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This test-case is to check that input works correctly for your ibus input-method.


Follow up to the steps in QA:Testcase i18n input method setup to configure the input method on the desktop.

How to test

You may want to prepare some test sentences and/or phrases to input preferably mixed with some ASCII (eg English) text including punctuation.

  1. General test: input test sentences into various applications you use often. Test both with the input-method on and off and make sure you can input all the characters you commonly use on your keyboard.
  2. Additional tests for Chinese, Japanese and Korean users (who are testing hanja input):
    1. Modify a few characters in your test sentences invoking candidate selection.
    2. Incomplete character handling tests:
      1. switch off/on:
        1. switch on IM, type an incomplete word and then switch off IM.
        2. type a few English keys.
        3. switch on IM again, then input a different character
      2. focus out/in: Similar to the previous on/off subtest, but switch focus to another window with the mouse to focus out, type some text, then focus back on the application with the mouse.
    3. Pre-edit buffer test: type a few complete characters and an incomplete character in pre-edit buffer. Then perform the following sub-tests:
      1. Switch off/on: with some pre-edit text try turning off the input-method, input some ASCII text, turn on the input-method again and continue to input with the input method.
      2. Focus out/in: with some pre-edit test switch focus to another window with the mouse, input some text there, return to your application and continue your input

Expected Results

  1. General test: Committed string should be expected text from your test sentences.
  2. Additional CJK tests:
    1. Candidate selection test: Committed string should reflect the modified characters: the expected behaviour may vary somewhat depending on the language being tested.
    2. Incomplete character handling test: Incomplete characters should not appear in the committed string, while other input should be shown as normal.
    3. Pre-edit buffer test: Incomplete characters should not appear, while complete characters should be in the committed string (it is OK if the contents of the Pre-edit buffer are lost on focus out/in or turning the input method off and on again).

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