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Meeting Time


  • DennisGilmore
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl
  • ThanNgo





  • An initial build of knetworkmanager with NetworkManager-0.7 support was built and then withdrawn (untagged) from Rawhide
  • It is still rough and missing many features. We have to evaluate it before F9 gets frozen

PolicyKit integration:

  • We should make sure to integrate PolicyKit in KDE 4 before F9 gets frozen.

missing former KDE 3 packages (kmid, kaudiocreator, ksig, konq-plugins):

  • SebastianVahl has packaged the svn versions of kmid and kaudiocreator (SPECS available at KDE4Status )
  • kaudiocreator is always crashing at startup. kmid should be usable but is untested at the moment.
  • ksig and konq-plugins are not yet packaged
  • We should consider if we don't ship a kdemultimedia3 package instead (only if this is really needed)
  • RexDieter will package at least arts in a (compat-)kdemultimedia3 package


  • compiz-kde has unresolved dependencies ( for some time now because kde-window-decorator isn't ported to kwin4 yet
  • The script inside compiz-kde should be adjusted to also provide a quick switch to kwin's desktop effects.
  • At least the namings should be adjusted

Last preparations before Feature Freeze:

  • generally speaking KDE 4 should be in a good shape
  • If possible we should package more KDE 4 applications
  • koffice2 should also be considered


(These comments are written after the meeting)