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Fedora Kubernetes Development Special Interest Group


The KubeDev SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors that discuss and work on Kubernetes related technologies.


Joining the SIG

Joining the KubeDev SIG is as simple as being part of Fedora and having a love for kubernetes and related technologies. Once you are a contributor to Fedora, you can join the SIG by adding your name above and communicating with the rest of the team in our IRC channel: #fedora-kube[?].


The main communication channels are doing in our IRC channel and fedora mailing list.

Issue Tracker



IRC Channel

There is an existing irc channel for developers and users of Kubernetes in Fedora: #fedora-kube[?]

Mailing List

You can also subscribe to our mailing list:


Development Experience and Learning

A place to exchange and discuss Kubernetes development design and patterns.

Extending kubernetes is not that straightforward so this SIG would be a good place to learn more about it.

Kubernetes can be extended in the following areas:

  • Kubectl Plugins
  • Custom API Servers
  • Custom Controllers / Operators

Operator Development

The Operator SDK is the shining new framework when developing custom kubernetes controllers nas has become a popular tool for packaging and deploying applications in kubernetes.

Some Fedora services and components could leverage the usage of an operator but other services could be deployed via operators as well and even the mbbox operator could be split into smaller operators.

Kubernetes DevOps

A place for sysadmins and ops engineers to discuss the challenges, practices and tooling of monitoring, deploying and running operators, api servers and other related kubernetes components in production.


Koji Operator (DRAFT)

Fedora Messaging Publisher Operator (DRAFT)