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Fedora Astronomy, refused packages

Packages whose licensing or other issues forbid then to be included in Fedora. *sad panda* You can also check packages already in Fedora and proposed packages .

Name of package Reason
Audela License: Depends on libRTImage which is non-profit only. There might more such things in the src/external directory as there are many files lacking any license information and sometimes even author contact.
cora License: One of the dependencies, PGPLOT, is not free to use. Please see here for more information : [1]
Gasgano License: Java Data File Organiser used to run CPL recipes. Only jars are provided. Contacted, ESO helpdesk confirms that Gasgano is not free software
Iraf License: Iraf includes some libraries (NCAR graphics) whose redistribution is forbidden in the COPYRIGHTS file
jsky License: GPL, but depends on non-free jai
VOPlot License: Non-commercial usage only
XEphem License: Personal or educational usage only.
ssystem Unmaintained: openuniverse is a maintained fork of this software.
aa56 Deprecated: old software...
xplns License: no source code available