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TestdayApp Metadata

The = TestdayApp Metadata = section denotes the beginning of the metadata.

Only section names (lines starting with '=' character) and lines starting with '*' character are considered data.

The 'TestdayApp Metadata' section should contain a line defining testday name and url at the beginning

  1. name must be at least 5 characters long
  2. url must start with 'http[s]'

Basic Tests

Each sub-section defines a testcase group.

  1. at least one sub-section must be provided
  2. nesting is ignored (flattened) as if there was none
  3. sub-section name is taken as the group name

Testcases are listed in format "* testcase name; testcase url[; txt]"

  1. by default, the testcase is considered to have result from passed/failed/info set, if you want free-form results (e.g. power consumption in W), include the 'txt' parameter after the testcase url

Other Tests