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Fedora 17 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 17 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
100% ABRT Backtrace Deduplication Service Setup a system to close duplicate crash reports being submitted by ABRT in Red Hat Bugzilla. Extend ABRT to find duplicate reports before filing a new bug. 2012-03-26
100% Boost 1.48 Update Boost to the upstream (latest) 1.48 release. 2012-02-15
100% ConsoleKit Removal and Automatic Seat Support A grab-bag of little cleanups and improvements all related to session and seat handling. 2012-02-06
100% CUPS colord support ICC profile support for printing. Color management will be applied to printed jobs at the rasterization step. This can lead to improved color fidelity in printed output. 2012-02-07
100% Darkserver GNU Build ID Service Darkserver is a service written to help people finding details of build-id(s). This service will be integrated with the Fedora infrastructure and includes a web interface and koji plugin. 2012-03-20
75% Enterprise Networking with NetworkManager Enhancements to NetworkManager will support enterprise features like bonding, IP-over-Infiniband, VLAN, and likely bridging. 2012-02-24
100% DIET An open source middleware for High Performance Computing implementing the Grid RPC model. 2012-03-24
100% DNSSEC on Workstations The DNS Root zone was signed in July 15, 2010 and there are more than 20 TLDs signed via DNSSEC. Fedora will bring benefit of this important feature to the end users and their workstations. 2012-03-26
100% DRI2 Drivers Only Ship only DRI2 3D drivers in F17. 2012-02-24
100% Eclipse Juno An update of Fedora's Eclipse stack to Juno releases. 2012-05-01
100% English Typing Booster English Typing Booster is a predictive input method for the ibus platform. It predicts complete words based on partial input. One can then simply select the desired word from a list of suggestions and improve one's typing speed and spelling. 2012-02-23
100% Erlang R15 Update Erlang/OTP to R15. 2012-03-31
100% Ext4 support beyond 16T Support for ext4 filesystems larger than 16T (2^32 blocks). 2012-02-09
100% D Programming Language Updates to D programming language environment. 2012-03-15
100% Font Configuration Tool A tool for customizing fonts per language on desktops using fontconfig. 2012-02-23
100% GCC 4.7.x An update of GCC to 4.7.x, including a rebuild of all packages with it. 2012-02-13
100% GIMP 2.8 The 2.8 version of GIMP will have a wealth of new features, including Single-Window Mode, Layer Groups, and On-Canvas Text Editing. 2012-05-10
100% GNOME 3.4 An update of the GNOME desktop to the latest upstream release. 2012-03-28
100% Gnome-Shell software rendering Make gnome-shell work with software-rendering on most hardware]] 2012-03-26
100% Haskell Platform 2011.4 An update of the Haskell Platform, supporting ghc-7.0.4 and updating 10 platform libraries. 2012-02-16
100% Lohit Unicode 6.0 support Unicode 6.0 support for Indian script (Assamese/Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Kannada, Oriya, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu) with improved Lohit fonts. 2012-03-01
100% Inscript 2 Keymaps m17n keymaps for Indic languages follow new Enhanced Inscript draft standard(Inscript2). 2011-11-15
100% IPA v3 The new version of IPA includes features such as trusts to Active Directory domains, SELinux management, and SSH public keys management. 2012-02-07
100% Java 7 Java 7 (OpenJDK7) is the default Java runtime and Java build tool set. 2012-03-15
100% JBoss AS 7 JBoss Application Server 7 ( is a fast, lightweight and modular Java EE application server. A subset of the full Java EE functionality will be provided. 2012-04-17
100% Kernel Target Enable use of kernel target (LIO) for iSCSI and FCoE. 2012-03-08
100% KDE 4.8 A rebase to KDE Plasma Workspace 4.8. including Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Platform. 2012-03-26
100% KVM Guest PMU Virtualize a performance monitoring unit for the guest's use. 2012-05-28
100% libpinyin Integration for ibus-pinyin of a new libpinyin backend to provide intelligent sentence-based Chinese pinyin input. 2012-02-16
100% Mingw-w64 cross compiler Use the mingw-w64 cross compiler toolchain to build binaries for both Win32 and Win64 targets. 2012-03-11
100% Multitouch support Multitouch support in the plumbing layers of the desktop stack. 2012-02-07
90% New mkdumprd for kdump A replacement for mkdumprd of kexec-tools, to switch to dracut to generate the initrd for kdump kernel. 2012-02-22
100% numad - Non-Uniform Memory Alignment Daemon A user-level daemon that monitors NUMA topology and process resource consumption to facilitate good NUMA resource alignment of applications/virtual machines to improve performance and minimize cost of remote memory latencies. 2012-02-23
100% OpenStack Essex An upgrade of OpenStack to the next major release, Essex. OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform. It lets you set up your own cloud infrastructure, similar to public clouds like Amazon EC2, Azure, etc. 2012-02-27
100% OpenStack Horizon Horizon is the web user interface for OpenStack. 2012-02-06
100% OpenStack Quantum Quantum is a virtual networking service for OpenStack. 2012-03-05
100% OpenStack using libguestfs Expand the operations and formats of virtual disk images supported by openstack, by using libguestfs. 2011-12-20
100% OpenStack using Qpid Provide an alternative to using RabbitMQ as the AMQP backend for an OpenStack deployment. 2012-01-09
100% Open vSwitch Open vSwitch is a flexible, multi-layer software network switch. 2012-03-21
100% oVirt The oVirt Project is an open virtualization project providing a feature-rich, end to end, server virtualization management system with advanced capabilities for hosts and guests, including high availability, live migration, storage management, system scheduler, and more. 2012-05-31
100% Password quality checking Provide unified and configurable way to check quality of new passwords on the system. 2012-03-23
100% PHP 5.4 Update PHP in Fedora to the 5.4 release. 2012-03-02
100% (KDE) Plasma Dependency Generation and PackageKit Integration Add automatically-generated RPM dependencies for services related to KDE Plasma and PackageKit hooks to use them to Plasma. 2011-12-03
100% Power Management Extend and improve tuned functionality in power management. 2012-03-28
100% Rework LiveCD Rethink livecd installation and figure a way to sanely support. RHEL use case is virt (RHEV). Fedora use case are the live CDs. Note: Will not be used to spin Live CDs for Fedora until F18 at earliest, is just the re-working of the tooling. 2012-01-20
100% Ruby 1.9.3 Ruby 1.9.3 is the latest stable version of Ruby, with major increases in speed and reliability. 2012-03-28
100% Services in private /tmp Run some services started by systemd with a private /tmp directory (for security purposes). 2012-02-15
100% SELinux - Deny ptrace Add a boolean to allow SELinux to turn off all processes ability to ptrace other process. 2012-01-23
100% SSSD AutoFS Integration Integrate SSSD and autofs for looking up automounter data stored in centralized remote directories such as LDAP. 2012-02-09
100% Static Analysis of Python Reference Counts A static analysis tool that can detect reference-counting errors made in Python extension modules written in C. We'll run the tool on all such code in Fedora 17 and make an effort to fix as many problems as time allows. 2012-05-28
100% SSSD-Sudo integration Provide means of looking up sudoers rules stored in remote directories such as LDAP via SSSD instead of direct LDAP lookups. 2012-02-07
100% Sugar 0.96 Provide the latest Sugar Learning Environment. Sugar 0.96 will be the first release to support GTK+3 as well as new technologies like gobject-introspection, new introspection bindings, webkit. 2012-03-26
100% Thin Provisioning Provide the thin provisioning Device Mapper (DM) target and supporting userspace utilities. 2012-03-23
100% Move all to /usr Provide a simple way of mounting almost the entire installed operating system read-only, atomically snapshot it, or share it between multiple hosts to save maintenance and space. 2012-02-07
40% SysV to Systemd Porting from sysVinit init scripts to systemd unit files. 2011-11-04
100% Thermostat An instrumentation tool for monitoring multiple JVM instances on multiple hosts. 2012-03-27
100% Updated Cluster Stack with Enhanced Failover Support Significant updates to the clustering stack, for both high availability and load balancing. 2012-03-26
100% virtio-scsi A new storage architecture for KVM based on SCSI. 2012-03-27
100% Virtualization Sandbox This feature provides a new application development library (libvirt-sandbox) to facilitate the embedding of virtualization into applications. 2012-01-06
100% Wallaby Wallaby is a programmable semantic configuration service for Condor. 2012-02-10

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