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Move to syslog-ng

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-03-09T19:16:00Z)]
  • Owners: JosePedroOliveira, PeterVrabec
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

Current status


Switch to syslog-ng as the default syslog daemon.

Usage cases/rationale

People keep asking for it.

sysklogd is seriously ancient and crufty code.


Test Plan

Make sure things still work.


  • SELinux: current polices don't allow TCP connections #215046 and #218978
  • The current targeted policies for FC-6 (selinux-policy >= 2.4.6-42) and FC-7 should now allow TCP connections; for ports other than TCP/514 see #218978#c9
  • Possible upgrade problems #219771
  • tcp_wrappers support (expected in syslog-ng 2.0.3); see also #230871
  • syslog-ng-2.0.3-0.20070309.fc7 should appear shortly in the mirrors


  • Will need a release note.
  • Make sure that any patent concerns are handled.
  • There shouldn't be any problem with patents. I(pvrabec) have asked Adam Avrunin(Chief Patent Counsel) to investigate the problem. This is his answer: "The application still does not appear to be published. Moreover, there are no enforceable rights here, given that it's just an application. Finally, Huawei appears to have pledged not to enforce its patent against the standard. So if we are just implementing the standard as adopted, we should be fine."
  • syslog-ng 2.0.2 RPMS already available in FE (development branch); see #219771 for more details