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Build system for merged Core and Extras

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-01-04T19:20:44Z)]
  • Owners: JesseKeating, MikeMcLean
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7
  • Needs done by: Test2
  • Needs testable by: Test1

Current status

Existing sourcecode is currently being prepared for opensourcing/licensing.


To build a merged Core and Extras in a single build system, we need a number of build system changes and additions.

Usage cases/rationale

We want to eliminate the distinction between Core and Extras; right now Core packages are built internally to Red Hat, while Extras packages are built through the Extra build system. Eliminating the distinction involves merging the build systems.


Requires significant changes to mock and plague, and potentially rolling out Brew.

Test Plan

Build stuff.



Fedora: The New Build System

The Goal

If Fedora is going to be built entirely in the community space, then we need a new build system that can do the job.

Status Quo

We've currently got two build systems in the Fedora world: Plague, which we use to build Extras packages, and another build system which is used within Red Hat. There are useful features in each. We've compared the features from each of these build systems to the requirements for the new build system. (B) indicates that the required feature is already present in the Red hat buildsystem. (P) indicates that it's present in Plague.

After a discussion with Red Hat management, the action items for this plan will be fleshed out in more detail.


  • Build the package via mock from SCM (P)(B)
  • Queue builds (P)(B)
  • Optional architectures
  • Multiple owner tracking by tag/arch/etc. (B)
  • Tagless/scratch builds (B)(P)
  • Personal collections (B) (Maybe not a hard requirement - JK)
  • Collection inheritance / tag builds for multiple collections (B)
  • Integrates with identity management (P)
  • Delivery mechanism / Multilib
  • Builders in different physical locations (P)
  • Access to the build root on failure (Maybe not a hard requirement - JK)
  • Packages in build root but not in collection (P)(B)

Action Items

Task Name Project Lead Target Date Notes
Priority 1

Closed Items

Task Name Owner Completion Date Notes
Wiki page for New Build System task list GregDeKoenigsberg 2006-11-13 Done, obviously :)
Talk with RH management about Koji JeremyKatz 2007-02-13 Koji codebase dropped


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