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SoCal Code Camp, 2016


  • Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th, 2016
  • SoCal Code Camp
  • UCSD Extension: UC San Diego Extension Campus, 9600 North Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Google Maps: UCSD San Diego Extension
  • Air to San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Event Description

SoCal Code Camp is an annual developer event at UCSD San Diego Extension campus, where attendees from around the world discover exciting coding strategies. Workshops range from technology demonstrations to hands-on classes. As of Jun 8th, 2016, there are a registered 14,285 users.

Why attend this event? SoCal Code Camp is known for its various speaker presentations/demonstrations. This is a great opportunity for Fedora to make an impact at a global level, following along with the Objectives of Building Open Source Software Communities set forth by the Fedora Council.

Perry Rivera is a Fedora Ambassador and can help support the event.

Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

Deadline to confirm participation: TBD

Event Checklist

  • TBD

Event Schedule

  • TBD

June 25 - Saturday

  • TBD

June 26 - Sunday

  • TBD

Ideas / Brainstorming

  • TBD

Negotiated Deal

  • TBD

Prize Pool

  • TBD

Important Deadlines

  • TBD

Event Budget

Item Cost Comments
Rivera Travel Subsidy $TBD Burbank to San Diego Round Trip
Bronze Sponsorship $500 No table; distribution of swag only at attendee table.
Silver Sponsorship $1000 Table on 1 day only; invite to dinner events; logo on website.
Gold Sponsorship $2000 Table on both days; invite to dinner events; logo on website, e-mail, and flyer.
Platinum Sponsorship $4000 Table on both days; invite to dinner events; logo on website, e-mail, flyer, campuswide, reg packet flyer, acknowledgement during closing ceremony.

Total: $TBD

Travel Subsidy Requests

  • TBD

Event Report

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  • [TBD TBD]