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Virtual Observatory

The Virtual Observatory (VO) is the vision that astronomical datasets and other resources should work as a seamless whole. The Fedora Astronomy SIG aims to include the VO tools in Fedora and the Fedora Astronomy Spin. This will simplify VO access for our users.


VO Software

A list of VO applications is provided by IVOA: List of VO Software. The list below includes the VO tools we plan to package.

Name Description Packaged
Aladin Aladin is an interactive sky atlas allowing the user to visualize digitized astronomical images or full surveys, superimpose entries from astronomical catalogues or databases, and interactively access related data and information from the Simbad database, the VizieR service and other archives for all known astronomical objects in the field. In progess
PyVO PyVO is a package providing access to remote data and services of the Virtual observatory (VO) using Python. Available for F24+
SPLAT-VO SPLAT is a graphical tool for displaying, comparing, modifying and analysing astronomical spectra stored in NDF, FITS and TEXT files. No
TOPCAT TOPCAT is an interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data. Its aim is to provide most of the facilities that astronomers need for analysis and manipulation of source catalogues and other tables, though it can be used for non-astronomical data as well. It understands a number of different astronomically important formats (including FITS, VOTable and CDF) and more formats can be added. No


  • Package important VO software
  • Create a "Virtual Observatory" package group to enable the user to install the VO in one step.
  • Ship VO Software with Astronomy Spin


German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory

International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)