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This will be a social event to meet other Fedora users and people curious about Fedora from Novi Sad and Serbia in general, and check out the cool features of the new Fedora 25 release. It will also serve as an opportunity for people to find out what Fedora and free software in general is all about and ask questions of people already involved in the community. It is also a opportunity for students of Department of Mathematics and Informatics of Faculty of Science in Novi Sad to learn about Fedora and open-source principles and how can they get involved with FOSS/Fedora.


Sunday, 11 December 2016 12:00 PM.


Amphitheater A1 (Mihajlo Pupin)

Department of Mathematics and Informatics

Faculty of Sciences

University of Novi Sad


Trg Dositeja Obradovića 3

21000 Novi Sad


Important note - application

Please confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to with your name and your food preference (vegetarian/omnivore). You can also use the Facebook event link at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


  • Installation media (CD/USB) should be available to those that would like to get Fedora or upgrade to Fedora 25.
  • A couple of presentations
  • Quiz with Fedora awards!
  • Socializing with other Fedora enthusiasts over lunch and snacks.
  • Q & A session
  • Field trip to the new Fedora powered classroom -


Nemanja Milosevic

dr Danijela Tešendić, associate professor at the Faculty of Sciences

Nataša Sukur, PhD Student

Doni Pracner, teaching assistant at the Faculty of Sciences

Ambassadors at the event

Nemanja Milosevic

Momcilo Medic

Sylvia Sanchez


12:00-12:15 - Welcome to Fedora 25 Release Party in Novi Sad!
12:15-12:45 - What is Fedora and what's new in Fedora 25? - N. Milošević
Introduction to Fedora, a modern Linux distribution with an overview of the things that make Fedora stand out. The four foundations. Small introduction to contributing to Fedora's development. What's new and different in Fedora 25 - the latest Fedora release. How to upgrade to F25 and where and who to ask for help.
12:45-13:15 - Getting started with Fedora - D. Tešendić
Introduction to new Fedora users and some general tips and tricks for new Fedora users. Alternatives to popular proprietary software and where to find them. Detailed 'How to?' setup dual-boot with other operating systems with partitioning and installing Fedora from USB or Live DVD media.
13:15-14:00 - Lunch Break
14:00-14:30 - Is Open Source Reason Enough to Trust the Code? - D. Pracner
Even when the source code is known the resulting binary can have some unknown and potentially malicious side effects. The question is who can we trust in the complex chain of software we run every day and how to solve this "chicken and egg" problem.
14:30-15:00 - Fedora Quiz - N. Sukur
Fedora/Linux/FOSS-related quiz with Fedora awards!
14:30-14:45 - Coffee Break
14:45-15:15 - Hackerspace - Tilda Center Novi Sad - G. Mekić
What are hackerspaces, what is hacking, who are hackers and what do you do in a hackerspace? Overview of activities in Tilda Center - electronics, programming, web development...
15:15 - Quiz results & awards, Fedora Live Media creation, Fedora Installations, Visit to the Fedora-powered Classroom

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