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Kickstart file

  • Owner: MarekMahut
  • Task: build the kickstart file for the Fedora Astronomy Spin

IRAF Cleaning

  • Owner: None
  • Task: Due to license restrictions IRAF cannot be pushed into the Fedora repositories. One of our projects is to clean IRAF from his closed sourcecode and replace it with open-source code only.

  • Owner: Michaël Ughetto
  • Task: Skylive is a software that allows registered people to control and take pictures with scopes all across the world. For more information, refer to We'd like to include this great project into Fedora, actual tasks are PythonCard (under review) and pyfits (testing F9).
  • Packaging: I've begin to package this software, due to some issues I have contacted the developers.

Skylive website distribute a Fedora-aimed RPM, I'm actually trying to get their specs and patch to see how they works and how I can reuse it.