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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.6.1
    • qt-4.7.2
  • recent bugs:



Qt 4.7.2

  • jreznik and rdieter imported qt 4.7.2, it's ready to build
  • ACTION: rdieter_work will queue qt-4.7.2 builds after meeting
  • ACTION: rdieter_work will work on .spec cleanup/simplification, first up: drop option to package qt/internal phonon

KDE 4.6.1

  • rdieter reports that most of 4.6.1 is built for Fedora 15 (except kde-l10n now)
  • we should do Rawhide builds too after branching
    • jreznik asked for it because of 4.6.1 included change needed for SystemD auth agent
      • and thanks ltinkl for upstreaming it
  • F15 kde-redhat repos needs to be setup

kdepim meeting

  • kdepim 4.6 rc release planned for mar 2, final apr 5 (approx same time as kde 4.6.2)
  • when kdepim-4.6rc is release, will import into rawhide, and do f14/f15 builds for kde-unstable too, and *test* *test* *test*

open discussion

  • rdieter_work been working slowly getting kde stack going for seconary arch f13/arm
  • cwickert offered to report back to kde-sig about recent kdepim meetnig, about 4.6.x viability and release schedule
  • jreznik working on a kde systemd agent