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Fedora 20 Release Party - Cusco, Peru

When and Where

Organizers / Team

Event Owner:



  • Make a Fedora cake displaying a ladybug
  • Fedora Desktop Contest: awarding the most beautiful desktop
  • Fedora 10th aniversary stickers


Time Topic Expositor
09:00-09:30 Reception of participants --
09:30-10:30 Theme of Luis Bazan Luis Bazan
10:30-11:30 Introduction to Gradle Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis
11:30-12:30 Theme of Kiara Navarro Kiara Navarro
12:30-13:00 entertainment and cleaning All participants


  • Live DVD
  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Cake

Detailed Cost Breakup

Description Unitary Cost Quantity Amount
Live DVD 0.42 USD 100 42,70 USD
Envelopes for DVD's (package x 100 units) 1.07 USD 1 1.07 USD
Buttons 0.00 USD 10 0.00 USD
Stickers 0.00 USD 20 0.00 USD
Cake 15.00 USD 1 15 USD


Hello world, thanks to the collaboration of the French Alliance Cusco and Fedora Ambassadors in Cusco (Peru) We make the release party.

We had Internet connection problems which prevented us from having contact with Luis Bazan, whom I appreciate your willingness to help me with this activity.

Despite the low attendance was very productive in the sense that we could talk for a while and show some new fedora and especially OpenShift.

Abhad very actively collaborate in the development of this activity in particular with the part of photography that performed excellently.

Thanks to Luis and Abhad for their collaboration and to our few attendees in this activity too.


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