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English Typing Booster is a predictive input method for ibus platform. It predicts complete words based on partial input. One can then simply select word from suggestion list and improve typing speed with more accuracy.


  • Name:anishpatil,pravins
  • Email:,

Current status

Targeted release: Fedora 17

  • Last updated: 2012-01-20
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed Description

Our aim is to provide efficacious input method that will assist user while typing text.

More description of the project can be found on and

English typing booster supports all the supports currently widely used maps, so the user does not need to switch his existing input maps.

Benefit to Fedora

Impetus typing method:

Within few keystrokes user gets the desire word within the list.

It saves user's typing and makes typing faster.

e.g For typing word "wordnet", it requires three 6 key strokes.With European typing it requires only three keystrokes.


No need to learn new method or technology. 

User can add/delete new words into the user dictionary.

New words will get added automatically.


Since the suggestions come from a validated word dictionary database, the selected words always give 100% accurate spelling. Note: correctly the present generated database is from unreviewed web data, in the long term with community help, they can be reviewed and the correctness checked as per standard. Also infrequent words which may be mis-spellings can be filtered easily from the dictionaries.

Fedora will get one new input method for english language, it will enhance data creation process and end users can type with more accuracy and faster with this input method.

Yes this is major capability, since existing input method does not have much intelligence in it. On the other hand english-typing-booster maintains background database, it maintain users word frequency count so as soon as user start using it he gets his frequently used words in suggestion box. As well if he misplell any word, he will get nearest matching correct word in suggestion list.


Step1: Initial version of ibus-european-table is done. New package request is under

      package added ibus-european-table [Done]

Step2: Packaging English language database New package request is under

      Create dictionary tables from wikipedia dumps for English. More languages will follow later.

Step3: Initial testing with english language is done.

Step4: Fixing bugs and adding additional database for other European languages.

This is new package and do not affect any other existing package, its dependancies are ibus and ibus-european-table.

How To Test

A) Add input-methods to ibus from preferences

1) $sudo yum install english-typing-booster ibus-european-table -y

2) From im-chooser (Input method selector) select ibus

3) Right click on desktop panel's ibus icon -> select preference -> click on input method

4) from english language select English typing booster, add it

B) Activate input method and type with predictions in applications.

1) Open any data creation application

2) from ibus icon select English - Typing booster

Have a nice usage experience !!

User Experience

1) No need to learn any new things

2) Assist the users by predicting words

3) Easy while typing of lengthy words

4) Boost in typing process with accurate spellings.


- No other packages depend on this.

- upstream is maintained by feature owner

Contingency Plan

As these are new input methods, no contingency plans necessary.


  • See the project website

Release Notes

  • English typing booster is a predictive text input method for English language. It enhance user typing experience.

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