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Fedora Astronomy proposed packages

This is list of packages proposed to be included in Fedora.

If you are interested in helping and want to package any of them, feel free to do so. Have no experience with RPM packaging? No problem, just drop a message to the mailing list and we'll mentor you!

When adding a package, please double-check packages already in Fedora and refused packages first.

You're encouraged to add a note to the table below if you'll really appreciate some particular package in Fedora. We'll use it when deciding what to package next!

Package name Description Packager Note
astrobuffer AstroBuffer is a CCD astrophotography image manipulation application. - Next version will be out by end of next month
astroguider Astroguider analyzes the picture taken by a Webcam (or any other camera), and follows an object (e.g. a star). None Needs patching
+AstroMD A Multi Dimensional visualization and analysis toolkit for astrophysics. LubomirRintel See here for status
AVSOMAT A small utility to automate the reduction of variable stars. None
Chicam chicam is a small suite of command line utilities to process frames from webcams or digital SLRs. None
einstein Einstein@GNOME is a GNOME panel applet that lets you participate in the Einstein@Home neutron star search. DebarshiRay
+ ESO-MIDAS The ESO-MIDAS system provides general tools for image processing and data reduction. None
MarsMOLA The Mars Orbiter Laser Alitimeter experiment carried on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft produced a topographic map of the entire surface of Mars. LubomirRintel
Nova Nova is a free integrated observational environment for amateur astronomers. It's aim is to combine ephemeris, sky view, observatory control and basic image capture functionality into an easy to use Gnome application. LubomirRintel Mostly working packages are done. Low priority for me, so I'll gladly hand this to anyone who wants this.
OrbitViewer OrbitViewer is an interactive applet that displays the orbit of small bodies (comets or asteroids) in the solar system in 3D None
PartView Partiview is free, open-source software from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. None
PyIraf Python interface to Iraf (but Iraf isn't free for the moment). SergioPascual Packaged, but unusable without Iraf
PyMidas Python interface to Midas None
pywcsgrid2 Matplotlib extension for displaying astronomical fits images SergioPascual
Qastrocam Qastrocam is a capture program that can work with any video4linux device. Its main purpose is to do astrophotography. None
s4l Mel Bartels SCOPE telescope stepper controller program None
savi SaVi is software written to facilitate the visualization and analysis None
+ shiny SBIG cameras control None
SImg SImg is a software mainly developed for astronomical image processing. None
+ SkyDome SkyDome is a starmap including the radio sky with an original user interface. None
Starbase Data Tables an ASCII relational database for UNIX. None
Starlink Starlink is a collection of software packages used by many astronomers. All GPL'ed, but a mess to package up. None'
coriander Coriander is the Linux graphical user interface (GUI) for controlling a Digital Camera through the IEEE1394 bus (aka FireWire, or iLink). None
SkyViewer SkyViewer is an OpenGL-based program written by Nicholas Phillips to display HEALPix-based sky maps from FITS format files. The program will display sky maps on a 3D sphere or a 2D Mollweide projection. Real time panning and zooming are supported, as are rotations of the 3D sphere (if you have a fast graphics card). User:Vind
planets3d The purpose of Planets 3D is to show a simulation of our solar system. The focus lies on a nice graphic (3D OpenGL) and the possibility to modify the objects of the solar system to see what happens. None
galaxy ... None
low predict PREDICT is an open-source, multi-user satellite tracking and orbital prediction program written under the Linux operating system by John A. Magliacane, KD2BD. None
starcats A Star Catalog visualization and data record retrieval tool. None
opencoeli OpenCoeli [ce:li] is free open source (GPLv2) astronomical planetarium. None
skylive Software for astronomic observation and CCD image acquisition trough internet in REAL TIME. None
Virtual Moon Atlas A Moon atlas and simulator User:mattia Need to check database and textures license
Name of proposed package Short summary Packager