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Fedora Directory Server

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-01-05T10:44:41Z)]
  • Owners: DennisGilmore, JarodWilson
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

Current status

fedora-ds-base is in Fedora now. this is the base ldap server. It can be administered via phpldapadmin or some other ldap management tool.

The Admin tools require JSS which it seems has some issues with gcj. there is upstream work on this still happening it wont be ready in time for F7


We need Fedora Directory server in Fedora 7.

Usage cases/rationale

John needs a ldap server with muti-master replication for authentication in his business


Requires The last remaining pieces of Directory Server Added to the repository, and doing testing.

Test Plan

Test installs of Fedora Directory server, and use for authentication of services.


Depends on specs and reviews of Remaining components.

there is the admin utils to go.


... insert design & implementation details here, including links to other features ...

Help Available

DavidTimms: I am begining to set this up, particular for the multi-master capability. If there is general or specific testing that needs to be done, please make the request on this page, or email me :)