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Fedora 7 Bookmarks

Brainstorming what the default Firefox bookmarks for Fedora 7 should be. All input is welcome. We've tried to lay it out similar to how the Firefox Bookmark Organizer looks.

Bookmarks Toolbar Folder


I also think we'd like to keep the list simple. We don't want to overpopulate the default bookmarks because the user will want to add theirs as well and then start removing our defaults. We stand a better chance of keeping bookmarks around longer if there are fewer, IMO. --caillon

What do you think about this current list, with just 3 categories? --mspevack

Generally, I like it. Since freeze is coming up on the 17th, I'll give this until Monday, April 16th before I make these changes in case any better ideas come along. --caillon

Why not insert international projects like: Proyecto Fedora - Latin America

or official local projects: Brazil: Argentina:

--RodrigoPadula +1 Let's put 1 oficial project page by country (if is available) -- BogomilShopov

Alright, we'll add "Fedora International -" under Fedora Project -- ThomasChung

2007-04-27 I just noticed "Fedora People" in F7T4 Default Bookmarks. It should be changed to "Planet Fedora" -- ThomasChung