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This is an accepted proposal.
This proposal was discussed in the 12 Nov 2013 meeting and accepted in the 19 Nov 2013 meeting.

Initial Goals

  1. Automated ("mass") install within a larger Linux infrastructure (e.g. PXE is an option, may have LDAP/IPA)
  2. Manual install without a supporting infrastructure (e.g. the very first Linux server)
  3. Guided role installation (eg. Server Roles should be installable by an inexperienced administrator with little difficulty)
  4. Where possible, existing servers and installed roles should be upgradable to new releases with minimal involvement by the admin
  5. Producing an upgrade compatibilty matrix at least for the roles we say we feature.
  6. Roles should be installable at install time (e.g. in Anaconda) and post-install.

Deferred Goals

  1. Replication of an existing server (Based on discussion, not sure this is needed... deferred for later)
    • etckeeper and augeas was noted here
    • question about how to track installs like gem installs
  2. Compatibility with deployment systems (e.g., install server roles via central admin console like Satellite Server / Spacewalk)
  3. Offline installs of roles (ie provide tools so products can just run an infrastructure helper that spits out an ISO)
    • Use case would be a secure site that can't access the internet... they want to install a server + roles without direct net access.