centre❗

You can double check whether you did select the right ones by clicking on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the input source and open the setup tool. The setup tool for ibus-table looks very different from the setup tool for ibus-cangjie.

How to test


  • Input typed ➡️ result
    • m w y l ➡️ 面


  • Input typed ➡️ result
    • m w s l ➡️ 面
      • This is a valid sequence in Cangjie5.

Invalid sequence:

  • Input typed ➡️ result
    • m w y l ➡️ 一卜田
      • It is still in preedit, it cannot be committed, because this sequence is invalid in Cangjie5. If sound is on you hear an error beep. The part of the preedit which was still valid 一卜田 is coloured black, the part which made it invalid is coloured magenta
      • ⚠️ Attention: when using Wayland, colour in the preedit does not work so it is all black. But even in Wayland you still know that this sequence is invalid because no result can be produced, typing space will not commit.

🚧 Quick3 and Quick5: No test case here yet. I noticed that these Quick tables in ibus-table behave very different from those in ibus-cangjie-engine-quick, I am not sure what is correct here.

Expected Results

All steps above completed successfully.