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Open For Ideas! - This page contains some ideas from last year. This does not mean that they are valid for this year too. We are in the process of cleaning up the page.
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We are moving away from the wiki to the Docs Website. Please do not look at the Student Application Period from the previous years' wiki pages as we are constantly adding new content to it and might be outdated

Find an idea you like? Want to propose your own? See our Student Application application guide on the Docs Website.

Students Welcome

If you are a student looking forward to participating in [2018] with Fedora, please feel free to browse this idea list which is still growing.

Do not hesitate to contact the mentors or contributors listed on this page for any questions or clarification. You can find helpful people on the #fedora-summer-coding[?] IRC channel, or use the mailing list. #fedora-devel[?] can be used for getting help with programming problems.

If you are new to the Fedora Project, the following material will help you to get started. You should also follow the Student Application Guide

Administrators / Supporting Mentors

The following contributors are available to provide general help and support for the GSoC 2017 program (existing contributors, feel free to add yourselves and your wiki page). If a specific project mentor is busy, you can contact one of the people below for short-term help on your project or task.

  • Brian (bex) Exelbierd (Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator, FCAIC, 🎂, containers, general development, general Linux)
  • Justin W. Flory (General development, general Linux, Fedora community, GSoC alumnus, questions about program, misc. advice)
  • Sachin S. Kamath (General Development, General Linux, Fedora community, Metrics, GSoC alumnus, Help with program)

Draft of an idea

Please add your idea using the following template. The template contains comments in italic text, examples and questions that should be answered. Please copy the template (your idea) into the list of ideas - do not change it here.

Project Name

Status Proposed - draft Use this status.
Skill level Novice / Intermediate / Proficient Are the required skills below something a beginner would no or could reasonably learn quickly? Is there an area where knowledge is already expected making this an advanced project? Also consider how much knowledge about Fedora is required.
Skills required Programming languages or other skills that the student should already posess. Keep in mind that students come to both practice thieir existing skills and grow. Scope your tasks for someone to be able to apply and learn during the project, therefore you shouldn't list everything required to complete the task.
Mentor(s) If your SIG is taking the responsibility, specify as in this example (and always link to people or groups) DotNet SIG - Radka (rhea) Janek, ...
Contacts (IRC & email) #example-irc-channel[?] & - Mentors email or mailing list of your SIG.
Idea description Something something.
Notes & references Something or nothing.

Idea list for GSoC 2018

Coming in less than 12 hours as on Sun Jan 28 10:15:38 2018 UTC

Open Ideas From GSoC 2017

In addition to the above list of ideas, you may want to check out ideas from previous years and contact the mentors for those projects to see if they're still interested in mentoring someone this year.

Note: Do not submit a proposal for an idea from a previous year without contacting the mentor to ensure they will be available to mentor you. Without a mentor, proposals will be rejected.

Previous years: