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Fedora 20 Release Party - Natal, Brazil

Once again, Fedora Ambassadors in Natal and nearby cities join hands and get together to celebrate one more release of Fedora. User:Apahim Amador Pahim kindly offered his place for our celebration to take place, the second organized Release Party over there.

We plan to introduce the public to Fedora through a couple of talks, plus giving Fedora swags like stickers, media and so on [if we get to make them by then]. After all, we will have also an outgoing place to get to know better other contributors and possible new contributors!

When and Where

  • 6pm - 2013/01/24
  • Amador Pahim's house (contact me by e-mail to get the address. mribeirodantas at

Organizers / Team


1 - Fedora turns 10! "For 10 years, the Fedora Project has beaten progress’s drum for the open source world, delivering the latest features and technologies approximately every six months, thanks to the dedication of a diverse global community of contributors."

2 - Getting started to Fedora teams. Giving new contributors an overview of the Fedora teams.

3 - Fedora 20 Heisenbug - What's new?

4 - Offtoppic: - Fedora thoughts about: "Red Hat and the CentOS Project Join Forces to Speed Open Source Innovation".

Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)



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