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IF the first scan of storage devices is meant to check for upgradeable installed bits then the REINIT DIALOG is unnecessary and possibly confusing here. There should be no upgradeable installed bits on an uninitialised drive whether it be new, virtual or whatever. Further, if an uninitialised drive is detected here and it contains data our choices are still limited to "destroy the data" or "ignore it". There is no "fix it" choice. Either way we have no upgradeable bits.

A warning about an uninitialised drive is better saved for the actual storage configuration screens where it would be in context. Uninitialised drives should be listed in the partitioner along with the recognised drives. If the user selects an unintitialised drive to participate in the install then they should get the warning. Even here it should be simple: This drive is uninitialised. Do you want to use it? If so, any data already present on the drive will be destroyed. Yes or No.