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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • Talking Points
      • Announcement: user:rrix is working on KDE Release marketing materials for Fedora 13. KDE/F13_Talking_Points contains talking points according to the mail he sent to the list last week. 5:00 UTC Wednesday there will be a quick meeting of interested parties to go through the list and choose 3-5 for showcasing at release. contact user:rrix for details. (sorry I can't be there)
    • kde-4.4.1 status
      • kdeedu-math-cantor-R subpkg ?
    • Board SWG questions for Spins Owners
    • (rdieter) SIGs/KDE/Stability_Proposal Next steps?



kde-4.4.1 status

  • ltinkl is updating CVS for F11/12/13
    • builds can be started once kde tag is ready
  • kdeedu-math-cantor-R subpkg
    • R-core is big dependency (cca 64 MB), split is needed
    • kkofler will split it to kdeedu-math-cantor-R subpackage

KDE Release marketing materials for Fedora 13

  • superhero rrix has come up with KDE/F13_Talking_Points
  • shouldn't we focus more on Fedora KDE features?
    • kkofler opposes with Ubuntu example ;-)

Board SWG questions for Spins Owners

  • we should reply
    • discuss it on kde@fpo ml
  • svahl is official maintainer of our spin but busy with new job


Stability Proposal

  • SIGs/KDE/Stability_Proposal
  • kkofler wants to wait for overall Fedora policy
  • what are the metrics for stable? deal-breakers bugs?
  • rdieter to start discussion on kde@fpo

recent bugs

Wacom tablet does not work in Qt