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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

Community Spin Guidelines

This page describes the DOs and DONTs for Community Spins being submitted for review to the Spin SIG .

This document should also include guidelines with regards to the snippet layout as proposed in Kickstart Pool .

In General

  • (./) All bits on the spin concept MUST be in Fedora.
  • (./) The spin concept MUST be tested thoroughly before submitting it to the Spin SIG for technical review.
  • (./) Possibly: The spin MUST be composed on rawhide, using the compose tools in rawhide, and the packages from rawhide, if the spin is to be included into the next release cycle.
  • (./) Installation from the spin, whether a Live Spin or an Install Spin, MUST work.
  • Stop (medium size).png Possibly: Do NOT fix packages or applications on the Spin. A fix goes upstream.

Live Spins

Before Submitting Your Spin Concept

  • (./) The spin concept MUST be composed using a kickstart configuration. No other (required) configuration is allowed (yet).
  • This limits your options to those available in kickstart, and allows the spin concept to be composed with:
    1. livecd-tools (release compose tool),
    2. pungi (release compose tool) and
    3. Revisor (community tool that allows more customization we just said we wouldn't allow).
  • (./) The kickstart MUST be valid.
  • Use ksflatten to see if all %include statements work properly.
  • Use ksvalidator to see if all directives used are valid.
  • Stop (medium size).png Possibly: Do NOT change the default behavior of applications. An example is to configure Nautilus to use the "Browser mode" by default.

Localized Spins

  • (./) Other then language, locale and keyboard defaults, the Localized Spin must match the upstream spin you used as a base for the Localized Spin. You can change the following things:
  • lang
  • keyboard
  • timezone
  • @*-support package selections (languages) in the %packages manifest
  • aspell-* package selections in the %packages manifest
  •* package selections in the %packages manifest
  • Package selection to meet the size as well as local hardware, software and cultural requirements.

Installation Spins

Before Submitting Your Spin Concept

  • (./) The spin concept MUST be composed with an existing tool.
  • (./) The configuration for the spin concept MUST be valid. This includes kickstart, as well as up-to-date additional configuration files should you be using any.
  • (./) The spin result cannot contain anything that modifies behavior to the installer, or to the packages or applications after installation.
  • (./) Installation MUST be tested and complete under all circumstances.

(./) GOOD example: Single CD Installation Spins, Everything Spins Stop (medium size).png BAD example: non-multilib x86_64 Installation Spins, Spins using a kickstart on the disc.

Submitting Your Spin Concept

To submit your spin concept for inclusion in the Kickstart Pool , (...) drop /me a mail