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Fedora Mini Remote FAD2

This is a follow up of the FAD we had earlier to clean up some of the pages on the wiki.

When and Where

Date and Time

-> From the above link, the FAD is scheduled at :

Where: #fedora,#fedora-fad on Freenode

Event owner

Ankur Sinha



  • Continue where we left off.
  • Update vendor pages
    • Both on line and local vendors
    • Contact listed vendors and request confirmation


  • Internet connection to log on to IRC
  • A cup of coffee


Page edited Diff Done? Pending Why?
Common file system problems [1]
Distribution/Download [2] Done, we need to get into another languages versions of this page now.
Distribution/Download/BitTorrent [3] It is covered actually in install guide. We should work there instead.
Distribution/es [4] Pending review of redistribution
Multimedia/MP3 [5]
De_DE/Versionen/7 [6]
Derived_distributions [7]
FedoraCD [8]
FreeMedia [9] Pending, see below

Agreements for coordination with other teams on wiki gardening

  • Requesting FAmSCo to call local ambassadors to update LocalVendors information with contact info, prices and shipping costs.
    • Actually, related to local Media production under scope of Ambassadors project was discussed last FAmSCo meeting: [10]
  • Requesting FreeMedia to discuss if the information in their pages could be worked in order to get more useful resources there.
  • Requesting to DocsProject letting us to use their Trac instance to organize the wikigardening work based on issues, since they use bugzilla as main tracking system for guides.

Ideas for enhancement/steering wikigardening

  • Link to Guides when they are available, instead of unmaintained pages, for example: Installation Guide or Software Management Guide (Done in Distribution/es).
  • Archive old pages under distribution (Done in De_DE/Versionen/7).
  • Remove it from Category:Distribution in order to get it more useful to handle updated info. I worked on it this night, removing from the category everything in Archive namespace already. This way i think we can focus on actually working on updating the yet useful pages --Tezcatl 10:41, 11 February 2011 (UTC)

We can identify the areas that need lots of work and hold small fads for these individually [11]

  • Working on wiki based on issues, tracking the job for updating a page, letting people involved in getting more information engage on the maintenance of that page.
  • Editing based on the tickets/issues status changes. (For example, Latam Ambassadors is working this way to maintain their agenda).
  • Put your own idea here

Next accomplishable goals

Actually, a lot of this could be done in short term without waiting for next mini FAD.

  • Work on Distribution/SponsoredMedia to avoid misinformation. Ideas here: User:Ankursinha/Fedora_Media_Distribution_Draft; and a bit of explanation here: [12]
  • Move everything under old translation schema LANG/OriginalPageName/SomethingElse to present way to work on translation: PageName/LangCode.
  • This could be a first step to let people watching some page (translators?), with useful information, do a little bit of maintenance, before it gets marked as old, thus prone to be deleted.