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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • KDE 4.1.3 update for F-9/F-10
    • desktop user guide (jreznik)
    • backports: systray (jreznik)
    • possible kde spin additions: liveusb-creator
    • upcoming events: FUDCon11, CampKDE



KDE 4.1.3 update for F-9/F-10

  • KDE 4.1.3 will be included in the next push to Fedora 9 updates-testing-newkey.
  • The work for F10 will start now and KDE 4.1.3 will be provided as a 0-day update.

Desktop User Guide

Backports: systray

  • According to JaroslavReznik his backport is crashing with missing symbols due to changes in libplasma.
  • So we will wait for KDE 4.2 and avoid a backport then.

Possible KDE spin additions: liveusb-creator

  • The proposed addition liveusb-creator has already been included in the KDE live images since Snapshot2.
  • But there would be enough space for more proposals. Currently the spins are at 678 megs for i686 and 683 megs for x86_64.

Upcoming events: FUDCon11, CampKDE

  • RexDieter asked if any KDE SIG member will attend one of them.
  • Unfortunately both events are too far away for most of the KDE SIG members.

#469452: akregator crashes on startup with an imported feeds.opml:

  • Short summary: akregator will crash on startup when expiry is enabled.
  • We'll try to backport the upstream fixes and include them in f10-final.

#471022: Can't hide akregator by clicking systray icon:

  • Short summary: clicking on akregator's systray icon doesn't minimize akregator when it's already visible.
  • This is fixed in kdepim 4.1.3 which will be provided as a 0-day update.
  • If the fix is only trivial it will be backported to the version in f10-final.

Open discussion:


(These comments are written after the meeting)