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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • Fedora 11 release party :)
    • KDE 4.2.4
    • kde-plasma-networkmanagement by default for F12
  • recent bugs:




Fedora 11 release

  • Fedora 11 KDE highlights:
    • PolicyKit KDE integration
    • KPackageKit 0.4.x
      • Incompatibility between KPackageKit & PackageKit versions (somehow happened for jreznik in pre F11)
      • KPackageKit 0.4.1 needs PackageKit 0.4.8, KPackageKit 0.4.0 needs PackageKit 0.4.6
  • Let's celebrate!

KDE 4.2.4

  • ltinkl has prepared grouped update for F9/F10/F11
  • no extragear stuff yet
  • Qt 4.5.1 and Amarok 2.1 waiting for stable, blocked by Rawhide compose

kde-plasma-networkmanagement by default for F12

  • update to latest working SVN (SVN rev. 978079)
  • we need broad testing, other distros are shipping it as well
  • we agreed to make it default for F12
  • we should be checking actual state of on going rewrite
  • proposal by Kevin_Kofler:
    • 1. modifying kdebase-workspace to pull in kde-plasma-nm in the default workspace for new users and
    • 2. changing comps to pull it in by default instead of NM-gnome

Open discussion

  • KDE branding issue [1] - we want our own branding, not default KDE one

Links: [1]

recent bugs